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T-Shirt Anti-Trump High School Protester Is Wearing Should Make You Wonder

This photo on twitter by William Gagan of two Jefferson High School students who are giving the requisite
–Communist/Socialist/Labor/Jobs for Justice/ANSWER/Fight for $15/Occupy/Black Lives Matter, etc.–
fist to other fellow student activists who have cut class to “protest” Donald Trump–a man for whom they’re too young to vote and who hasn’t taken office yet.


That doesn’t stop ‘the children’ from being persuaded by their elders to participate in the planned protests–complete with lovely banners.

But, did that kid wear his shirt to school all day?

Makes you wonder, no?


Do Portland Public Schools approve of this kind of apparel in their dress codes?

Video: Portland School Board forced to flee when chanting unionistas swarm meeting

school mob1

Portland Public School Board members were forced to flee when when their meeting was swarmed by, as Citizen Journalist Laughing at Liberals reports, ” hundreds of unions/socialist/communist activists, who were demanding, uhh, well,  I think they were demanding higher wages for the teachers. Sort of hard to tell with all the random chanting and shouting.”

The crashers were led in a profane chant by a Jefferson High School student. “BULLSH!T GET OFFbus project pps 1 IT! EDUCATION’S NOT FOR PROFIT!” So glad they’re covering the basic of bullhorn maintenance and, uh, poetry at one of Portland’s lowest performing high schools. Odd that students at “Jeff” would be under the impression education is run for profit. It could be the influence of the t“PolitiCorps” paid volunteers who have previously bus project pps 2contracted with PPS to teach, ah, political engagement. Or maybe it’s their sister project called “Democracy Cup,” or just the Occupy mindset in Portland. See my posts about that here, here,  herehere, and here.

It would be ironic if the PPS Board had invited in the Bus Project to teach students civic engagement only to have them target them. I wonder how that helps the rest of the student population.

Laughing at Liberals (whose You Tube channel is here) says there was one redeeming thing about the meeting crashers: they appeared to be opposed to Common Core, so at least they have one thing in common.