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Kitzhaber & ‘Shady First Lady’s’ Garbage Dump Relationship (!) & Run Are Investigated

We want to see the video and objects from  Kitzhaber and Cylvia Hayes’ dump run.

Image Credit: KGW TV
Image Credit: KGW TV

John Kitzhaber went to the Bend dump the other day with his Shady First Lady (thank you UK Daily Mail) and the dump workers called the cops.

One of the inescapable conclusions we can draw from this means the guys who work at the dump are smarter than the guys who worked for the Governor. At least they can identify when something looks hinky and call in law enforcement.

The Bend Bulletin reports the ex Governor, forced to retire when he attempted to cover up his and his Shady First Lady Cylvia Hayes’s reputed influence peddling, visited the dump Friday last, spent a few minutes emptying their load and then called attention to themselves when Hayes’s credit card jammed the system.

The dump workers, seeing  who they were dealing with, called investigators because they were worried the two were trying to destroy more evidence in their case.  

They looked like any other people who were cleaning out their garage or cleaning out a rental. It was just stuff,” [spokesman Timm] Schimke said. “They weren’t manipulating the stuff. They were just tossing it out and they were only in there for two or three minutes and then they left.” 

Schimke said Hayes went to pay for the items the two dropped off when the landfill’s computer system malfunctioned. 

When employees reset the computer, they identified the person who was trying to pay as Hayes, the subject of a federal and state investigation at the time

It looked to me like they were cleaning out a garage, I guess,” Schimke said. “Campaign signs when she was running for office years ago. A mattress or a box spring.

Schimke says the whole thing looked odd:

It just seemed strange that they were at a transfer station dumping waste so soon after him resigning and them being under investigation.

Investigators picked up the items. 

But now we learn federal investigators are looking into Hayes’s relationship with the dump and another project she was working on. 


This Just Got Real: Feds Subpoena Kitzhaber and Cylvia

The Feds have subpoenaed ALL RECORDS–everything–having to do with Governor John Kitzhaber and girlfriend Cylvia Hayes’ green agenda.

Kitzhaber Cylvia kissing ABC

A federal probe is no joke. It just got real for Kitzhaber and Hayes. Along with the Oregon State Attorney General’s probe and an ethics probe (which is technically suspended while waiting for the resolution to the AG’s probe), the Federal probe can’t be managed by Kitzhaber, as he’s clearly tried to do in the others, as well as the media.

Here are the big take aways from news the Department of Justice’s U.S. Attorney in Oregon has subpoenaed the soon-to-be former Governor and his girlfriend. Read the document for yourself below (HT Willamette Week).

  • The document seeks records on Oregon State credit cards to determine if Cylvia Hayes used them. 
  • It seeks all records–all–pertaining to Cylvia’s energy activity.
  • All visitor records at Mahonia Hall and at the Governor’s Office.
  • Hayes’ bids for government programs.

Here are more revelations and tid bits since Friday’s resignation announcement:

  • KXL reports Kitzhaber continued to demand his emails be destroyed AFTER the State Investigation was announced. This shows an arrogance and entitled attitude and a misunderstanding of the Oregon Public Records Law which covers even Kitzhaber’s ‘private’ emails– if he uses his email to do state business. Kitzhaber does.
  • KXL reports two attorneys inside the governor’s office APPROVED destroying the documents.
  • Willamette Week’s Nigel Jacquiss reports four layers of government refused to destroy the documents.
  • The Kitzhaber demand to destroy documents came the DAY BEFORE he was to meet with the Attorney General, presumably to attempt to head off her investigation. 
  • KXL and Willamette Week report Kitzhaber just tried AGAIN LAST WEEK to get his emails destroyed. It is against the law to destroy documents if you think they’ll be used in an investigation.

In short, he’s in trouble. Check out the subpoena.


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kitz sub 2

kitz sub 3

kitz sub 4

kitz sub 5

kitz sub 6

kitz sub 7

Kitz Subpoena 8

#KitzOver #QuitzHaber: Reaction to Kitzhaber Resignation

Official reaction. Not so official reaction. And the crazy.

Image Credit: Twitter
Image Credit: Twitter

Dragon Slayers

Cascade Policy’s founder, Steve Buckstein, puts it succinctly

Oh, Nice, that’s not nice! But ya know she’s right:



Today’s not the day, boys.

