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Bill that would shut down San Diego’s Sea World whale show sent for “interim study.”

Animal rights extremists proposed bill to halt whale shows after release of anti Sea World movie “Blackfish”

In a hearing heavily attended by cheering animal rights protesters, the California Assembly’s Water, Parks black fishand Wildlife Committee has agreed to send Assembly bill 2140 for interim study after its sponsor admitted it “was a work in progress” and “wasn’t ready to move forward.” 

Richard Bloom, D, Santa Monica, arranged for a hearing of AB 2140 after angry reaction at Sea World following the release of the documentary “Blackfish.” The movie claims to reveal abuse of Orcas in Sea World’s care and unsafe working conditions for trainers. Sea World has set up a website to defend itself against what it says are the movie’s untruths here. 

Committee members and witnesses used the hearing to laud or harangue Sea World depending on their points of view.  Davis Democrat, Mariko Yamada, said she’d watched “Blackfish” twice and observed  none of the movie’s criticisms of Sea World had actually happened in San Diego under current California law.

Surfer and Huntington Beach Republican Travis Allen claimed Sea World, the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park  helped him appreciate wild life and that “helped me want to take care of animals.” 

Former union boss turned San Diego legislator, Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez, discounted Sea World’s threats to leave town if the bill passed and, channeling her inner Occupy,  gave a speech about Sea World failing to pay its employees a “living wage” and pointed out its ownership by “a Wall Street private equity firm.” 

The muffled cheers of protesters could be heard outside the hearing room when LA area Assemblyman Anthony Rendon said “if the movie is filled with inaccuracies, it doesn’t matter to me” because he didn’t agree with putting any animals in captivity. 

A witness said the bill was written broadly animal rights activists could pummel Sea World with “an unending trail of litigation.”

Questions about specific language, ocean pens for the Orcas and safety issues apparently will be addressed in the interim study. Just who’s doing the studying isn’t known at the moment. 


Blackfish, anti Sea World ‘documentary’, taught in California schools

black fishAnti Sea World film shown to “thousands” of middle school kids 

The anti Sea World movie called “Blackfish” is being taught in school rooms around California according to the LA Times. The movie’s director, Gabriela Cowperthwaite, has been “with thousands of kids, touring middle schools,” screening her movie and answering students’ questions. 

As the LA Times catches up with her, Coperthwaite is on a train ride down to Monroe Clark Middle School in San Diego’s City Heights neighborhood. An assembly is planned for eighth graders, according to the school calendar pictured nearby. The title of Cowperthwaite’s presentation is, “Animals in Captivity.” 

The school introduces the movie director as an expert on "animals in captivity"
The school introduces the movie director as an expert on “animals in captivity”

The documentary has been criticized for factual inaccuracies and for its anti Sea World point of view. Sea World has issued an open letter correcting the errors and defending itself against the film’s assertions–including the death of a trainer. It’s unlikely Sea World’s point of view is presented in the assembly.

Furthermore, the director attempts to cloak herself in virtue by telling students the movie was done solely out of love, certainly not money. 

“Um,” the teenage girl [8th grader] began, “How much money did you make from making this movie?”

Cowperthwaite smiled tellingly, pausing before she answered.

“Wait,” the girl said, “are you saying you didn’t make any money?”

“Zero,” the filmmaker responded.


The fact that Sea World has issued a fact check listing all of the falsehoods in this documentary is apparently not a deterrent to school administrators hoping to ‘educate’ students. The show-it-first-ask-forgiveness-later pattern of screening leftist movies in public school classrooms continues as it did for the whopper telling “Inconvenient Truth” (complete with its CGI created calving icebergs passed off as real, and the fakery surrounding the single polar bear on a small ice chunk) and “Sicko” (an anti capitalist polemic showing how socialism is good for people), among others. These films, er “documentaries,” were passed off as true by hopeful, trusting, dumbed down and leftist educators.

Hollywood is falling in line after getting heat from the animal rights crowd. The list of  acts cancelling gigs at Sea World locations includes Willie Nelson, Cheap Trick, Heart, Martina McBride, Trisha Yearwood, Barenaked Ladies, REO Speedwagon, Trace Adkins and 38 Special.

As the LA Times divulges about director Cowperthwaite“The movie has changed the way she looks at the world. She feels bad for keeping her two dogs in a small backyard, half of which is overtaken by a pool.” [emphasis mine]

I see the same school has a couple of trips planned to the San Diego Zoo. I wonder how those will go after the indoctrination by the expert on “animals in captivity.”