Stand Up for What’s Right. Join the Fight to Close the Day Labor Center

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The Portland illegal alien day labor center, the PINKO Detention Center, is illegal. As reported in the Portland Tribune recently we find that, even by the limited criteria set by the City and its proxy, Voz, it’s a failure. Taxpayer dollars are being used for this illegal activity. It must stop.

You may not have the wherewithal to file a lawsuit, as Tom Wenning did, or go out and take pictures of employers and employees at the center as many of us have done. But you can do something.

Please read our proclamation and send a note, giving us some identifying information, such as name and address, to take to the Rainbow City Council and demand they stop this criminal enterprise.

This is just one of the several things we’re undertaking to put a stop to this.


On June 16, 2008, the City of Portland opened a day labor center for use by people who are illegally in the United States.

The city has contracted with its proxy, The Voz Workerʼs Rights Education Project, to operate the center with $200,000.00 of taxpayer funds.

According to attorneys with the legal group Judicial Watch, Portland City officials are in defiance of a number of U.S. statutes and certainly operate this center in defiance of the spirit of the law. Among the complaints are:

  • Subsidizing criminal activity with taxpayer funds

    Encouraging and inducing illegal aliens to come to, enter, or reside in the US

  • Acting in reckless disregard that such coming to, entry, or residence is or will be in violation of US law

  • Facilitating or aiding and abetting the illegal employment of undocumented aliens

  • Unlawfully allowing the hiring of individuals for employment without complying with federal employment eligibility verification requirements

  • Acting in defiance of state employment requirements

  • Giving government preference to companies or individuals that hire illegal aliens and others at the government day labor center and allowing them to ignore the law

We call on the City of Portland to cease using taxpayer funds in this illegal enterprise and further call on the City to cease its aiding and abetting people who broke the law to get into and stay in this country and in the City of Portland.

Please stand up for what’s right and be counted. Send some identifying info (so city offiicials know you’re legit) to: email

Tell ’em where you saw it. Http://

Share with: Everybody. Sharing is caring, ya know.

8 thoughts on “Stand Up for What’s Right. Join the Fight to Close the Day Labor Center

  1. Wow….I agree with this one. Although let’s go a step further and set up a sting to catch those who employ illegal day labor.

  2. And since noone has any actual proof, this cleim, this complaint is merely inuendo and hyperbole and racism. Get someone inside the place and get some proof. And I will personally reward anyone that can publically name the people hiring the “illegals”. I would love to find its one of my competitors in the construction business. Lets have some names….but I want proof, I am not getting myself involved in some slander law suit.

  3. Spinning wheels go round and round. Everyday I drive by the center the trucks are lined up outside picking up workers. All this post represents is empty rhetoric. The Portland Businesses that surround it, (accept the bigot mech-i-neck shop next door)supports the site. Really, you can do nothing about it.

    As for Wenning, his case against the city will be tossed. It is a joke at most. He violated the law by trespassing and blocking commerce and his silly butt got thrown in jail. As a lazy unemployed fool with no job, Wenning was just preventing real workers from getting jobs. I guess you support him because he shares your racist ideals. Sad really

    (***ding*** Oilcan Lew comes running)

  4. Oilcan: I have spent about 30 hours observing this day labor site and I have never seen, “trucks are lined up outside picking up workers.” LOCAL businesses do NOT support this day labor site. I can and am doing something about this illegal site. I’m getting you and lots of other people talking about it. The light of day will be the end of this place. Just to make sure, I’ll take VOZ to federal court if my local lawsuit is not successful.
    I did not trespass or block commerce (VOZ is a NON-PROFIT). I did not get thrown in jail. I was cited and released.
    “Silly butt, lazy, unemployed, fool, racist.” Oilcan, why is it that people who have nothing intelligent to contribute to a conversation insist on attacking the messenger?
    Tom Wenning

  5. ME
    Go over to 6th and ankeny, there you will find ten times the number of “workers” getting picked up!
    Yesterday I counted 57 “workers” at 10:15 am. Yep that there day labor center sure does work !!

  6. I thank God that I moved out of wacko liberal Portland. This is yet another fiasco costing taxpayers thousands and making the folks that high-tailed it out of Socialistic Potterville like myself laugh hysterically at the stupidity of the Rainbow City Council! Stupid is as stupid does and Potter and his lack of common sense has proven himself once again!

    Why would a Day labor site for illegals not work? Here are some examples.
    1) Its run by the city. Any governmental backed project would make they illegals ignore it for the mere fact that the people running the facility might find out they are here illegally and have them deported!

    2) The location is fine, but the illegals rarely reside near there. Instead, they reside with other family members that are anywhere from Hills-burrito and Woodburn, to No Po.

    3) With the DMV finally getting smart about not issuing licenses to illegals, they have to either carpool, usually six or more mexicans crammed in a sedan, sans seatbelts of course, no insurance and now no license. The glorious Tri-met runs by the Day labor site, but how do the illegals know the bus routes when the bus signs are not written in spanish? Bummer dude! Bicycles? Forget it. When have you seen illegals ride in a critical mass ride anyway?

    So in conclusion, Keep up the good work Portland. Your schools keep closing, but continue to beg for more money, Businesses are either leaving or not wanting to operate in your tax hungry town, and now the Illegals who you give handouts to left and right, refuse to use your happy little job center you created for them.

    Again… Thank GOD I moved away from Portland!


  7. The Ilegal Alien Center should be Closed, Bulldozed, and then Tree’s Planted in its place. Then Again maybe the Ilegal Alien Center should be replace by a big
    with “POWERED BY OIL” Gas Stations EVERYWHERE.

  8. Where else can known criminals ANNOUNCE they will gather to angage in MORE crimes, and be left unmolested by the law?

    Things are upside down.

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