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This Just Got Real: Feds Subpoena Kitzhaber and Cylvia

The Feds have subpoenaed ALL RECORDS–everything–having to do with Governor John Kitzhaber and girlfriend Cylvia Hayes’ green agenda.

Kitzhaber Cylvia kissing ABC

A federal probe is no joke. It just got real for Kitzhaber and Hayes. Along with the Oregon State Attorney General’s probe and an ethics probe (which is technically suspended while waiting for the resolution to the AG’s probe), the Federal probe can’t be managed by Kitzhaber, as he’s clearly tried to do in the others, as well as the media.

Here are the big take aways from news the Department of Justice’s U.S. Attorney in Oregon has subpoenaed the soon-to-be former Governor and his girlfriend. Read the document for yourself below (HT Willamette Week).

  • The document seeks records on Oregon State credit cards to determine if Cylvia Hayes used them. 
  • It seeks all records–all–pertaining to Cylvia’s energy activity.
  • All visitor records at Mahonia Hall and at the Governor’s Office.
  • Hayes’ bids for government programs.

Here are more revelations and tid bits since Friday’s resignation announcement:

  • KXL reports Kitzhaber continued to demand his emails be destroyed AFTER the State Investigation was announced. This shows an arrogance and entitled attitude and a misunderstanding of the Oregon Public Records Law which covers even Kitzhaber’s ‘private’ emails– if he uses his email to do state business. Kitzhaber does.
  • KXL reports two attorneys inside the governor’s office APPROVED destroying the documents.
  • Willamette Week’s Nigel Jacquiss reports four layers of government refused to destroy the documents.
  • The Kitzhaber demand to destroy documents came the DAY BEFORE he was to meet with the Attorney General, presumably to attempt to head off her investigation. 
  • KXL and Willamette Week report Kitzhaber just tried AGAIN LAST WEEK to get his emails destroyed. It is against the law to destroy documents if you think they’ll be used in an investigation.

In short, he’s in trouble. Check out the subpoena.


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Kitz Subpoena 8

BOOM: Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber Ordered His Emails DESTROYED In Advance of Investigation

On the same day Legislative leaders–both Democrats– called for embattled Governor’s resignation, comes a block buster story about Kitzhaber office ordering destruction of records.

I do solemnly swear that I've been up to no good. Image Credit: The Oregonian
I do solemnly swear that I’ve been up to no good.
Image Credit: The Oregonian

As KINK’s Sheila Hamilton said today on the Lars Larson Show,

This is the smoking gun. This is the smoking gun.

From the story  broken by KINK, KXL and Willamette Week:

Gov. John Kitzhaber’s office last week requested state officials destroy thousands of records in the governor’s personal email accounts, according to records obtained by WWand 101.9 KINK/FM News 101 KXL.

The request came as investigations into allegations of influence-peddling involving Kitzhaber and first lady Cylvia Hayes were intensifying.Records show the request to destroy Kitzhaber’s emails came from Jan Murdock, Kitzhaber’s executive assistant. She wanted all emails from Kitzhaber’s personal email accounts removed from state servers.The request from Murdock was described in a Feb. 5 email. “Governor’s office wants anything that is in the email account [Kitzhaber’s account] removed from archive,” wrote Tracy Osburn, a field technician in the DAS Technology Support Center, wrote in the email obtained by WWand 101.9 KINK/FM News 101 KXL.

And there’s more: 

The request from Murdock was described in a Feb. 5 email. “Governor’s office wants anything that is in the email account [Kitzhaber’s account] removed from archive,” wrote Tracy Osburn, a field technician in the DAS Technology Support Center, wrote in the email obtained by WWand 101.9 KINK/FM News 101 KXL.Personal emails of public officials can be subject to the state’s open records laws if they are used to discuss public business. Earlier documents previously released by the governor’s office show Kitzhaber used both his personal and state email accounts to communicate with his aides and discuss state business.

More later.

Murdock’s got nothing on Rosemary Woods. 

Meow: Cylvia Hayes and Her Kitty Cats Thought They Were Part of Kitzhaber ‘House Hold’

Did Governor Kitzhaber himself financially gain by directing lucrative contracts to Cylvia Hayes?

