Snow Man at the White House

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President George W. Bush named Fox News Radio host Tony Snow as White House press secretary on Wednesday in his latest move to shake up his staff and breathe new life into his presidency. Get the rest here.

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12 thoughts on “Snow Man at the White House

  1. Once Snow is on message, he will attempt to convey the brilliance of the Talking Points as well as possible. Although living up to the impossibly high credibility standards set by McClellan will be difficult, if Snow just remembers to answer each question in Talking Point form no matter it that answer addresses the question or not, soon he will come to be as beloved as every other member of the Presidential staff.

  2. fizzlestick would only stop whining if “Baghdad Bob” got hired. fizzybrain thinks howard dean is credible…..sheesh!

  3. Say what you will, Tony Snow is a good man for the job. From what I can tell, he took a huge pay cut to join the White House staff and if no one else can stand up to the spin meisters in the drive-by leftstream media, he can.

    I’m looking forward to some press briefings and see how they react to Tony Snow.

  4. Tony will do a great job providing his Cancer does not resurface. With the loss of a family member recently to cancer, a person and their Doctors can be wrong about cancer being dormant. It could come racing back on you.

    Good Luck Tony

  5. Tony Snow will do an outstanding job there. He has given up a very lucrative position at Fox to take this job and he will shine at it. And a point more in his favor – He will be able to tell Helen Thomas to go to hell in such a way that she will look forward to the trip. And as Klatu said, if he cancer comes back on him, then it will be a whole new ball game. I hope it stays dormant for at least another 30 or 40 years, minimum.

  6. Snow always comes across as a nice guy. He certainly is not as strident as the other Fox regressives. He is head and shoulders above McClellan in intelligence although I do don’t know if he is is as good a tap dancer. I don’t think White House staff are going to lie to him and get away with it the way Rove and Cheney did with McClellan.

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