KGW notes the memes have begun:

Oregon’s one party rule comes up in this meme:

Premature e-celebration:

And I just had to add this one because this guy exploited the trending topic just like Cylvia Hayes exploited her boyfriend and John Kitzhaber exploited his job title.

And this guy did too, but it’s the only time you’ll see Kitzhaber in the same meme with ‘Kardashian’ and ‘Kanye’.


John Kitzhaber will retire on Wednesday of next week.

I do solemnly swear that I've been up to no good. Image Credit: The Oregonian
I do solemnly swear that I’ve been up to no good.
Image Credit: The Oregonian

Here’s his petulant letter released today.

I am announcing today that I will resign as Governor of the State of Oregon.

It is not in my nature to walk away from a job I have undertaken – it is to stand and fight for the cause. For that reason I apologize to all those people who gave of their faith, time, energy and resources to elect me to a fourth term last year and who have supported me over the past three decades. I promise you that I will continue to pursue our shared goals and our common cause in another venue.

I must also say that it is deeply troubling to me to realize that we have come to a place in the history of this great state of ours where a person can be charged, tried, convicted and sentenced by the media with no due process and no independent verification of the allegations involved. But even more troubling – and on a very personal level as someone who has given 35 years of public service to Oregon – is that so many of my former allies in common cause have been willing to simply accept this judgment at its face value.

It is something that is hard for me to comprehend – something we might expect in Washington, D.C. but surely not in Oregon. I do not know what it means for our shared future but I do know that it is seriously undermining civic engagement in this state and the quality of the public discourse that once made Oregon stand out from the pack.

Nonetheless, I understand that I have become a liability to the very institutions and policies to which I have dedicated my career and, indeed, my entire adult life. As a former presiding officer I fully understand the reasons for which I have been asked to resign. I wish Speaker Kotek and President Courtney and their colleagues on both sides of the aisle success in this legislative session and beyond. And I hope that they are truly committed to carrying forward the spirit of bipartisanship and collaboration that has marked the last four years in Oregon.

In 1968 I was inspired to commit my life to public service by the last campaign of Robert Kennedy. Forty-one years ago I started work as an emergency room doctor in Roseburg with a goal to make life better for those in my care. Ever since then, I have sought to keep that focus by trying to make things better for the people and the communities of this state that I love. I have had the extraordinary privilege of pursuing that work as a State Representative, State Senator, Senate President and as your Governor.

Over those years, I have had the honor to be a part of some remarkable achievements.

We responded to the worst recession and financial crisis since the Great Depression by rebuilding an Oregon economy that has added jobs and vitality in many regions of our state. And, unlike many other parts of our nation, we did it together with cooperation and respect for Oregon and for each other.

We successfully defended Oregon’s spectacular natural heritage of clean water, clean air, forests, farmland and special places. We created the Oregon Plan for Salmon and Watersheds and nearly 90 watershed councils.

We have also found ways to support our rural communities and to create jobs in our natural resources industries while enhancing the environment.

When forces of intolerance sought to divide us we stood up for the principal that every Oregonian deserves respect and basic rights – including the right to choose and the right to marry the person we love.

And I am proud that Oregon has not invoked the death penalty during my last four years on the watch.

We have stood by our working men and women steadfastly supporting collective bargaining and the right to form a union.

We have transformed our health care system, improving access and quality while lowering costs through our new Coordinated Care Organizations. Tonight over 95 percent of Oregonians will go to bed knowing that they have health insurance coverage. We did that together.

In a three-day special session we reformed our public pension system, provided tax relief to small businesses and raised new revenue for mental health and for public education — the foundation of our future.

We have passionately pursued the goal of equity and opportunity – especially for those Oregonians who have been left behind: communities of color, English language learners and those in poverty, those in the rural parts of our state, the very young and the very old.

We have laid the groundwork for eliminating the achievement gap and ensuring that over 90 percent of our children could be reading at level in 3rd grade within five years.

And we are poised to reach agreements that will resolve the century-old water crisis in the Klamath Basin and expand irrigated agriculture in the Umatilla.

