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Why Did Author Brad Thor Target Me for Comment?

Getting a shout out for my work over at Independent Journal Review from Brad Thor is a big deal to me.

Justen Charters gets a shout out, too.

Two Oregonians–three, if you count Laughing at Liberals–who write for important national publications and who are making a difference. 

Thank you, Brad Thor. That’s high praise coming from you. 

Thriller Author Brad Thor Writes a Scathing Narrative Following Paris Terrorist Attack

And he did it all on Twitter. I began to notice when Thor started posting the #RespectforIslam hashtag with a photo of the Madrid Train bombing in 2004 and then took in the entire thread. The result is Thor has been targeted as a hater (as have I for simply commenting on his tweets) by pro terrorism groups. So, if anything happens to me, you’ll know.

Herewith is Thor’s narrative. I’ll start at the beginning when he began hijacking the #RespectforIslam hashtag:


I like the way Thor engages with the common folk and then stands his ground. Buy his books. I do.

Click here to buy them.

Author Brad Thor Explains to Me His Offer to Buy George Zimmerman a New Gun: If They Can Take Zimmerman’s Gun Away, They Can Take Yours.

Author Brad Thor, an American Patriot and best selling book author, issued an unusual offer last night:

Brad Thor Offer to Zimmerman

After getting word that Florida officials were returning Zimmerman’s gun and other personal effects following his not guilty verdict in the Trayvon Martin killing, Eric Holder’s Department of Justice stepped in and froze the prosecutors’ ability to give back any of Zimmerman’s personal effects. He purportedly did it in anticipation of a civil rights lawsuit against Zimmerman. Holder’s own FBI has found no racial animus, required for a civil rights lawsuit, but the rule of law is a malleable thing in the Obama Administration. 

Steamed upon hearing it, Thor made his offer. I was able to talk with him this morning in a quick interview on Mark Larson’s Show at KCBQ San Diego. Listen here>>> Brad Thor – TAFT – 7.19.13

 Read Brad’s latest book Hidden Order by clicking on the image. It’s terrific.

Brad Thor Hidden Order