I do solemnly swear that I've been up to no good. Image Credit: The Oregonian
I do solemnly swear that I’ve been up to no good.
Image Credit: The Oregonian

That’s the main legal issue this graft, corruption and influence peddling case boils down to. If Cylvia Hayes were part of his household, then John Kitzhaber would personally benefit from the contracts Kitzhaber and his staff sent her way.

So, is (or was) she part of his household when the alleged illegalities occurred? Before they were accused of being crooks, the answer was yes. After scrutiny, Kitzhaber cast doubt on his previous claims. 

Note the Kitzhaber ‘meaning of ‘is’ is’ moment at the Governor’s recent news conference.

Let’s go over what we know.

  • He insisted we call her the ‘First Lady.’
  • Hayes was gifted with branding of First Lady on government websites and allowed to use the title for personal gain in her professional life.
  • He ensconced her at the Governor’s mansion and counted her as part of his household for years. 
  • She kept her animals at Mahonia Hall even though she still held onto her Bend home.

Let’s go over real questions of whether she was legally part of his household. Some of these statements are from professionals who deal with these kinds of questions frequently.

  • The definition of ‘household’ is in a gray area. 
  • Which house is Hayes’s or Kitzhaber’s primary residence, vacation home, who gets a deduction for which place, etc., is key.
  • The governor may legally have an out on this when it comes to the SEI ethics filings. It is ambiguously applied. The problem is that Kitzhaber has claimed Hayes as part of his household in other applications, but is now suggesting “except in the case of the application of any ethics’ laws”. 
  • She might technically be a transitory member of his household and therefore arguably not a member. 

Of course the public questions about whether Hayes was a member of the household came only after investigators’ big beams of scrutiny penetrated the forcefield of Mahonia Hall. It was then Governor Kitzhaber did his best ‘hummmmina hummina hummina act and pretended not to know if Cylvia Hayes really was a member of his household.

He was, in effect, taking his trango barracuda and slicing that rope leaving her to swing from her own anchor.

Whoa, watch those wind gusts, Cylvia.

Well of course, she was never any lady and she certainly wasn’t first. John Kitzhaber did what he had to do: Say he loved his obviously unethical, greedy, grifter girlfriend while technically trying to cut her loose from his quickly troubling legal case.

Would that the Governor have cut loose Cylvia’s ideas of graft and influence peddling when they started.


Imagine If the Oregonian Had Done its Job on Kitzhaber Story BEFORE the Election.

I go back to check the Oregonian’s coverage of the Kitzhaber story before the election.

Kitzhaber and Cylvia Hayes before he took the oath of office in January. Image Credit: The Oregonian.
Kitzhaber and Cylvia Hayes before he took the oath of office in January. Image Credit: The Oregonian.

The Oregonian newspaper this week called for John Kitzhaber to resign. Once the state’s newspaper of record came to the realization there was gambling at Rick’s, official Oregon began scrambling in a chorus of ‘me-toos’. It would be amusing if it didn’t reveal how morally bankrupt these one party rulers are.

It points out something else. When the Oregonian said jump, the Democrat ruling class hopped-to. That’s a lot of power. What would have happened if the Oregonian had done more due diligence before the election? 

The editorial board claimed it called for the resignation because of revelations about his and his “first lady’s” conflicts of interest, appearance of impropriety, apparent illegality and sheer unseemliness, among other things. 

So, here’s the question: What changed between now and before the last November’s election?

More details of everything we already knew. Everything mentioned above was true before the election. Indeed, the Kitzhaber  Administration, in all of its transparency, engaged in a cover up before the election. But the Zero did not condemn this obvious slow roll of information in order to get past the November election.

What was the response of the Zero? It endorsed him for Governor.

I checked the stories done by the Zero using these search terms ‘kitzhaber cylvia October 2014 oregonlive‘– covering the month of October–mere days before the election–to go over the Zero’s coverage.

Even as Willamette Week was eating the Oregonian’s lunch in coverage of this story, by looking back at these October (please see my comments below on this) stories you get a clear- eyed view of how Oregon’s newspaper of record gave Kitzhaber a pass at the most crucial time of the election cycle. The part of the cycle when the disengaged voters become engaged. 