As important as what we have accomplished – how we have accomplished it is perhaps even more important. We have had a great tradition of overcoming partisan differences in this state and doing what is right for Oregon. That tradition had faltered, but over the past four years we have rebuilt a functional political center, reaching across party lines to do difficult, important things by reducing polarization and building community to help right the ship and chart a better course for our future.

I ran for a fourth term as your governor to continue that progress. But the questions that have been raised about my administration – specifically allegations against me concerning the work done by my fiancé Cylvia Hayes and the contracts she obtained during my last term – and the escalating media frenzy that has stemmed from this – has clearly reached the point of no return.

I am confident that I have not broken any laws nor taken any actions that were dishonest or dishonorable in their intent or outcome. That is why I asked both the Ethics Commission and the Attorney General to take a full and comprehensive look at my actions – and I will continue to fully cooperate with those ongoing efforts. I am equally confident that once they have been concluded Oregonians will see that I have never put anything before my love for and commitment to Oregon and faithfully fulfilling the responsibilities of the public offices I have held

But it is also clear that this process will take months.

I have always had the deepest respect for the remarkable institution that is the Oregon Legislature; and for the office of the Governor. And I cannot in good conscience continue to be the element that undermines it. I have always tried to do the right thing and now the right thing to do is to step aside.

One thing I hope people know about me is that I love this state and its people, its rivers, its mountains and its landscapes with every fiber of my being. It is because of that love that I tender my resignation as Governor, effective at 10 a.m. on February 18, 2015. Secretary of State Kate Brown will take the oath of office as Oregon’s Governor at that time. Oregon will be in good hands and I wish her well.

Thank you for allowing me to serve you and our state. It has been the honor of my life. And I believe I can say that looking back over those years we have left it better than we found it.


The National Media Start Connecting the Kitzhaber Data Points

The national media begin paying closer attention to the Kitzhaber Steyer connection.

I do solemnly swear that I've been up to no good. Image Credit: The Oregonian
I do solemnly swear that I’ve been up to no good.
Image Credit: The Oregonian

HT Andy from Beaverton

From the Washington Times in a piece about the Democrats’ latest green energy scandal:

Mr. Steyer, Mr. Kitzhaber and Ms. Hayes appeared together at an environmental dinner in November 2013 celebrating environmental accomplishments in the West. Mr. Steyer has given $100,000 to the Oregon Democratic Party through his NextGen Climate Action political movement.

Mr. Steyer’s office did not return repeated emails seeking comment. A San Francisco-based hedge fund manager, the billionaire environmentalist was a fundraising bundler for both of Mr. Obama’s presidential races and a heavy supporter of Democratic causes across the country.

Jenny Coyle, communications manager for the Energy Foundation, told The Times that the foundation provided the Clean Economy Development Center $50,000 in 2011 and $25,000 in 2012 for the fellowship program in which Ms. Hayes participated. She was the center’s only fellow.

And this tells you what you need to know about she has traded on her position as ‘Oregon’s First Lady’:

Although Ms. Hayes has been removed from Mr. Kitzhaber’s official website as “Oregon’s First Lady,” she still uses the title in her bio on her consulting firm’s website.

The national media are alert to the seriousness of the scandal now. KGW has done a sampling of the national media reaction to the Kitzhaber-Hayes influence peddling scandal. Here’s a sample:

From the Washington Post:

“The governor is pretty clearly holding onto his career by a thread.”

From The Atlantic:

“Just blame the first lady.”

“How does Kitzhaber get off blaming Hayes? After all, he’s a four-term governor of the state, and must have had some understanding of the ethical issues involved. Asked by a reporter if he was “blinded by love,” Kitzhaber did say his eyes were “wide open,” but he also seemed to distance himself from the controversy, saying Hayes is “an independent woman” and announcing her de facto banishment from the government. 

From The New York Times:

“[Energy-related] issues have long been a priority of Mr. Kitzhaber’s administration, but now they are bound up in, and perhaps undermined by, questions of whether love and politics got too cozy in the governor’s mansion. 

More later.


Kitzhaber In Disarray. Reporters and Cops Swarm His SW Portland House.

It started hours ago. Reporters and later a phalanx of cops began swarming John Kitzhaber’s Southwest Portland home.

KATU reporter Kyle Iboshi seemed to be taking point on the stake out.

