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PDX Mayor Calls for Ban on Free Speech for “Alt Right” After Bernie Sanders Supporter Allegedly Murders Two On Max Train

Three men stood up for right and paid a huge price on the Max line on Friday when a crazed man threatened two Muslim women on the train. Two of the men died and another was badly hurt as they were slashed by the knife wielding crazed man.

In this video,  Twitter user “St. Tenderheart” claims to have been an eyewitness who chased down suspected killer Jeremy Christian who was still foaming at the mouth and in a psychotic episode before his arrest:

The reaction by leftist Portland is curious.

First, a spokesman for the  far leftist anarchist, self described “anti fascists” in the form of Cameron Whitten said the nutter who killed two people on Portland’s light rail was a Trump supporter and that as long as Trump was in the White House he would feel unsafe:

Yes, the person who likely committed the murder is a repeat offender and suffering from mental illness. But if Donald Trump was not president today, I believe we would still have two bright lights among us today. I believe that stronger than I believe in my own birthday.

Then, Marc Abrams of the KXL weekend radio show Kremer, Abrams and Pasero claimed that the nutter was a Christian. No, Marc. His last name is Christian. He’s no more a Christian than you are Abram. 

Attempts have been made to connect the killer to the “alt right” (whatever that means) because the accused killer turned up  to a so called “free speech” event in Portland in April. As you can see by the video posted by YouTuber Airliner World, the suspect was  disavowed, told to get out, shut up, and even one guy said “he’s on his own.” As the YouTuber put it:

Please don’t put Jeremy with those guys, they have already made it clear that he wasn’t a part of them.

Christian was separated from the so called “Patriot Prayer Group” by the cops because they didn’t want him in their group. He’s shown on tape (surrounded by photographers) complaining about it.

Christian then walked down the street toward the anarchist, black bloc protesters.

Furthermore, as the website Chicks on the Right discovered, the accused killer appears to be a Bernie Sanders supporter.

Chicks On the Right

But, oddly, Ted Wheeler is not calling for an end to the far left protests that occur nearly every week in Portland — only the so called “alt right” one scheduled for June 4th and 10th.

Remember now, to some people facts are fungible. They’re plug-and-play components for certain intellectually dishonest people  to construct them into a jerry-rigged storyline so long as it concludes that it’s all  Donald Trump’s fault.

In the left’s and City Hall’s  (but I repeat myself) zeal to construct this narrative,  Mayor Ted Wheeler has taken it upon himself to urge the federal government officials to stop a planned “free speech” protest by what he calls an “alt right” group on federal property on June 4th and another one June 10th.

I recognize that Portland’s heightened political atmosphere is ripe for riot and the mayor wants to keep things peaceful. But allow me to remind you that the city has been the victim of several such riots without the presence of so called “alt right” free speech supporters. In fact, the street violence has been a function entirely of the left and helped by the city’s inability or unwillingness to confront it.

Scapegoating the “alt right” in this case is absurd, intemperate and unbecoming a serious politician.

I don’t recall Wheeler calling for revoking or disallowing the planned May Day riots and I actually asked him to do that. I’ve also called for the National Guard to protect the citizens of Portland during the leftist’s riots due to the city’s unwillingness to do its job.

It was leftist thugs who threatened violence against Republicans participating in a civic parade and got it canceled.

It’s understandable that Wheeler’s concerned about riots.  But who’s been doing the rioting in Portland? Not the so called “alt right.” It seems that the better part of valor would be to appeal to the leftists to leave the permitted protesters alone.

San Diego citizen journalist Mark Dice banned from YouTube.

Mark DiceYouTube channel operated by man-on-the-street-maestro Mark Dice deleted.

Mark Dice has put up some of the most gobsmacking videos on YouTube. They’re not profane, nasty or anything that would win you an “R” rating, but they are provocative.

Dice does the hard political analog of the old Jay Leno stand by, “Jay Walking” or Jimmy Kimmel’s “Lie Witness News.” I’ve used some of his videos on the air to show how incredibly stupid and gullible voters can be. His man on the street interviews at the Oceanside Pier are cringe inducing for how dumb people can be.

Dice also has an Alex Jones/9-11 inside job/Illuminati/Trilateral Commission bent which I find off putting, but so what? You can view any number of actually destructive things put on Google’s YouTube, why would Mark Dice be targeted? mark dice

The San Diego area agent provocateur says he has a spectacularly successful website with as many as 60 million views of his videos. So why would YouTube cancel his account?

Dice has issued a statement a statement on his back up YouTube Channel called The Resistance (see his video below). I’ve excerpted most of it here.

 Hey everyone, it’s me Mark Dice, this is my back up YouTube Channel. As you probably heard, my primary channel, YouTube.com/MarkDice has been shut down due to what YouTube said were just severe violations of our ‘community guidelines’ even though the channel was getting three million views a month consistently for well over a year, 60 million views accumulative, 265,000 subscribers, 800 and some videos–just deleted, just gone you know, so… Some of those videos are on this channel. Always take precautions, always have a plan B and that’s why this channel has remained my original YouTube channel I started in 2006. And when I started to see the potential of  YouTube censorship, I just sort of left it idle and was just primarily using my main channel so…

I really appreciate everyone getting the word out. I woke up this morning to tons of emails, tweets, and facebook posts about the channel being gone, so I really appreciate that.

I would sue them for breach of contract except they put in their terms of service that everybody agrees to when you open an account, they can literally delete your channel for any reason. Just any reason ‘we see fit we can, you know, remove your channel. I mean, that’s literally in the text. 

So that would be like your boss saying, ‘Well, you can come and work for us but for you any reason I can just fire you. Even though it’s violating the bill of rights…so this is a major free speech issue. That’s why I never use profanity. I never used ‘hate speech.’ I never called for violence, I never would.

But, ah, you know what? I was just getting too popular. Just getting too big. You know there’s an old proverb, I think an old Chinese proverb, that says, ‘The nail that stands up will get pounded down,’ and so um, we’ll see what happens from this point on. But…if you want to support me go get my books. They’re not in stores, they’re on Amazon.com or paperback or any E reading devices until they just pull them from there too. If you want to pay pal some stuff to me you can do it on Mark@MarkDice.com.

…Till further notice, just check out this channel I try to post videos on this one. I’ve gotta lot of stuff in the works that I’ve been working on. 

I expected that this would happen at some point in time, particularly because I was growing so fast. And I’ll tell you the secret of my success: I just started to obsessively, compulsively posting videos every single day.

The trolls will flag videos and try to shut em down as well which has happened just numerous times, but I would always file a counter claim and get em restored.

With God for me who dare can be against me. If you know anyone at YouTube please email me their names.