I’ve included the photos and headlines used with the stories. Photos and headlines convey the mood of a piece even when people don’t have time to read the full story. 

October 5: One full month before the election, the Oregonian’s editorial board endorses Kitzhaber for reelection. 

Headline: Re-elect John Kitzhaber: Editorial Endorsement.

Kitzhaber and Republican opponent Dennis Richardson yuck it up at a confab in central Oregon. Image Credit: The Oregonian
Kitzhaber and Republican opponent Dennis Richardson yuck it up at a confab in central Oregon. Image Credit: The Oregonian

October 9: Cylvia Hayes lied about selling her citizenship in a previous marriage of convenience for $5,000. It’s her third marriage. The Zero used Willamette Week as its source. 

Headline: Gov. Kitzhaber’s fiancee Cylvia Hayes confirms third marriage to Ethiopian immigrant, WW reports

A contented looking couple--with Kitzhaber smiling at the camera. Image Credit: The Oregonian
A contented looking couple–with Kitzhaber smiling at the camera. Image Credit: The Oregonian

Oct 11: The paper does a puff piece on how Kitzhaber is wounded but is a survivor! He’ll win the election. This carries the underlying theme of ‘nothing to worry about. He’s going to win and there’s nothing you can do about it. 

Headline: Cylvia Hayes scandal: John Kitzhaber wounded but probably will win

It's still the 'Cylvia Hayes' scandal. Less than a month before the election. Image Credit: The Oregonian
It’s still the ‘Cylvia Hayes’ scandal. Less than a month before the election. Image Credit: The Oregonian

Oct 13: Kitzhaber calls for ethics commission probe on Hayes. The paper only blithely mentions the commission will take until after the election to do its job. It’s clear Kitzhaber is bamboozling the media while playing for time–as in waiting till after the election.

Headline: John Kitzhaber asks for formal state review of Cylvia Hayes contracts, first lady role.

Kitzhaber is pictured at the City Club looking commanding. Photo Image: The Oregonian
Kitzhaber is pictured at the City Club looking commanding. Photo Image: The Oregonian

October 16: The paper editorializes how wonderful it is the governor no longer allows his girl friend to do paid work, noting the ‘cascade of increasingly embarrassing’ stories about this relationship. The message: He’s got this covered. Nothing to worry about.

Headline: At last, Kitzhaber tells voters that Cylvia Hayes won’t accept paid work if he is re-elected: Editorial

'At last' the Oregonian observes, the Governor asks for a 'review' of his girl friend's financial skullduggery--knowing it will take away the heat and put off any findings till after the election. The editorial board applauds this. Image Credit: The Oregonian
‘At last’ the Oregonian observes, the Governor claims his girl friend won’t engage in any more financial skullduggery. And why wouldn’t we believe him? Look at this photo. He’s the GOVERNOR. See him take the oath of office from the last time? You just gotta trust him.   Image Credit: The Oregonian

October 29: Kitzhaber says he won’t release Hayes records until lawyers cull through them. Oct 29

Headline: John Kitzhaber aide says Cylvia Heayes records require ‘rigorous legal review’ before they’re released.

Don't they look like a happy and, er, innocent couple? They're so happy that no one really notices the Governor has just announced in this story that he, gosh, simply couldn't possibly turn over public records, you know, without somebody checking them first. Translation? We're slow rolling you. Image Credit: The Oregonian
Don’t they look like a happy and, er, innocent couple? They’re so happy that no one really notices the Governor has just announced in this story that he, gosh, simply couldn’t possibly turn over public records, you know, without somebody checking them first. Translation? We’re slow rolling you. Image Credit: The Oregonian

October 29: John Kitzhaber refuses to turn over documents relating to shady dealings between him and Hayes. The cover up is out in the open, but the Oregonian, having already endorsed him, refuses to condemn a man they’ve already previously said will ‘likely win’ the election notwithstanding his and his girlfriend’s financial skullduggery.

Headline: John Kitzhaber slow to release office records on Cylvia Hayes as election nears. 

Here it is again. The image of Kitzhaber taking the oath of office with Hayes at his side. The image connotes  a man in power. The story? How that man is refusing to turn over documents which could imperil his lady love and make him look bad before the election.  Image Credit: The Oregonian
Here it is again. The image of Kitzhaber taking the oath of office with Hayes at his side. The image connotes a man in power. The story? How that man is refusing to turn over documents which could imperil his lady love and make him look bad before the election. Image Credit: The Oregonian

The Oregonian was missing in action.