Then he started counting cop cars.

And counted:

Then came the State Police security detail:

And more cops:

The cops did a valet shuffle:

And the Governor’s still not home.

BOOM: Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber Ordered His Emails DESTROYED In Advance of Investigation

On the same day Legislative leaders–both Democrats– called for embattled Governor’s resignation, comes a block buster story about Kitzhaber office ordering destruction of records.

I do solemnly swear that I've been up to no good. Image Credit: The Oregonian
I do solemnly swear that I’ve been up to no good.
Image Credit: The Oregonian

As KINK’s Sheila Hamilton said today on the Lars Larson Show,

This is the smoking gun. This is the smoking gun.

From the story  broken by KINK, KXL and Willamette Week:

Gov. John Kitzhaber’s office last week requested state officials destroy thousands of records in the governor’s personal email accounts, according to records obtained by WWand 101.9 KINK/FM News 101 KXL.

The request came as investigations into allegations of influence-peddling involving Kitzhaber and first lady Cylvia Hayes were intensifying.Records show the request to destroy Kitzhaber’s emails came from Jan Murdock, Kitzhaber’s executive assistant. She wanted all emails from Kitzhaber’s personal email accounts removed from state servers.The request from Murdock was described in a Feb. 5 email. “Governor’s office wants anything that is in the email account [Kitzhaber’s account] removed from archive,” wrote Tracy Osburn, a field technician in the DAS Technology Support Center, wrote in the email obtained by WWand 101.9 KINK/FM News 101 KXL.

And there’s more: 

The request from Murdock was described in a Feb. 5 email. “Governor’s office wants anything that is in the email account [Kitzhaber’s account] removed from archive,” wrote Tracy Osburn, a field technician in the DAS Technology Support Center, wrote in the email obtained by WWand 101.9 KINK/FM News 101 KXL.Personal emails of public officials can be subject to the state’s open records laws if they are used to discuss public business. Earlier documents previously released by the governor’s office show Kitzhaber used both his personal and state email accounts to communicate with his aides and discuss state business.

More later.

Murdock’s got nothing on Rosemary Woods. 

Meow: Cylvia Hayes and Her Kitty Cats Thought They Were Part of Kitzhaber ‘House Hold’

Did Governor Kitzhaber himself financially gain by directing lucrative contracts to Cylvia Hayes?

I do solemnly swear that I've been up to no good. Image Credit: The Oregonian
I do solemnly swear that I’ve been up to no good.
Image Credit: The Oregonian

That’s the main legal issue this graft, corruption and influence peddling case boils down to. If Cylvia Hayes were part of his household, then John Kitzhaber would personally benefit from the contracts Kitzhaber and his staff sent her way.

So, is (or was) she part of his household when the alleged illegalities occurred? Before they were accused of being crooks, the answer was yes. After scrutiny, Kitzhaber cast doubt on his previous claims. 

Note the Kitzhaber ‘meaning of ‘is’ is’ moment at the Governor’s recent news conference.

Let’s go over what we know.

  • He insisted we call her the ‘First Lady.’
  • Hayes was gifted with branding of First Lady on government websites and allowed to use the title for personal gain in her professional life.
  • He ensconced her at the Governor’s mansion and counted her as part of his household for years. 
  • She kept her animals at Mahonia Hall even though she still held onto her Bend home.

Let’s go over real questions of whether she was legally part of his household. Some of these statements are from professionals who deal with these kinds of questions frequently.

  • The definition of ‘household’ is in a gray area. 
  • Which house is Hayes’s or Kitzhaber’s primary residence, vacation home, who gets a deduction for which place, etc., is key.
  • The governor may legally have an out on this when it comes to the SEI ethics filings. It is ambiguously applied. The problem is that Kitzhaber has claimed Hayes as part of his household in other applications, but is now suggesting “except in the case of the application of any ethics’ laws”. 
  • She might technically be a transitory member of his household and therefore arguably not a member. 

Of course the public questions about whether Hayes was a member of the household came only after investigators’ big beams of scrutiny penetrated the forcefield of Mahonia Hall. It was then Governor Kitzhaber did his best ‘hummmmina hummina hummina act and pretended not to know if Cylvia Hayes really was a member of his household.

