Scott St. Clair: “You’re On Your Own!” My Latest Undercover Investigative Assignment for James O’Keefe

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You stupid people, don’t you know what’s good for you? Don’t you know that you not only don’t need guns, but you shouldn’t have guns?  Don’t you know that you can’t be safe with them or be trusted to use them? Don’t you know there are no such things as home break-ins, and even if there were, it’s the job of the police to protect you and take care of these matters? Don’t you know you should listen to those who know what’s best for you, and gun ownership and use isn’t good for you?


No we don’t know, and that’s why James O’Keefe of Project Veritas sent me and a couple of others undercover to find out if the police will indeed protect us and do they in fact take care of these matters, or is it a case of “You’re on your own”?

Over the course of a couple weeks and wearing a hidden camera — legal in New York and New Jersey where only single-party consent is required — I went into 18 police stations in the two states and the New York City office of rifle and shotgun permits to inquire whether the police will be there to protect me if an armed crazy person breaks into my home. It was pretty much the same story at each and every one.

While they all wanted to tell me what preventive measures to take – deadbolts, security systems, a dog (we have a 40-pound poodle who is afraid of his shadow) – when they explained to me what to do between the time I called 911 and the time they arrived, they were stumped, and the answer was a variation of “You’re on your own.”

After you make the call, and in that 30 seconds to several minutes before the police arrive, which under the circumstances may indeed become a lifetime, the only first-responder on the scene is you, so how do you want to handle the situation? Toss a bottle of bleach at an armed intruder, or be in a position to make a more forceful statement of your right to protect your home, your family and your life?

As to the advice America received from Vice President Joe Biden to get a shotgun and fire off a couple blasts from the balcony that turned out to be a one-way-ticket to the hoosegow. Turns out New York City considers even the public brandishing of a weapon to be the crime of “menacing,” for which you’ll be busted and hauled off to the pokey.

Mr. Vice President: Do us all a favor, and don’t do us any favors!

Scotching the shotgun approach still leaves us where we started trying to figure out what to do.

After all, “You’re on your own.”

Share with: Everybody. Sharing is caring, ya know.