Somali Pirates Seize American Sailors!

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In highjacking yet another ship, Somali Pirates are now holding 20 American Sailors.

Will the ‘O’ issue another “stern response?”

Maybe go to the UN again?

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15 thoughts on “Somali Pirates Seize American Sailors!

  1. come on cnskate…

    you can not blaim George Bush for this.. This happened under your president, Obama.

    Making jokes about Bush.. typical liberal way of making light of a situation that Obama needs to take care of.

    Maybe Obama will have the US Navy Fifth Fleet do something… the one deployed in the area. Maybe he will call upon the European Naval Mission to help. TWENTY AMERICAN LIVES IS ON THE LINE

    Your baseball jokes can go to a place that is long and dark.. and the sun never shines there.

  2. Hey Leftists and Reuters there not Pirates their TERRORISTS And just think there not that far from Nobama’s birth place Kenya. Wonder if JIMMY CARTER a NOBAMA will send in the Helicopters. Yep Nobama is running to the U.N. as we speak.


    CNS: Still pretending are we?

  3. We need to understand why these pirates don’t like us. Maybe they are still upset at Jefferson over the Barbary Coast War? Maybe colleges can start offering courses in helping us understand them?

  4. Well the crew were able to take back the ship according to the news.

    So.. I will admit.. Obama did not have to make the hard decision.

    But Piracy off Somalia has been going on now for over a year. The Europeans have deployed a naval contingent.. 5th Fleet has stood up from the former Task Force 51 for the US Navy. The Chinese has dispatched vessels into the region.. As have the Russians. Even South Korea has put a destroyer into the region to operate with the US 5th Fleet.

    Its not about a move against the United States.. its about people attacking shipping from all nations. For money.. Hopefully the worlds naval response can bring a end to this problem in that region.

  5. Just think the ”CREW” took back the ship by Force and didn’t have to 1st go to the U.N. Security Council and 2nd didn’t have to take back the ship with permission from the NOBAMA ADMINISTRATION. I just hope the Crew didn’t hurt anyone’s FEEEEEEEEELINGS before they took such Barbaric action.

  6. Yanno, reading this article, I can’t help but think of Theodore Roosevelt. When ONE American was kidnapped by an Arabic chieftan who was planning to use him as leverage, Roosevelt declared that “We want Perdicus (the man’s name was Ion Perdicus) alive or Rasuli dead”–and he got Perdicus alive. Somehow, I just cannot imagine Obama having the courage or the principles to do the same thing.

  7. Kitanis, my point was that at least Obama knows where Somalia is. Your rediculous simple mind is unable to made such as association. I was not blaming George Bush, why would you even try to go there? A little defensive of the last president are we? go ahead, give the old worn out line about being a patriot and standing firm with our president. Remember, you would have to stand with this one too if that is the case. I think its so funny that all the fake conservatives on here acted like standing with the president in a time of war was their duty to the country, and now, they have nothing but contempt for the president. Its all about Ideology and people used patriotism as a cover for advancing their political agenda. And thats exactly what America saw through during the last election. Well done, you all lost the election for us. If you were all smart, you would listen to me and ignore Klatu,, he, or she is the same old worn out talking points repeated over and over.

  8. Bush did too, incidentally. He also knew where Iraq, Afganistan, Pakistan, Iran, North Korea, and Russia were. Unlike Obama, he also realized that England is a long-time American ally. Obama could learn alot from George Bush (either one of them, in fact) about geopolitics, based on his own lackings.

    America “saw through” nothing, CN. There was no serious attempt by the Republicans to deny that they were being soft-spined spendthrifts while talking up the conservative principles they were ignoring. The American people didn’t have a conservative choice during the election which is why we presently have Barrack Obama behind the Resolute desk. Conservatives couldn’t do anything to help the Republicans so we, as a group, don’t really bear the responsibility for the debacle.

  9. CNS: How is it working for the Nobama Administration? And you’ve got your Resume ready when ONE TERM NOBAMA move’s out of the White House on Jan.20 2013?

    PS: Wonder if “NOBAMA” will attack Somilia. Nobama being from KENYA has a Personal stake in the Hostage situation of the Ship captain. But then again I’m sure he’s running to the U.N.

  10. Did anyone read the pirates their miranda rights or is that why the Navy is at full steam heading towards them?
    Do we now have to have a political officer on board our ships like they used to have in the Soviet Navy?

  11. Miranda rights are reserved for those arrested within the borders of the United States.. US Naval personnel can not make arrests.

    There is no such thing as a political officer aboard US Naval vessels or anywhere within the United States Armed Forces.

    Our navy precense was placed there under the orders of the President of the United States.. Combined Task Force 151 was created under George Bush. 5th Fleet was ordered to make some of their assets available in the region by Barack Obama.

    Then there is two vessels from the Boxer Expeditionary Strike Group detached to CTF-151 also according to the navy website.

    They are there to try to maintain a stable shipping environment for US and Friendly flagged vessels. Oil, natural gas, goods and materials are all targets.

    The Navy will attempt to detain or capture pirates.. or re-take vessels taken by those pirates. The will use lethal force if fired upon.. or ordered so by command authority.

    The problem is.. Somolia has no effective government.. so these groups are not afraid to hide along that coast..

  12. Kitanis, I very much appreciate your ability to transribe law onto the Victoria Taft blog. The problem is, Klatu and Lew are not able to read such prose. Please keep making conservatives looking good by being intelligent, and we can leave Klatu and Lew behind. They were the ones that proclaimed Obamas rediculous 39 infomercial as concession speech. Why should we ever listen or believe anything that comes from these two, they have been nothing but wrong for the last four years. Kitanis, you will soon be kicked out of the conservative posse by Klatu and Lew for being intelligent, just to warn you.

  13. Actually, being an idiot is what gets you expelled from the conservative clique. Lew, therefore, has no fear of expulsion and neither does Kitanis.

    So, CN… do you have any intelligent analysis to offer outside of calling conservatives extremist or somesuch?

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