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Guess Which Oregon & Washington Democrats Are Boycotting Israeli PM Speech

President has asked Democrats to turn their backs on our Democratic ally in the Middle East.

Earl Bow Tie Blumenauer meets with a cartoon character on Capitol Hill. It beats actually doing the people's real business. Image Credit: Politico
Earl Bow Tie Blumenauer meets with a cartoon character on Capitol Hill. It beats actually doing the people’s real business. Image Credit: Politico

The people who call for the boycott of Israel because for any number of conjured reasons are once again boycotting Israel as its representative, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, speaks to a joint session of Congress tomorrow.

The Obama Administration representatives have asked their allies in the Black Congressional Caucus and assorted crack pots (eg. Earl Bow Tie Blumenauer and Baghdad Jim Mc Dermott) members to boycott the Netanyahu speech, because, well — PROTOCOL!!

When it’s pointed out this is the same President who is consorting with Ayatollahs in helping them build a nuclear bomb that would be used against Israel and who gave back the bust of Winston Churchill to the Brits when he took office they say, well, ok then — racism!

Here’s the list of the Congressional Reps who apparently are more afraid of President Obama than of a compromised Israel. 

netanyahu boycott

Bow Tie Blumenauer is Baghdad Jim McDermott is Peter Defazio is Bernie Sanders is Keith Ellison is Patrick Leahy is Charlie Rangel.

Please don’t forget when you vote. 



Like a Parent Who Bails Out a Kid Who Blows His Allowance, the Legislature May Bail Out Portland to Fill Potholes

They funded bike paths, light rail, zoo bomber statues, counseling sessions and ignored their jobs–like filling potholes.


Good for the Oregonian for putting the lie to the phony game being played on taxpayers about the road tax fee surcharge  rip off. And good for the taxpayers who called out Charlie Hales for pulling a bait and switch on voters, scuttling the proposed street ‘fee’ and income tax plan for Portland. 

But now we learn the State of Oregon might bail out Portland for its demonstrably bad spending habits. And all of Oregon will get stuck with the tab.

The Portland Business Journal reports:

Mayor Charlie Haleshas opted to not kick a measure to voters in May following a conversation with Governor John Kitzhaber and state lawmakers. In February, the 78th Oregon Legislature will consider a transportation package that could include the repairs.

But wait for it:

According to OPB, Mayor Hales’ spokesman Dana Haynes indicates the repairs could be paid for through an increase in the state gas tax, changing the law to allow cities to charge a vehicle registration fee, or a fee on studded tires

This will about cover the taxpayer screw over:


One of the humorous aspects of the latest bit of pothole politics are the comments by former Portland Commissioners who freely admit to using road money for other stuff. But the ‘best’ comment comes from Commissioner-turned-Congressman Earl Bow Tie Blumenauer who, in his role on Capitol Hill, has done everything for bikes and light rail and little for roads, unless there’s a bike path involved.

I’m not trying to second-guess everybody for the past 20 years. That’s not fair for me to do,” said U.S. Rep. Earl Blumenauer, D-Ore., who as a member of the City Council in 1988 championed Portland’s transportation funding policy. “But I think doing a better job of keeping current would have avoided some of that long-term deterioration.

Insert laugh track:

I remember when Charlie Hales said he’d fill the potholes if elected mayor. He felt his predecessor, Sam Adams, selling the asphalt trucks to fill the potholes was a bad move

Unavailable for comment is former Mayor Sam Adams who’s skedaddling out of town for a new global warming job in DC. I can imagine he’ll bring the same intellectual firepower to that gig as he did to his job as mayor. 


Earl Bow Tie Blumenauer and Grover Norquist Agree on Lower Pot Taxes

Here are two names I never thought I’d see together in one sentence: Anti tax crusader Grover Norquist and apparent pot lover Earl ‘Bow Tie’ Blumenauer.


Now why do I call Oregon Congressman Blumenauer ‘pot lover?’ Because here’s a man who coos at the sound of ‘revenue enhancers,’ who thinks nothing of heaping on the cost of vanity projects such as light rail spending sprees on a cratered US economy and unemployed Americans. It has to be because he loves pot. He loves over regulation over free market expression, so it must be the pot.

Well they joined together to oppose pot taxes.

From Buzzfeed (here),
“It’s goofy, it’s goofy. And this is perhaps the most insane because it doesn’t allow legal businesses to operate like other businesses,” Blumenauer said. “Grover Norquist and the Americans for Tax Reform, with whom I am not often sharing a stage unless it’s a comedy performance, have done a superb job. Their policy statement has vivid illustrations about the inequity.”
A 1982 piece of the tax code, designed to punish drug traffickers, forces legal marijuana dispensaries in states across the country to pay an effective tax rate of around 87%, whereas most small businesses pay around 35%.