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Driver Arrested After He Was Surrounded by Antifa & BLM Protesters Blocking Portland Street Files Civil Rights Lawsuit

An Oregon man has filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the City of Portland and Multnomah County after he was the one arrested when his vehicle was attacked by Antifa and Black Lives Matter protesters on Halloween 2018. None of the protesters was arrested.

Mark Dickerson’s dash cam video

Mark Dickerson was trying to find a parking spot in downtown Portland. As he drove slowly along 4th Avenue, Dickerson was blocked by Black Lives Matter and Antifa members. As they parted to finally let him through, a man, who couldn’t be seen behind the group, intentionally backed into his vehicle.

Stepped into the truck’s path twice

Watch the video, which was posted on Dickerson’s GoFundMe page and depicted as an “insurance scam,” which it most certainly could be.

Protesters attacked his car with fists, sticks and protest signs. And, as I noted in my previous post about this case yelled hateful epithets at Dickerson:

“Yah, you little white little fucker! You’re a little whitey aren’t cha? … Just please turn right … You are a little whitey supremacist! … we don’t need your KKK … you fucking hit me right now, I’ll beat the shit out of you.


When he slowly moved forward as the protesters parted, Dickerson was obviously concerned about the protesters to his right and claims not have seen this man intentionally back into his car until he did it.

Dickerson got clear of the protesters and then stopped when he saw police coming to his aid. Or so he thought. In fact, Dickerson was the one arrested for the incident.

Dickerson’s Mugshot

Earlier in October of 2018, another man was chased and his car pummeled by Antifa and Black Lives Matter protesters. Portland police stood by and did nothing. It’s entirely possible Dickerson was in fear for his life when he found himself in the same predicament.

As I reported at the time, a Multnomah County judge – shockingly – tossed out the case against Dickerson when the man who intentionally walked into his truck failed to show up to court to testify against him.

It’s entirely possible that Arthuray Dudley, reportedly the brother of a man killed by Portland police who was the subject of the protest, didn’t want to set foot in a Multnomah County courtroom because he’d seen enough of them:

Arthuray, it turns out, far from being a ‘victim’ as he told KATU in his attempt to sell a ‘hands up, don’t shoot’ narrative –

– is a longtime Portland cocaine runner. Arthuray was arrested multiple times in 2010, again in 2012, 2015, 2017 and 2018.

Dickerson, whose wife claims has never had a scrape with the law, wants his life and reputation back.

Dickerson had to sell his beloved horse to help get the $10,000 to hire a defense attorney for his criminal trial.

Not being a wealthy man, he’s mounting his own legal case against both the City of Portland and Multnomah County for false arrest, civil rights violations and malicious prosecution. He’s asking for a minimum of $500,000 in damages.

It’s going to be an uphill battle. This guy needs an attorney.

Portland buys special street sweeper to clean four bike lanes

The City of Portland has purchased a special street sweeper that cleans just four bike lanes.

bike track leaves
Photo from Bike Portland blog. Bicyclists insisted this bike lane be at the curb.  Then they complained of leaves in the bike lane and insisted taxpayers buy a special street sweeper to clean it.

Congratulations Portland taxpayers, you  have just purchased a special street sweeper to clean up the short bike path near Portland State University and possibly three other bike paths in the city! The bike lobby is thrilled that no longer will they have to wait for regular street sweepers to do the job, they’ll have their own, special brand of sweeper made in bicyclist nirvana—The Netherlands! Bike lobby members complain that leaves on the bike path, aka ‘cycle track,’ by PSU, make it unsafe to ride there. The “cycle track” was installed at the behest of the bike lobby. Now, after moving parked cars next to traffic to install the ‘track’ next to the curb,  those same activists complain the falling leaves are in their way. See the photo nearby from the Bike Portland blog. The price of the little buggar is probably into the tens of thousands of dollars, of

Photo by Jonathan Maus, Bike Portland blog.
Photo by Jonathan Maus, Bike Portland blog.

course. I have a message into the manufacturer to get a price list. The price is not readily found on the Portland Online PBOT pages. But the bike lobby is trying to put the best face on the extravagant purchase, promising hey, it might clean up a grand total of four whole bike lanes! 

“PBOT spokeswoman Diane Dulken said it can sweep the new bikeways on NE Cully Blvd, SW Broadway, and NE Multnomah thanks to its narrow profile and agile handling.”

The City of Portland has instituted a leaf tax to pay for leaf pick up to make the roads safer for bicyclists, but this new street sweeper won’t be able to help do any of that work,

“…[I]t can’t carry as much debris as other sweepers, and it works slower than the larger sweepers so it can’t be used in tandem operations like the City’s Leaf Day pickups. (Note: This sweeper won’t be used exclusively for bikeways.)”

Since this purchase was made to accommodate the riders using the cycle track, it bears noting the endorsement made by the city at the time it was put in more than three years ago.

The Bicycle Transportation Alliance [bike lobby] has provided Transportation with critical insights on the design and the Cycle Track.  They strongly support this demonstration saying, “Widening the bike lane on Broadway and putting it next to the sidewalk, instead of next to the moving traffic, will give people a more comfortable place to ride. 

Apparently that “critical insight” giving “people a more comfortable place to ride” didn’t foresee the trees dropping their leaves every fall. Now we’re on the hook for more money for the privileged bike lobby.