As a result of the newspaper of record’s dereliction of duty, this state has as its chief executive a man who controls his life with his zipper while his far left activist girlfriend has full reign at Mahonia Hall and the Governor’s office. I must note here the Governor scrubbed her ‘First Lady‘ page from public view as I reported this week.

Someone’s Missing From the State of Oregon Website

Cylvia Hayes is missing from the State of Oregon website

On the day the Oregonian newspaper editorial board called for the resignation of Governor John Kitzhaber, the woman whom Kitzhaber insisted we all call the ‘First Lady’ has been scrubbed from the website.

The other day Cylvia Hayes’s pretty visage was prominently featured. 

This is what the 'First Lady' page looked like before the Oregonian called for Kitzhaber's resignation. Tonight? It's gone.
This is what the ‘First Lady’ page looked like before the Oregonian called for Kitzhaber’s resignation. Tonight? It’s gone. Photo: Oregonian

Tonight the First Lady page has been removed. This is what several attempts to get at the page produced.

Before, this page would have produced information on Cylvia Hayes, Oregon's 'First Lady'. Tonight? Zip.
Before, this page would have produced information on Cylvia Hayes, Oregon’s ‘First Lady’. Tonight? Zip.
Before an entire page was devoted to Cylvia Hayes's programs and important jobs. Tonight? Zip.
Before, an entire page was devoted to Cylvia Hayes’s programs and important jobs. Tonight? Zip.

Oregonians had a chance to hire a man of integrity and family values in Dennis Richardson. Oregonians chose the Rhinestone Cowboy, Dr. Do Over. With Richardson at least you would have had a real lady at his side. 

Cylvia Hayes, You’ll Look Marvelous in an Orange Jump Suit.

And she may take her Rhinestone Cowboy with her.

Cylvia Hayes, Grifter.  Image Credit: Andy from Beaverton
Cylvia Hayes, Grifter.
Image Credit: Andy from Beaverton

It must be hard to admit the woman whom you’ve personally coronated ‘First Lady’ of Oregon is the same grifter she’s always been.

Her scams just keep getting bigger.

And her men keep getting dumber. Take Governor John Kitzhaber. Please

Let’s go to the Cylvia Hayes hall of shame tote board:

The scam to ‘marry’ a man for $5000.

The scam to set up an illegal pot farm.

The scam to sell the Governor’s office for personal and mutual gain. 

The scam to make money using her title and not reporting it to the government.

Wait, whoa on that last one. A ‘scam to sell the Governor’s officer for personal and mutual gain’? From Willamette Week

As WW has reported, Hayes in 2013 leveraged her position as first lady and policy adviser to Kitzhaber into private consulting contracts worth at least $85,000. On Tuesday, EO Media reported Hayes was paid $118,000 for unspecified work by a now-defunct Washington, D.C., non-profit.

WW has also reported that Hayes used state employees to help run her consulting business, and conducted private business while traveling at state expense.

Worse? She didn’t report $118,000 to the government. And the Governor didn’t report it on his ethics disclosures, either. 

There’s more, but you get the picture.

In the post modern world of moral relativism, you may not know this behavior is not just unseemly, but unethical, lawless and an assault on the consciences of all good Oregonians who have been forced to tolerate this woman much like kids forced to be nice to Dad’s fourth wife named Bambi. 

The Governor and Hayes are both under investigation by the Oregon Government Ethics Commission and the FBI. Good. Both deserve to go to jail.

Please see related nearby posts regarding Kitzhaber’s bizarre presser yesterday. 


The Oregon Myth the New York Times Won’t Report

Nike’s Phil Knight said in 2010, with its recent moves, Oregon could be in an economic death spiral, and, if voters approved two anti business measures on the ballot at the time, would be committing economic assisted suicide. Knight easily could have been talking about any of the multitude of moves made by Oregon leaders over the past 30 – 40 years which put a kibosh on economic growth. 

Beyond the Oregon Myth. Produced by Third Century Solutions.
Beyond the Oregon Myth. Produced by Third Century Solutions.

