Sarah Palin Lands Big Role *WITH REAX UPDATE

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“We should all be proud of Governor Sarah Palin’s historic nomination, and I congratulate her and Senator McCain. While their policies would take America in the wrong direction, Governor Palin will add an important new voice to the debate.”


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39 thoughts on “Sarah Palin Lands Big Role *WITH REAX UPDATE

  1. Palin has been to Iraqq AND had made visits to the troops. Nobama did not because he wasn’t allowed to take his camera crew with him.
    And Palin’s son is being deployed to Iraq next month. This hasn’t been done since FDR’s son was in the service in WWII. For someone in a high office, that is.

  2. Cute. I like the one where she is in fatigues. Kinda like Bunny Blue visiting the troops. Yeah, the beauty queen is looking more and more like an affirmative action pick to get women on board. Too bad really. Shows how out of touch McCain is with reality. If his goal was to get Clinton pro-choicers on board, once they see she is anti-choice, bye bye to that idea.

    It is comical though. McCain chose her because she “stood up to the Repubican Party corruption”, but she is being investigated for corruption. What gives?

    The Palin choice was more than I expected when it was said that repubes would try to put lipstick on a pig. They really meant it. Literally.

  3. Me: You wouldn’t know a great candidate if you were hit over the head with one. Biden isn’t even fit to pack water to Sarah Palin, nor is Nobama. And sinc you can’t really say anything that can further your cause for the unltra liberal nut jobs, you revert to name calling and insults.

    If nothing else, you are pathetic.

  4. Actually Scottieshill, Obama did visit the troops in Iraq. How could you have missed all the fanfare. Conservatives were bitchin’ because he received so much coverage.

    And Biden’s son has served in Iraq and is going back again for another tour.

    Palin seemed to more like the Vogue Magazine trip to give the boys some eye candy. It is really cute. Talk about celebrity, the beauty queen really has it.

  5. She looks a lot better in fatigues than any of tehguys I served with 😉

    I like that Hillary came out and congratulated her nomination. Hillary showed some class.

    On the other hand, what came from the Obama camp? Both he and Biden were congratulated by McCain.

    In return, the nomination of Palin brought almost immediate attacks from the Obama campaign, no congratulations.

    And, they complain about her being “inexperienced?”


    Watch as the hypocrisy of hte Socialist Democrats and the feminist groups are clearly displayed, once again.

  6. Me

    So twisted.

    Obama took forever to make the trip to Iraq to gain his international policy credentials, and incidently got a rousing greeting from the troops. Not!! Finally, after the utter failure of this foreign tour, he selected Joe Biden to beef up his falling polling numbers.

    It is nice that Bidens son. Nicer for you to omit the fact tht McCain’s son is headed to Iraq. I am sure just a mintor oversight on your part.

    Out of touch? Those SUV driving soccer moms with children drive, have been paying high gas prices and best of all they vote too. Too bad for Obama and Pelosi/Reid team, because their obstruction of the drilling issue is about to implode on them.

    Check out the website on Palin’s supposed corruption charge. Nice to know you are on the side of an abuser by the way!

    Nice to know also that if you can’t bring up substantive policy issues, you revert to the typical radi-lib name calling!

    Those that suggest others are pigs should look in the mirror. Yes, and lip stick might help. Well in your case maybe not.

  7. Pete, something not mentioned very often in regards to Sarah Palin’s investigation for allegedly firing the Public Safety Commissioner for not firing her ex-brother-in-law, Michael Wooten, he is still employed by the Alaska State Police.

    Sort of deflates the charge that the ‘Democrat’ who was fired wa let go for that reason.

    This tactic is prevelant across the nation as Socialist Democrats seek any and every method they can to demonize Republicans and grab more power to rebuild their view of the Soviet Union.

    In fact, their tactics aren’t that much different than the Bolsheviks.

  8. Me

    Are you male or female. Hard to tell, but I will bet you get that often. Try being objective. I asked what you claim to be, because you apparently know little or nothing about Alaska politics. The culture in Alaska is not kind to women when it comes to abuse situations or Divorce Settlements. I happen to be a Police Officer and I agree the Alaska State Trooper should have been terminated. In fact he probably would have been in most states, but Alaska’s culture accepts that type of behavior. Maybe Govenor Palin was trying to change that culture.

  9. Word has it, she makes a mean moose stew. On a lighter note, I like the fact that she has extended benefits to same-sex partners who work for the State of Alaska.

  10. Sarah Palin loves moose burgers.
    I love the lefties trying to deke out the topic of the blog.

    Yea, she fired the Ag board too.

    “Here’s the portion of the Fred Barnes piece a year ago:
    One of her first acts as governor was to fire the Alaska Board of Agriculture. Her ultimate target was the state Creamery Board, which has been marketing the products of Alaska dairy farmers for 71 years and wanted to close down after receiving $600,000 from the state. “You don’t just close your doors and walk away,” Palin told me. She discovered she lacked the power to fire the Creamery Board. Only the board of agriculture had that authority. So Palin replaced the agriculture board, which appointed a new creamery board, which has rescinded the plan to shut down.”

    She’s such a wimp.
    Oh wait…

  11. Lew

    Thanks for additonal information. Obviously the investigation there is still in process.

    I think it is interesting that the Obama Campaign in their eagerness to discredit her will jump on anything, because they can’t seem to confront her on the issues—especially drilling. I’d love to see a debate between her and the Congressional Madame, Nancy Pelosi, on the drilling issue. However, I hear Pelosi is pre-occupied with a little retraining on Catholic theology at the moment.

