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Pete the Banker’s ObamaCare Story

Pete the Banker sends his ObamaCare story to Reince Priebus. Send yours to Obamacare@mail.house.gov


To: ecampaign <ecampaign@gop.com>
Sent: Wed, Sep 25, 2013 6:41 am
Subject: Re: Pete, help us defund ObamaCare!

Mr Priebus,
Thank you for the email.  I would like to think that Republicans are affording a “united front” in opposing Obamacare as stated by Senate Minority Leader McConnell. The Affordable Health Care Act will cause massive damage to the healthcare system and the quality of healthcare in this country.  I find however that all our political institutions have failed in preventing the destruction of low cost, high quality private healthcare in this country. 
I was lied to by the Executive branch when told I could keep my doctor and my health insurance.  I have lost my doctor and will lose my so called “Cadillac” health insurance next year.  I was lied to about health insurance costing less. 
The Judicial System, the alleged protector of the Constitution, further embraced this monstrosity by characterizing the healthcare mandate as a “tax”, despite the Administrations insistence it was not a tax.  More word play; another lie and deception.
The legislature including both houses  as soon as they were faced with possible imposition of Obamacare personally ran to the President for a waiver which they gladly accepted.  Pathetic!!!
And now the Senate Minority Leader states that Republicans are “united” and yet I see only two Senators Cruz and Lee leading the attempt to defund Obamacare.  Give me a break.  Why isn’t Mitch McConnell up filibustering on behalf of the House passed bill.  I am tired of the lies emanating from Washington DC.  I am tired of those in Washington being treated under a better and different standard than the rest of the country. 
I signed your petition.  Thank you.  I would like to contribute, but need to see real change in those who assert that they are representing me. 
I realize this is basically the last chance to force the defeat of a highly unpopular piece of legislation.  I would be glad to contribute, if I felt of that the Republicans were ready to take a real stand in an attempt to defeat Obamacare. But based on what I see today, most Republicans seem satisfied to simply give lip service to that concept and then cower away.
This country was been built on the sacrifice and blood of prior generations who were often called upon to defend their beliefs despite significant personal loss.  When are those of us on main street going to be represented in Washington DC by individuals who will risk their position to uphold our values and beliefs.
I am sorry to be so direct, but I expect honesty and results and I see little of either in Washington DC at this moment.
Pete the Banker
Portland, Oregon

Funny Anti ObamaCare Ads Show Uncle Sam in Exam Room

Anti ObamaCare ads are put out by a group called Generation Opportunity.

Generation Opportunity's anti ObamaCare ad called, "The Exam."
Generation Opportunity’s anti ObamaCare ad called, “The Exam.”

And what ads these are! On a day that Republicans (and hopefully some Democrats) vote to defund ObamaCare in the House, this group urges individuals to opt out to keep Uncle Sam, well, out of your private business.


And here’s one for you fellas!

Generation Opportunity anti ObamaCare ad called, "The Glove."
Generation Opportunity anti ObamaCare ad called, “The Glove.”

Thursday, former Speaker Nancy Pelosi sent a fundraising email calling efforts to defund ObamaCare saying, “We’re so close to our goal, but we still need 5,500 grassroots donations before tomorrow’s vote to put insurance companies back in charge of your health care.”
When she was cramming ObamaCare down our collective throats, she demonized health insurance companies for its role in individuals’ health care. Based on this appeal we can conclude Pelosi has figured out Americans like private health insurance companies in charge of their insurance better than massive government bureaucrats.