Now some smart people I know have put together an entertaining video showing how Oregon’s leaders have ‘sold out’ some of their most vulnerable citizens. Enjoy it. And tell the New York Times, won’t you? 

Corruption in Oregon’s Governor John Kitzhaber’s Office? Let me count the ways. Cylvia Hayes is #1

John Kitzhaber’s disastrous leadership and his girlfriend need to go. Girlfriend Cylvia Hayes’s illegal pot farm, marriage for money scam, and reputed corruption, means her “boyfriend” has worn out his welcome at Mahonia Hall.

You'd cry too if you got caught and everybody saw you. Photo KOIN News
Photo KOIN News

Continue reading Corruption in Oregon’s Governor John Kitzhaber’s Office? Let me count the ways. Cylvia Hayes is #1

Dennis Richardson would deal with same-sex marriage law more ethically & respectfully than John Kitzhaber ever has.

The Oregon Republican Governor candidate Richardson would honor the law Kitzhaber conspired to subvert.

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 9.52.07 PM
A whip smart, decent man who knows what it means to honor and uphold the law–something John Kitzhaber has refused to do.

Continue reading Dennis Richardson would deal with same-sex marriage law more ethically & respectfully than John Kitzhaber ever has.

How DARE you, Lars Larson! Blowback from complaint filed over union PSA with Kitzhaber.

At issue is the Portland fire fighters’ public service announcement featuring Democrat John Kitzhaber within 90 days of election

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 11.45.37 PM Lars Larson! How DARE you pick on Governor John Kitzhaber for only doing what was best for the people! How dare you upbraid St. John and our first responders for doing a GOOD thing! How cynical must a person be to see political posturing in a public service announcement. You’re filing a complaint over a PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT, for crying out loud. And YOU, Lars Larson, are personally responsible for cheapening what was only meant to be outreach to people to SAVE LIVES! You must be AGAINST SAVING LIVES, Lars Larson! You are in favor of LETTING PEOPLE DIE, Lars Larson. 

From the comments in Willamette Week on the elections complaint filed by Larson over the video PSA featuring Democrat gubernatorial candidate John Kitzhaber (See my previous post here), Ed in Portland writes,

So, let me understand. Are all elected officials to refrain from doing something good, or doing something that might get them seen during an election season? Heaven forbid our elected officials participate in a PSA message that could save lives!

I don’t see anything overtly political here from the fire dept. They don’t discuss the campaign or issues at all. The only way there is a direct connection to Kitzhaber is if you already know that he did CPR recently. So anyone who makes the connection already knew the connection. Lars Larson stupidly gives Kitzhaber more publicity with this complaint.


Hey, “Ed in Portland”, are you done flapping your jaws yet?

It is especially rich from the likes of Ed that he’s concerned Kitzhaber would “refrain from doing something good” because of the talk show host’s complaint the union PSA gave Kitzhaber a nice, possibly illegal, spiff 90 days before an election.

Geez, Ed, where were you for hand off when Kitzhaber spent BILLIONS on Common Core, OrBamaCare, Columbia River Crossing and screwed everything up due to his spectacularly vacant management? Were you concerned that his screw ups would cause him to “refrain from doing something good”? I don’t think Dr Do Over has refrained in the least from doing what the far left thinks is “doing something good.” Unfortunately, “doing something good”, Ed, is hella expensive! Especially so when it’s a spectacular failure! Remember Rocky King and Rudy Crews, Ed? 

Ed, you’re so willing to think the worst of Lars’s motivations. Do you think Democrats incapable of using their base to further their political ambitions? What are you, Ed, 8 years old? Do you think your inbox is full of MoveOn.org, DCCC and Obama emails because they just want to know if you’re over your case of the sniffles or because all those groups works together to tell you what to think? Plus, it’s OREGON for crying out loud, Ed. One party rule. Incompetence and cover up are constants. And it’s you knuckle heads who keep covering for Dr. Do Over. 