He was, in effect, taking his trango barracuda and slicing that rope leaving her to swing from her own anchor.

Whoa, watch those wind gusts, Cylvia.

Well of course, she was never any lady and she certainly wasn’t first. John Kitzhaber did what he had to do: Say he loved his obviously unethical, greedy, grifter girlfriend while technically trying to cut her loose from his quickly troubling legal case.

Would that the Governor have cut loose Cylvia’s ideas of graft and influence peddling when they started.


Rumor: Kitzhaber to Resign

Willamette Week reports Secretary of State Kate Brown is rushing back to take helm following reputed Kitzhaber resignation.

I do solemnly swear that I've been up to no good. Image Credit: The Oregonian
I do solemnly swear that I’ve been up to no good.
Image Credit: The Oregonian

Willamette Week reports the Secretary of State dropped everything–including a speaking engagement in Washington DC– and is now quickly returning back to Oregon. Kitzhaber’s planned tree planting for the Oregon Birthday on February 14th has been canceled. Both stories are fueling speculation of John Kitzhaber’s pending resignation. 

From Willamette Week:

Her unexpected return from an east-coast conference of secretaries of state comes as Gov. John Kitzhaber is under intense pressure over an influence-peddling scandal involving himself and First Lady Cylvia Hayes. 

Kitzhaber and Hayes are the subject of a criminal investigation by the Oregon Department of Justice and the FBI.

Brown would become governor if Kitzhaber resigns. WW examined her potential succession in today’s paper.

As Lars Larson puts it, “He’s chosen his girlfriend over the job.”

But let’s not go all King Edward II on this. Cylvia Hayes is no better than Wallis Simpson–in fact has less class, but let’s not fool ourselves here: John Kitzhaber is doing nothing noble by quitting now. He’s the walking advertising for ignobility. I would have had more respect for him if he’d come clean before the election.

More later. 

Pete the Banker: Kitzhaber Isn’t Beguiled By Love, He’s a Serial Ethics Offender.

Remembering the Bidwell and Company ethical double play.

Image Credit: The Oregonian
Image Credit: The Oregonian

”Forty years ago I completed my internship in Denver and moved to Roseburg — a freshly minted 27 year old ER doctor: young and naive and idealistic,” Kitzhaber said. “After 36 years (in government,) I am no longer young and I am certainly not naive, but I am still idealistic.” Kitzhaber Inauguration Speech, 2015

One has to wonder; Kitzhaber was sworn in to uphold the US Constitution and the Constitution of Oregon. Seemingly he has displayed an immaculate record as three term governor. Suddenly he emerges as a victim, blind sided by a scheming and blatantly dishonest younger woman. Simply a victim of his own misplaced emotions? A high official with an impeccable record ensnared by circumstances beyond his control? His ethics have always seemingly been presented as beyond reproach. Then given this line of reasoning, the only lingering question becomes who’s sinister spell will he succumb to next?

A stellar example of this ethical past, mortgage professionals must maintain the highest integrity, he insisted during the 1990’s. As the Senate Leader he spearheaded legislation to regulate mortgage bankers and brokers, which ultimately passed on his watch. As a first term governor, he managed the creation of the agency structure and implementation of the state system under this bill to regulate the mortgage banking industry in Oregon. Then, as incoming second term governor, he took out a personal residential mortgage from then Bidwell and Company, a financial institution unlicensed under the in the State of Oregon’s Mortgage Banking Bill to originate residential mortgages. Subsequently he rewarded the head of Bidwell and Company with a position on the Oregon Investment Council. A mere oversight or an ethical breech and pronounced conflict of interest? Are his ethics really beyond reproach? Given his involvement in the formulation and passage of the legislation followed by his implementation as Governor of the nascent regulatory structure, one can hardly believe the assertion he was ignorant about the mortgage banking laws when he took this loan.

So, is he really as ethically pure as he has been portrayed by the press and others? Is he truly an innocent dupe who has been victimized? He certainly suggests in his inauguration that he isn’t naïve. Or was he actually a teacher and mentor to a much younger, naive, and impressionable “intern”, an “understudy” turned love interest? As a three term and newly re-elected governor, pleading ignorance of the State’s ethics laws, ignoring the appearance of impropriety, and failing to distance his new found mate from potential scandal would seem to suggest he is blinded by the perception of his own invulnerability and the expansive power of his office. If he really ever was idealistic in his youth as he maintains, he has seemingly left that idealism behind. And it certainly seems naïve to assert that Cylvia Hayes is solely to blame!

