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9 thoughts on “Smoot-Hawley-Obama

  1. Yanno that common saying “those who don’t know their history are doomed to repeat it”? The self-designated experts at history might sneer at it but let’s all watch it be proven. Obama’s administration appears to be so bone-ignorant on history that they’re trying Hoover’s dumbest idea to fix our economy.

  2. from the Article: Mexico is threatening tough trade retaliation if Congress and the Obama administration move ahead with proposals that would ban Mexican truckers from travelling throughout the United States, as spelled out in the North American Free Trade Agreement (Nafta).

    Klatu: So were going to War with Mexico? And this current Administration is telling Kids not to go to Mexico for Spring Break because of all the Drug Related crime there. I’d say Nobama needs his “Teleprompter” again badly to tell him what to think before Mexico Attacks.

    PS: Union Payback? Smoot Holly,
    Buy American only?
    I better sell my Nissan Pickup before Nobama has products outlawed from outside the USA and sends Union Thugs out looking for people that buy NON UNION PRODUCTS FROM OUTSIDE the USA .

  3. Perhaps people are beginning to wake up to their massive error last November. From an online poll;

    How do you rate Barack Obama’s job performance so far?
    Poor 47%
    Excellent 26%
    Fair 14%
    Good 13%

    Total Votes: 435,899

    Will Obama be able to turn the country around in the next four years?
    Probably not 59%
    Probably 31%
    Not sure 10%

    Total Votes: 416,924

    Which best describes your feelings about the nation’s prospects for the next 10 years?
    Pessimistic 35%
    Optimistic 34%
    Mixed 31%

    Total Votes: 295,863

  4. Telling statistics, Lew. The only problem is taht online polls are typically designated “unscientific” because they are self-selected and the demographic spread hasn’t been identified and incorporated to indicate possible bias in the sample. They have the same inherant flaw as the famous poll predicting that Alf Landon would beat FDR handily (needless to say, it was wrong by an order of magnitude). They can be interesting, informative, and satisfying but unless it’s “professionally” conducted, polls aren’t generally regarded as having proved anything. I think it’s mildly interesting that tons of people rated his job preformance and offered their opinion of whether he’d be able to fix things but half as many offered an outlook on the next 4 years. I wonder why that would be…

  5. Rasmussen has him down to an presidential approval index of only +6% with 37% strongly approving and 31% strongly disapproving on their daily tracking poll. This compares to an index reading of +28% on Inauguration Day. Total approval is now 56% vs 67% on Jan 21.

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