Ships Captain Held Hostage Freed

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CNN reporting 3 of the four Pirates are dead, the fourth in custody aboard the USS Bainbridge.

Earlier, Bloomberg reported of negotiations where the Captain, “Richard Phillips and the four pirates holding him would all go free, and a “small” ransom would be paid.”

While Obama dodged questions on the situation and sent FBI agents to investigate and negotiate and former candidate John Kerry called for congressional hearings, our Military people got the job done.

Undoubtedly, Obama will now step up and claim all credit.

Regardless, Well Done to our Military.

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12 thoughts on “Ships Captain Held Hostage Freed

  1. Absolutely Fantastic.

    Well Done to the members of the Navy who took part in this rescue.

    I can only hope that the Combined Task Force 151 and the European Naval Contigent can take care of the problem of the Italian Tug Boat that was seized.. and also detour more pirate attacks in the region.

  2. I heard this on FOXNEWS. This is great news and I’m Proud of the Navy Seals for getting the job done.

    PS: And its great the Navy seals got the job done without John F. Kerry’s diplomacy hearings which probably would have been held right there by the hostage life boat.

  3. Congratulations US Navy. Congratulation President Obama. It is great to have a competent commander in chief making decisions. Enjoy your success. If
    the mission had ended in failure, every reichwing jackass with two legs would have blamed you for it.

  4. Let’s make it easy for the poor put-upon Justice Department: by international naval traditions of justice, pirates are thieves and brigands whose punishment upon capture is to be hanged from a yardarm. Now that we know how to deal with the matter, someone needs to tell Obama so he can dither for 8 years before passing the buck to his hapless successor.

  5. Since the O was quick to grab credit for this, will he be as quick to take the blame should the Pirates escalate, as promised?

    Pirates Vow Revenge

    Or, will he try to spin away from grabbing credit?

    Well done, Navy Seals. Taking them out was the right choice.

    But, does any one seriously think the decision to “green light” the operation was made by Obama?

  6. Lew

    Now simmer down. After all there where all of four pirates and big O gave approval twice. Imagine if it have been a Taliban brigade, he would have had to give approval say 2,500 times. You know these things take time in a trickle down hierarchy! We’re lucky it only took five days.

  7. And it took the “competant” commander in chief almost a week to figure out that rescuing the hostages was a good idea. Compare this to Bush (since you lefties love to) who had Saddam and his ilk figured out right away. I’m glad that our current CiC is more competant than Clinton or Carter but being better than the worst isn’t much of a bragging point.

  8. Pete, today’s Washington Post, one of the Obama luvin’ rags in print today, billed this rescue as “a Military victory for Obama.”

    Sorry, at best Obama followed SOP in granting authorization for hte Navy Commander to use his discretion, as he did.

    But, if this a “Military victory for Obama,” think how many thousands of similar “Military Victory’s” President Bush had in Afghanistan and Iraq.

    ALso missing is credit for these are the “Seals Obama inherited from Bush.”

    Credit belongs with the 3 Seals and the Commander who gave the green light, no one else. Their performance was magnificent, as they are trained and entrusted to do.

    Little wonder B HO remained silent al lweek last week on this. He was waiting to see which way he could spin it to his advantage.

  9. Lew

    “Credit belongs with the 3 Seals and the Commander who gave the green light, no one else. “

    Couldn’t agree more. Amazing how the press is full of praise for the big O. The ship’s captain who put his life on the line to save his crew hardly got passing mention. The skill of the seal team seems to be only a mere foot note in the press coverage.

    “Little wonder B HO remained silent all week last week on this. He was waiting to see which way he could spin it to his advantage.”

    Five days and two orders. What he stuttered? The seals needed, but one order to complete the job. Do you suppose the first order was pre-conditioned on the results of the latest over night Rasmussen poll?

  10. One has to wonder how long it will be before our “brave” Kommissar apologizes to the pirates for the “arrogance” the Seals showed when they took out the pirates on the life boat. I predict it will happen by the end of this week.

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