Imagine If the Oregonian Had Done its Job on Kitzhaber Story BEFORE the Election.

I go back to check the Oregonian’s coverage of the Kitzhaber story before the election.

Kitzhaber and Cylvia Hayes before he took the oath of office in January. Image Credit: The Oregonian.
Kitzhaber and Cylvia Hayes before he took the oath of office in January. Image Credit: The Oregonian.

The Oregonian newspaper this week called for John Kitzhaber to resign. Once the state’s newspaper of record came to the realization there was gambling at Rick’s, official Oregon began scrambling in a chorus of ‘me-toos’. It would be amusing if it didn’t reveal how morally bankrupt these one party rulers are.

It points out something else. When the Oregonian said jump, the Democrat ruling class hopped-to. That’s a lot of power. What would have happened if the Oregonian had done more due diligence before the election? 

The editorial board claimed it called for the resignation because of revelations about his and his “first lady’s” conflicts of interest, appearance of impropriety, apparent illegality and sheer unseemliness, among other things. 

So, here’s the question: What changed between now and before the last November’s election?

More details of everything we already knew. Everything mentioned above was true before the election. Indeed, the Kitzhaber  Administration, in all of its transparency, engaged in a cover up before the election. But the Zero did not condemn this obvious slow roll of information in order to get past the November election.

What was the response of the Zero? It endorsed him for Governor.

I checked the stories done by the Zero using these search terms ‘kitzhaber cylvia October 2014 oregonlive‘– covering the month of October–mere days before the election–to go over the Zero’s coverage.

Even as Willamette Week was eating the Oregonian’s lunch in coverage of this story, by looking back at these October (please see my comments below on this) stories you get a clear- eyed view of how Oregon’s newspaper of record gave Kitzhaber a pass at the most crucial time of the election cycle. The part of the cycle when the disengaged voters become engaged. 

I’ve included the photos and headlines used with the stories. Photos and headlines convey the mood of a piece even when people don’t have time to read the full story. 

October 5: One full month before the election, the Oregonian’s editorial board endorses Kitzhaber for reelection. 

Headline: Re-elect John Kitzhaber: Editorial Endorsement.

Kitzhaber and Republican opponent Dennis Richardson yuck it up at a confab in central Oregon. Image Credit: The Oregonian
Kitzhaber and Republican opponent Dennis Richardson yuck it up at a confab in central Oregon. Image Credit: The Oregonian

October 9: Cylvia Hayes lied about selling her citizenship in a previous marriage of convenience for $5,000. It’s her third marriage. The Zero used Willamette Week as its source. 

Headline: Gov. Kitzhaber’s fiancee Cylvia Hayes confirms third marriage to Ethiopian immigrant, WW reports

A contented looking couple--with Kitzhaber smiling at the camera. Image Credit: The Oregonian
A contented looking couple–with Kitzhaber smiling at the camera. Image Credit: The Oregonian

Oct 11: The paper does a puff piece on how Kitzhaber is wounded but is a survivor! He’ll win the election. This carries the underlying theme of ‘nothing to worry about. He’s going to win and there’s nothing you can do about it. 

Headline: Cylvia Hayes scandal: John Kitzhaber wounded but probably will win

It's still the 'Cylvia Hayes' scandal. Less than a month before the election. Image Credit: The Oregonian
It’s still the ‘Cylvia Hayes’ scandal. Less than a month before the election. Image Credit: The Oregonian

Oct 13: Kitzhaber calls for ethics commission probe on Hayes. The paper only blithely mentions the commission will take until after the election to do its job. It’s clear Kitzhaber is bamboozling the media while playing for time–as in waiting till after the election.

Headline: John Kitzhaber asks for formal state review of Cylvia Hayes contracts, first lady role.

Kitzhaber is pictured at the City Club looking commanding. Photo Image: The Oregonian
Kitzhaber is pictured at the City Club looking commanding. Photo Image: The Oregonian

October 16: The paper editorializes how wonderful it is the governor no longer allows his girl friend to do paid work, noting the ‘cascade of increasingly embarrassing’ stories about this relationship. The message: He’s got this covered. Nothing to worry about.