Ed, you claim the PSA, “[doesn’t] discuss the campaign or issues at all.” Calvin Klein, Coke, Pepsi, Nike, Milk, Microsoft and Apple don’t say, “vote for me”, Ed. They sell an idea and an image. They sell prestige. They sell the idea that their product is associated with cool. Like, ya know, an old rhinestone cowboy with a mullet standing next to the people who, oh, I dunno, have the reputation for saving lives on 9/11 for instance. Do you think that might give people a generally favorable impression of the Governor, Ed? A governor who’s doing poorly in the polls and who has misspent billions of tax dollars in an ever impoverished state–thanks in large part to his programs, killed jobs and put Oregon in the crapper in economic growth? 

Do you think it might have an impact, Ed? 

Of course you don’t. 

How DARE you, Lars Larson!

Portland Fire Fighters gift Kitzhaber with free commercial before election.

Portland Fire and Rescue gifts John Kitzhaber with a PSA, web page ad and Facebook post within 90 days of election.

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 11.45.37 PM
H/T Lars Larson Show

You can’t see inside the warrens of offices in Salem to find out how the people’s business is being conducted. If you could, you’d see how the apparent fix was put in to biff the defense of the traditional marriage constitutional amendment and previous land use cases, for example. But in the case of the just-released Portland Fire and Rescue public service announcement, well, it’s just right out there in the open for all to see. And, as Ronald Reagan famously said, “Don’t be afraid to see what you see.” Indeed, what you’re seeing here is a real live campaign ad. And here’s the chaser: you paid for it. 

The City of Portland webpage says the video public service announcement is to call attention to ‘hands only CPR.’ In fact, it mentions ‘hands only CPR’ once on the lead page and twice on the jump page (which goes to the fire fighters Facebook page).

PF&R encourages everybody to learn Hands-Only CPR. In this newly released public service announcement, Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber joins PF&R to show the simple steps everyone can learn to save a life.

Portland Fire & Rescue will again be offering free hands-only CPR lessons to the public at the next and final Sunday Parkways event (www.portlandsundayparkways.org ) in Southwest Portland on September 28th.

In an interview with KXL’s Lars Larson on Thursday, a spokesman for the PF&R said, in effect, hands only CPR was so important they needed to underscore its importance. Underscore, underscore, underscore, hands only, hands only, hands only… Why now, asked Lars, 90 days before an election? There was no good answer except to accuse Lars of attempting to ‘spin’ the issue. Had they ever used a Governor in a PSA before, Lars asked. Why no, he didn’t believe so.

Interesting, isn’t it, the Governor, who’s in a tough re-election battle, is doing a star turn for a short PSA for a method that’s been around for more than four years? Why now, indeed. 

Of course, the Governor did a really nice thing recently. The PF&R tell you all about the heroism of the long out of practice ER doc turned politician who stopped to perform CPR on a woman,

 May 5th of this year, Governor Kitzhaber, a medical doctor, was on his way to dinner in downtown Portland when he noticed a woman in distress. He pulled over and performed CPR. His quick actions helped stabilize the person until PF&R paramedics could arrive on scene.

You’ll note the words “hands only” are not included in the description of the CPR conducted by the Democrat governor. Now wait a minute, Victoria, you may ask, how come after all the times they mentioned ‘hands only CPR’ in the PSA, on the Facebook post and in the interview with Lars, they didn’t mention it when describing the kind of CPR John Kitzhaber performed? Gosh, that is a real puzzler. 

But no matter. He’s a hero who’s been “reunited” with all those hunky fire fighters who saved that lady’s life without actually using the very kind of CPR being highlighted by this PSA, that is SO important, it must be highlight RIGHT NOW, four years after it went into adopted use. 

In this video, Governor Kitzhaber reunites with PF&R and offers tips on performing CPR in an emergency situation.

“Reunited” and it feels so goooooood…

This expenditure of public money to help out a friend of the unions and the Democrats who run the City of Portland may or may not be legal. It depends on the political party of the person doing the investigation, we expect.

We’ll all be holding our breath to see the second PSA installment for either Dennis Richardson or another doctor running for office this election cycle: Dr. Monica Wehby. She only saves lives of infants and children by doing, you know, the everyday, garden variety brain surgery. No biggie. In the meantime, maybe the PF&R with their camera crew will come along to help you when you pass out from waiting for equal time for Republicans. 



Poll: 55% Oregonians want Democrat Kitzhaber replaced; Richardson pulls to dead heat.

