Strickland Trial: Court Documents of the Prosecution’s Star Witness Bomb Hoaxer & Cop Impersonator Ben Kerensa

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For reporters and others who will be looking at the Mike Strickland case for the first time, you’ll need to get up to speed on the issues.

Please see my posts on the case and then check out the court documents of the state’s star witness, Ben Kerensa, a man who had a personal grudge against Strickland and a long criminal history.

See my previous posts on this case.

Here’s one of the state’s star witnesses, John Slaughter, who encouraged people to act in violence during the rally:

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Now, here are the records of the man the state has used to deprive Mike Strickland of his freedom.

Here’s his 2003 federal conviction for bomb threats–including one to his former employer and at Oracle World, a tech convention in San Francisco:


Kerensa and told me he was in this video that I was able to connect the dots. See the part I isolated at :17:

Notice that the very second he saw the man identified as Kerensa coming, he immediately tensed and pointed his gun in his direction.

Why? Because the “big guy” roughed up Mike just minutes before. Read about that part of it <a href=””>here. </a>


Here it is in slo-mo:

<img class=”size-full wp-image-20104″ src=”” alt=”Photo Credit: Screengrab/Oregonian” width=”287″ height=”289″ /> Photo Credit: Screengrab/Oregonian

History with Docket text CAND-ECF-History_Documents Query

kerensa 2003

Here’s where Kerensa came to Oregon and called in threats, impersonated cops and FBI agents:

Kerensa 2008 Charges Impersonating FBI Agent

Here’s his sentencing info:

Kerensa 2008 Sentencing Memorandum

Here’s Kerensa being arrested in October at City Hall:

Here’s Kerensa menacing and blocking a driver from getting to the airport:

Viewers of KOIN 6 saw his antics during a live shot by a reporter covering the airport protest:

Why would Kerensa go so far out of his way to hurt Strickland? Here’s part of the reason:

And here’s Ben Kerensa bearing down on Mike Strickland. He later boasted that he was the reason Strickland pulled his weapon:

Here is the man, identified by people as Benjamin Kerensa, bearing down on Mike Strickland as he tries to back away from the smaller group that broke off from the main BLM protest. This was in an apparent attempt to hurt him and keep him from filming. Watch the man believed to be Kerensa at the top right of this GIF.

Photo Credit: Screengrab/Oregonian/Periscope
Photo Credit: Screengrab/Oregonian/Periscope

This video has been out there for all to see on The Oregonian website. The paper stripped this video off periscope and youtube accounts of the incident.


Notice that the very second he saw the man identified as Kerensa coming, he immediately tensed and pointed his gun in his direction.

Why? Because the “big guy” roughed up Mike just minutes before. Read about that part of it here.

Here it is in slo-mo:

Photo Credit: Screengrab/Oregonian
Photo Credit: Screengrab/Oregonian

Ben Kerensa is not just a lifetime criminal, he is a menace to others around him.

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