Headline: At last, Kitzhaber tells voters that Cylvia Hayes won’t accept paid work if he is re-elected: Editorial

'At last' the Oregonian observes, the Governor asks for a 'review' of his girl friend's financial skullduggery--knowing it will take away the heat and put off any findings till after the election. The editorial board applauds this. Image Credit: The Oregonian
‘At last’ the Oregonian observes, the Governor claims his girl friend won’t engage in any more financial skullduggery. And why wouldn’t we believe him? Look at this photo. He’s the GOVERNOR. See him take the oath of office from the last time? You just gotta trust him.   Image Credit: The Oregonian

October 29: Kitzhaber says he won’t release Hayes records until lawyers cull through them. Oct 29

Headline: John Kitzhaber aide says Cylvia Heayes records require ‘rigorous legal review’ before they’re released.

Don't they look like a happy and, er, innocent couple? They're so happy that no one really notices the Governor has just announced in this story that he, gosh, simply couldn't possibly turn over public records, you know, without somebody checking them first. Translation? We're slow rolling you. Image Credit: The Oregonian
Don’t they look like a happy and, er, innocent couple? They’re so happy that no one really notices the Governor has just announced in this story that he, gosh, simply couldn’t possibly turn over public records, you know, without somebody checking them first. Translation? We’re slow rolling you. Image Credit: The Oregonian

October 29: John Kitzhaber refuses to turn over documents relating to shady dealings between him and Hayes. The cover up is out in the open, but the Oregonian, having already endorsed him, refuses to condemn a man they’ve already previously said will ‘likely win’ the election notwithstanding his and his girlfriend’s financial skullduggery.

Headline: John Kitzhaber slow to release office records on Cylvia Hayes as election nears. 

Here it is again. The image of Kitzhaber taking the oath of office with Hayes at his side. The image connotes  a man in power. The story? How that man is refusing to turn over documents which could imperil his lady love and make him look bad before the election.  Image Credit: The Oregonian
Here it is again. The image of Kitzhaber taking the oath of office with Hayes at his side. The image connotes a man in power. The story? How that man is refusing to turn over documents which could imperil his lady love and make him look bad before the election. Image Credit: The Oregonian

The Oregonian was missing in action.

As a result of the newspaper of record’s dereliction of duty, this state has as its chief executive a man who controls his life with his zipper while his far left activist girlfriend has full reign at Mahonia Hall and the Governor’s office. I must note here the Governor scrubbed her ‘First Lady‘ page from public view as I reported this week.

Someone’s Missing From the State of Oregon Website

Cylvia Hayes is missing from the State of Oregon website

On the day the Oregonian newspaper editorial board called for the resignation of Governor John Kitzhaber, the woman whom Kitzhaber insisted we all call the ‘First Lady’ has been scrubbed from the website.

The other day Cylvia Hayes’s pretty visage was prominently featured. 

This is what the 'First Lady' page looked like before the Oregonian called for Kitzhaber's resignation. Tonight? It's gone.
This is what the ‘First Lady’ page looked like before the Oregonian called for Kitzhaber’s resignation. Tonight? It’s gone. Photo: Oregonian

Tonight the First Lady page has been removed. This is what several attempts to get at the page produced.

Before, this page would have produced information on Cylvia Hayes, Oregon's 'First Lady'. Tonight? Zip.
Before, this page would have produced information on Cylvia Hayes, Oregon’s ‘First Lady’. Tonight? Zip.
Before an entire page was devoted to Cylvia Hayes's programs and important jobs. Tonight? Zip.
Before, an entire page was devoted to Cylvia Hayes’s programs and important jobs. Tonight? Zip.

Oregonians had a chance to hire a man of integrity and family values in Dennis Richardson. Oregonians chose the Rhinestone Cowboy, Dr. Do Over. With Richardson at least you would have had a real lady at his side. 