Without friendly media giving Kitzhaber the usual Democrat discount, Governor continues slide. kitzhabermediameltdownRichardson pulls within 2% in a poll with a +/- 3.95%

Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber is continuing his favorability slide with Oregon voters even within his own base, according to a new poll of registered, likely voters. The poll was commissioned by the Oregon Taxpayers Association and performed by public affairs firm Wentzel Strategies based in Ohio. The phone poll of 607 likely voters was taken between May 29-June 1. The poll showed the third term governor’s favorability has slid six points in the last month compared to an OPB poll taken last month.  While the sample group was smaller and skewed slightly older, perhaps from not including cell phone users, it contained some very encouraging news for Kitzhaber’s younger challenger Dennis Richardson. The poll indicated the Republican has pulled to within two points of Kitzhaber. When the margin for error is taken into consideration, Kitzhaber’s advantage is erased.  Among the eye opening revelations:

47.8% claim Oregon is going in the wrong direction

55% said Kitzhaber should be replaced.

56% said Kitzhaber was doing only a fair or poor job

Who are these people? 

52% voted to give Kitzhaber his current third term.

47% identified themselves as liberal or moderate.

Taxpayers Association PAC Director Jason Williams said Kitzhaber has no one to blame but his own horrible job performance, including the Covered Oregon and education department debacles.

The spike of Kitzhaber negativity can be directly attributed to a recent string of bad news national in scope over Oregon’s performance, for what we are calling the 100 Days Media Meltdown. In the past 100 days, there have been seven colossal Oregon failures stories, with many of these headlines carrying a national perspective– 55% Oregon voters want him replaced!

I’ll be mining more info from this poll soon, but this poll should be a real Kitzhaber wake up call. Problem is, he has such a string of media reported leadership disasters, I wonder if he can do anything to reverse the perception of his disasters. 

Judge rules Oregon voters may not define what “marriage” is; declares same sex marriage constitutional right

Judge Michael McShane rebuffs efforts by National Organization for Marriage to defend Oregon constitution which state attorney general refused to do.

The Portland Mercury ballyhoos same sex marriage. Changes Portland's iconic sign from "Made in Oregon" to "Gayed in Oregon."
The Portland Mercury ballyhoos same sex marriage. Changes Portland’s iconic sign from “Made in Oregon” to “Gayed in Oregon.”

US District Court Judge Michael McShane ruled today Oregon voters may not define marriage as they did in the 2004 measure which defined marriage as a union between a man and a woman. 

McShane, who’s gay, chose not to recuse himself from the hyper political issue, arrogating to himself the decision. 

Early in the battle, Oregon’s Attorney General, Ellen Rosenblum, announced she would follow US Attorney General Eric Holder’s advice and not defend the Oregon constitution which had been amended in 2004 to define marriage as a union between one man and one woman.

The National Organization for Marriage attempted to defend the law in a late motion. The decision rebuffed attempts by the outside group to mount a defense of Oregon law.

In his 26 page ruling, whose conclusion read more like a political tract than a court decision, McShane fixed on anti bullying as the chief aim of his decision:

I remember that one of the more popular playground games of my childhood was called “smear the queer” 7 and it was played with great zeal and without a moment’s thought to today’ s political correctness. On a darker level, that same worldview led to an environment of cruelty, violence, and self-loathing. It was but 1 ~86 when the United States Supreme Court justified, on the basis of a “millennia of moral teaching,” the imprisonment of
gay men and lesbian women who engaged in consensual sexual acts. Bowers, 478 U.S. at 197 (Burger, C.J., concurring), overruled by Lawrence, 539 U.S. at 578. Even today I am reminded of the legacy that we have bequeathed today’ s generation when my son looks dismissively at the sweater I bought him for Christmas and, with a roll of his eyes, says “dad … that is so gay.” 

McShane lightly mocked “slippery slope” arguments in his decision in which he listed the steps leading him to his decision. He cited the repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act and the state law treating same sex couples the same rights as heterosexual couples in adoption and domestic partnerships as examples of reaching out to equalize same sex couples. In other words, he basically said he was left no alternative but to rule Measure 36 unconstitutional because of all the efforts to include same sex couples in Oregon law affirming the very slippery slope argument he rejected.