Sick of the Fruit Bats? Do Something. Counterprotest.

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From Michelle Malkin’s blog.

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10 thoughts on “Sick of the Fruit Bats? Do Something. Counterprotest.

  1. Nice to see some actual encouragement from Michelle Malkin to exercise civil action instead of just sitting behind a computer and finger pointing. One thing it seems today’s “conservatives” should do is learn to be more effective in the whole protest/civil disobedience area. Maybe then there wouldn’t be such a rush to label protesters as terrorists.

  2. r_equals_b_ _ _ _ _ _: From What I’ve heard about this Protest, if I were you, you might want to call your Cindy Sheehan, Hanoi Jane friends and stay away from that Vietnam War Memorial. You might end up seeing “THE SILENT MAJORITY” shall I say “COME ALIVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. And tell your friends to keep there Paint and paint cans along way from that Viet Nam War Memorial. Lets just say there’s alot of people that have never forgotten,and never will forget, the treatment they got from your Communist friends back then, and it wouldn’t take much to _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ – _ _ _ _ _ – – – – – _ _ – – – _.

  3. So, Ms Victoria, do I quit my job, abandon my family, and head for washington with money I don’t have, just to frown at anti-American libs? No thanx, I’ll wait for the revolution.

  4. Back in 1969, a group calling them selves “THE HARD HATS” a Union group whom I beleive may have been REAGAN DEMOCRATS before there was REAGAN DEMOCRATS, went out after
    MoonBat leftists, they were probably JOHN F. KERRY lovers in the streets of NEW YORK CITY. Maybe they’ll show up again and give it to these MOONBAT JOHN F. KERRY Lovers on March 17.

  5. Or Google “THE HARD HAT RIOTS”

    I’m saying March 17 2007 could be another one. The Silent Majority has Flexed its Muscle Before.

  6. Yeah, go ahead, show up, protest the protest, bring more cops, cost the city more money, increasing the demand on the police to protect us from real crime. All so they can pass the bill on to us. Bad Idea, stay home, watch the protest on TV. I am not going to go there and get my ass kicked and sprayed with mace by the police. Which I have been through at a Republican rally.

  7. So bitch about protesters ..then encourage your own protest?(ha ha)

    Fat ass chip eating losers just stay on the couch and write stupid posts. (how many of anti- protesters will be there?) (wait) never mind Don’t Answer that it would be way-to-humiliating and embarrassingly-FUNNY for me to have to hear …. ho ho ha ha !

    The jig is up

    You hate hundreds of thousands protesting WAR?

    Then go protest them with your “We Support War” agenda!

    As the world …and I mean WORLD …steps out into the streets to Protest GITMO, TORTURE, AND WAR AND DEATH …you think it might be worthwhile to go support the opposite …….what the …?

    WAR? …killing and torture? ….HAHAHAHA that what your team wants?

    I listen to you complain about protesters and now you are encouraging protesting HA HA HA
    NOW THAT CRACKS ME UP !!!!!!!!

    Nothing like being a frustrated and Republican, and watching the ship sink ….. to bad you laughed and screwed over anybody in your path…. Oh well !

    I like to come to this site and your radio show to listen to the HATE and the complaining…..

    It is getting funnier by the day (lately). Not as fun as listening to O’Rilley try to hang on to his republican sinking ship …..

    BUT…… Victoria does have a way at being very callous and finding sick humor in serious situations. Her respect for life liberty and justice is out of a cracker jack box.

    This next PROTEST is going to wake up the sleeping dog….. and those other pro-war-dogs better just go hide for the day. And hide good because war crimes, lies, and prison terms are coming next. Can you smell the heat?

    Hold on to that sinking ship …its fun for the rest of us to watch you all drown in your own Hate and Bigotry!

    Be – right – back – I – need popcorn – and a beverage!

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