Kitzhaber: ‘I’m Just Here So I Don’t Get Fined’*

Governor Kitzhaber’s performance Friday at a presser (video below) called to do damage control after reports surfaced, and his girlfriend subsequently confirmed, she made money trading on her role as ‘First “Lady”‘and didn’t report it.

kitz hands
Kitzhaber pleading with reporters to believe he’s not ‘trying to be like Marshawn Lynch or anything, but…’ he can’t answer questions.

Though he owes the citizens of Oregon answers, he called the presser Friday morning to stage a little political theater and to pretend to answer questions. And though we did glean a bit of information from Kitzhaber (he doesn’t regret getting together with her, he doesn’t know if he lives with her), he mostly pulled a Marshawn Lynch, “I’m just here so I don’t get fined.”

Kitzhaber brought up the Seahawks running back in his remarks in answer to a question by Lars Larson, “I don’t want to sound like Marshawn Lynch, but as I’ve said before…”

While both people hate the media, there’s a big difference between Lynch and Kitzhaber: Lynch isn’t trying to hide anything.

Here a few things we learned during this most awkward presser:

  • The man who hates the media (especially talk shows) held a news conference. He’s willing to take questions from other than friendly reporters in a desperate attempt to look statesmanlike and in control of his disastrous message (see example below).
  • Kitzhaber doesn’t actually know if the woman with whom he’s been living for the past four years, whom he claims is part of his household and whom he calls Oregon’s “first lady”, actually lives with him. 
  • He calls a distraction questions about Hayes’s “first lady” status, though it was he who foisted the title on the citizens and leaned on the media to hop-to and follow along. Or, as I put it in my post, ‘Cylvia Hayes You’ll Look Marvelous in an Orange Jump Suit“, Oregonians have been “forced to tolerate this woman much like kids forced to be nice to Dad’s fourth wife named Bambi”.
  • “Of course” he won’t resign, regardless of whether he’s guilty of violating his ethics or not. Yes, he really said that.
  • He took questions (but never actually answered) questions from radio talk host Lars Larson on whose show he refuses to come.
  • He unsuccessfully tried to sell the idea the woman who’s been trading on the title the Governor gave her, “first lady”, and whom he said he loves and had no regrets getting together with, won’t have any effect on his decision in office, evidence to the contrary notwithstanding.
  • He doesn’t think an independent audit will shed light on his and Cylvia’s shenanigans. Kitzhaber names some of the members to the Government Ethics Commission so I can see why he would want people who aren’t his cronies looking at his and Cylvia’s books.
  • He tried to convince reporters, and anyone else watching, he didn’t didn’t conduct the state’s money and business with his zipper down.  
  • Though Hayes is reportedly targeted with an FBI investigation, neither Cylvia nor Kitzhaber has hired a criminal defense attorney, although Kitzhaber confirmed he and Hayes have retained Ball Janik to represent them on civil issues. 

This exchange between Willamette Week’s Nigel Jacquiss and the Governor encapsulates why he’s in trouble:

Jacquiss: Governor, have you ever used the authority of your office or attended a meeting to benefit Cylvia Hayes’s career?
Kitz: No.
Jacquiss: Ok, so 2013 you went to Bhutan with Lou Baily from Demos. For the preceding year, you and Cylvia Hayes had been in close contact with Beemos and Lou Baily. You went to Bhutan in the middle of a legislative session. When you returned, Demos awarded Cylvia Hayes a contract. So are you sure that you didn’t go to Bhutan to benefit her career.
Kitz: (Smirks) I’m absolutely sure.
Jacquiss: How can you say that?
Kitz: It’s very easy. I’m absolutely sure ..
Jacquiss: You went to Bhutan, lending the credibility of your name and the credibility of your office to Demos and they rewarded Cylvia with a contract..
Kitz: So, you can draw that conclusion. I suppose the Ethics Commission will take a look at this. Well, but let’s talk about …

Robert Kennedy. That’s right. He changed the subject to talk about Robert Kennedy and how he became involved and enthralled with Beemos during a speech by Robert Kennedy at the University of Kansas in 1968 (he says this searching the room to see if picking up what he’s throwing down).

Changing the subject is the only thing he’s got going for him. Who knows, the compliant press just might let him get away with it. 

*He didn’t actually say this, though he did invoke Lynch’s name and the episode where he said this.

*This post has been updated to reflect the correct name of the company from which Hayes received money, perks in exchange for government jobs.