Senator Al Franken

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The count appears to be over. Wait!!!! Appeals may be coming, praise God.
How he “achieved” “victory.” Here.

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18 thoughts on “Senator Al Franken

  1. Yea shades of Gov. Greg-lier.
    Just Manufacture 300+votes
    and Double count a few and
    you have a stolen Senate Seat.

    PS: 2010 is looking Better

  2. check this out from Newsmax:

    Double votes were counted for Franken. Damaged ballots couldn’t be fed through optical scanners, and under Minnesota law, election judges must copy such ballots, mark the copies as duplicates and count them, and keep the originals. Coleman argued that both originals and duplicates made it into the recount, and his attorneys went to court when the Canvassing Board ruled against him on those ballots.

    On rejected absentee ballots, Franken refused “to meaningfully participate in the process to review them,” according to the RNLA, while the Secretary of State’s office sought to “disenfranchise military voters.” A Ramsey County precinct ended up with 177 more ballots than there were recorded votes on Election Night. In that case, the board decided to go with the extra ballots, rather than the Election Night total, even though the county is now showing more ballots than voters in the precinct. This gave Mr. Franken a net gain of 37 votes.

    Klatu said: Sounds exactly like what the Dems were trying to do in 2000 until the U.S. SUPREME COURT stopped them, and which they achieved the theft in the 2004 governor race in Washington State.
    Maybe Norm Coleman needs to go to the U.S. SUPREME COURT once again like President Bush did in 2000. Coleman is up against a very Biased beauracracy in Minnasota but a lot of forces were shipped in and some from Washington State.

    PPS: Oh and ******** Thank GOD for
    Katherine Harris and the U.S. SUPREME COURT in 2000.

  3. This thing with Franken is proof positive that Minnesota’s SecState and Al Franken, along with those poll watchers that allowed the multiple voting to be certified, are deeply embedded in George Soros’ pocket.

    If Iknow were living in Minnesota, I’d bet that he would be there, too.

  4. I heard Pawn Insannity’s stooge Marked Levin whining how “the election was stolen from Coleman”. Yeah, stolen by a majority of Minnestotians who are sick and tire of GOP/Rove style ethics that have landed this country in a loss war, a failing economy and a trashed constitution.

    What I am really looking forward to is Senator Al Franken clowning the GOP from the floor of the Senate. I would pay good money for seats in the spectator’s gallery. I bet we can expect some Palin-Lipstick Piggy jokes for sure.

  5. I think a re-vote is in order (not a re-count, but a re-vote).

    Over the course of the election, I have heard enough about happenings, with a very low statistical probability, related to this count, That I am personally convinced that fraud is involved.
    In such cases, a re-vote makes the most sense.

  6. Eileen u∃∃l!∃ said… I am personally convinced that fraud is involved.

    Klatu said: well of course Eileen,
    But I think they should “recount” the votes “from Election Day only”, not the ones manufactured by the Democrat Election offices (Multnomah elections are you listening since you ****** cheat like this every election cycle) after the fact, Copied and then put through the machines along with the originals.

  7. Eileen, as was seen in Washington in 2004, Democrats do not like revotes once they have successfully stolen another election. It is only recounts they engage in, until they have counted enough ballots twice, found more family pets disgarded votes and verified that the dead in the cemetery really did vote Democrat.

    Obama Clock

  8. The Obama Clock? Another fairy tale of a repubicant stooge. Obama is permenant, greaseymonkey. Get use to him. You though FDR had a long term in office.

  9. Funny again “ME” but you know NOTHINGGGGGGGGGGGG FDR did in the
    30’s did anything to get America out of that Depression except prolong the Depression, and you do know that the 22nd amendment to the Constitution (THE FDR ACT)passed in 1947 by Conservative Democrats and Republicans was to stop any president from having more than 2 terms. NO KING. Nobama better enjoy his 2-8 years cause his not getting any more than that unless we IMPEACH the ******** first.

    Oh by the way if you want the economy to improve get to the core of the problem, GET RID OF THE CRA & FANNIE-FREDDIE. EVERYTHING ELSE IS A BAND AID

    filibuster time

  10. Sure is funny watching me implode, even after his neo-coms won.

    He seems even more bitter now than before they grabbed at more Dictatorial power to enslave the masses.

    Maybe he will volunteer to travel to D.C. and gain employment wiping the pablum from Franken’s chin, or to change his diaper for him.

    I thought it hilarious that Reid vows Franken will be seated, but works hard to keep Burris out.

    Of course, Franken being white and Burris being Black has nothing to do with it, right?

    I can just see Reid standing in front of the Senate, wearing his white hooded robe and immitating George Wallace.

    Burris was nominated legally and Franken elected under questionable circumstances, but Burris is who he tried to keep out.

    The party of Bull Conner reveals itself again!

  11. Lew,
    Republicans do not like re-votes either, when they have won.
    Perhaps a more accurate statement would be
    The declared winner does not like a re-vote or a re-count.
    The non declared winner tends to be more open to either.

    I know my Republican friends were not at all open to having a re-vote in Florida in 2000.
    One particular statement that comes to mind (made by a few of my friends) “What if people change their vote”.
    My thought was that it is better to have a result that represents the desires of the people at some point in time (even if later) then results that may not represent the people’s desires at any point in time.

    Personally I don’t care enough, about who wins this particular Senate seat, to care more about the outcome then the fairness.

    Are you certain it can be determined which ballots are legit and which ones are not?
    This may turn out to be much more complex then a re-vote.

    The Franken situation is completely different then the Burris situation.
    In one case, it was stated, even before the appointee was known, that anyone appointed by Blagojevich would not be seated.
    Since the race of the appointee was not known, when this was stated, any efforts to claim race as an issue, are more likely to hurt race relations then help them.
    I don’t quite understand why they later decided to seat Burris (or did they?)

  12. Let us not forget that Coleman lost his Senate seat to an alumnus of Saturday Night Live and his bid for governor to a professional wrestler. Maybe the Republicans in Minnesota need a better candidate.

  13. Coleman is done. Minnesotians rejected his sorry Repubicant butt. Senator Franken IS smart enough, good enough and golly gee, people love ’em!!!

  14. Me: Funny again but your wrong ******. Franken and friends cheated. Stuffed the ballot box. The Minnasota Governor will never sign anything. Franken can just ROTT with you watching re-runs of Saturday Night Liberal for the next 6 years. Harry Reid can’t do *******.


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