    Of course, if it is discovered that Obama’s surogates are wrong on their accusations on Palin, Obama will just summarily dismiss them because they were obviously loose cannons and acting under their own mis-directed initiative. They certainly weren’t acting under his campaign’s authority and so don’t reflect on the Obama/Biden views??! Responsibility at its finest!!! I am sure that excuse will continue to play with the electorate.

    Interesting your comments on the Democrats. I find the latest arrest of the ABC news reporter in Denver and the attempts to intimidate WGN in Chicago eeirily similar to the Brown Shirts and Hitler youth intimidation of the early 1930’s.

    You’ll have to forgive my paranoia, I was the product of a K – 12 public school education.

  12. Hey Pete, Psst…

    Palin Pleased with Obama’s Energy Plan

    Includes Alaska’s Natural Gas Reserves

    August 4, 2008, Fairbanks, Alaska – Governor Sarah Palin today responded to the energy plan put forward by the presumptive Democratic nominee for President, Illinois Senator Barack Obama.
    “I am pleased to see Senator Obama acknowledge the huge potential Alaska’s natural gas reserves represent in terms of clean energy and sound jobs,” Governor Palin said. “The steps taken by the Alaska State Legislature this past week demonstrate that we are ready, willing and able to supply the energy our nation needs.”
    In a speech given in Lansing, Michigan, Senator Obama called for the completion of the Alaska natural gas pipeline, stating, “Over the next five years, we should also lease more of the National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska for oil and gas production. And we should also tap more of our substantial natural gas reserves and work with the Canadian government to finally build the Alaska natural gas pipeline, delivering clean natural gas and creating good jobs in the process.”
    Governor Palin also acknowledged the Senator’s proposal to offer $1,000 rebates to those struggling with the high cost of energy.
    “We in Alaska feel that crunch and are taking steps to address it right here at home,” Governor Palin said. “This is a tool that must be on the table to buy us time until our long-term energy plans can be put into place. We have already enjoyed the support of Alaska Senator Ted Stevens, and it is gratifying to see Senator Obama get on board.”
    The Governor did question the means to pay for Obama’s proposed rebate — a windfall profits tax on oil companies. In Alaska, the state’s resource valuation system, ACES, provides strong incentives for companies to re-invest their profits in new production.
    “Windfall profits taxes alone prevent additional investment in domestic production. Without new supplies from American reserves, our dependency and addiction to foreign sources of oil will continue,” Governor Palin said.


  13. Abel, I find it very amusing that you would rely on anything said by Ted Sampley, after the unmerciful bashing you lefty’s gave him in opposing John Kerry (who served in Viet Nam).

    Sampley has been erroneously tied to the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth in an effort to smear them further. The two disagreed heavily on how to oppose Kerry.

    That being said, yes there are some Vets who oppose McCain. Many others don’t. I’m not too hot on McCain either, but his VP choice has drawn me more to his candidacy.

    So, what’s your point? Do you think we Vets are brain-dead from our War Experience and cannot think for ourselves?

    Roger, you seem particularly delighted in Governor Palin’s press release about Obama’s energy plan. Too bad you don’t read what you post in its entirety.

    Allow me,

    I am pleased to see Senator Obama acknowledge the huge potential Alaska’s natural gas reserves represent in terms of clean energy and sound jobs,”

    Uh, requires “drilling!”

    “Over the next five years, we should also lease more of the National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska for oil and gas production. (Obama)

    Uh, drilling in ANWR?

    The Governor did question the means to pay for Obama’s proposed rebate — a windfall profits tax on oil companies.

    Windfall profits taxes alone prevent additional investment in domestic production. Without new supplies from American reserves, our dependency and addiction to foreign sources of oil will continue,” Governor Palin said.

    It’s nice to see you coming around to sound thinking, Roger. We do need to drill for what we have at home and off shore.

    Governor Palin agrees with drilling and now, Obama too?

    Does this mean you will support the GOP ticket now?

  14. Pete, off topic, but it ties in with your comment about the ABC Reporter.

    Dem cops cuff, stuff Christian girls

    The latest attempt at Denigrating Governor Palin seems to be letting the world know that both her husband and oldest son, currently serving in the Army, are not registered Republicans, but registered as “undeclared.”

    They are really scrapping the bottom of the barrel hoping something will stick.

  15. What an unfortunate failure on the part of McCain. Faced with the opportunity to choose a conservative candidate who would broadcast his seriousness about the problems facing regular Americans, he selects a moderate Republican who seems to like the big scary term “Big Oil” used by liberals right before screaming for “windfall profits” taxes. Oddly enough, Governor Palin did precisely that… taxing the oil companies more. Oh, and cutting them out of pipeline construction in favor of a Canadian company. And giving people a government check to help with energy. I hate to agree with a fool like “me” but McCain’s VP choice smells of a pathetic attempt to grab feminist and Hillary voters instead of an attempt to find the best candidate who could bring the party’s base in from the cold.

  16. Handouts, frankly, to help with energy costs; handouts tend towards being a liberal/Democratic approach to any problem. Oh, this isn’t like the dividend check that all Alaskans recieve due to an age-old agreement with the oil companies. This is taking taxpayer money and giving it away in the classic style of a liberal Democrat.
    There is also “Big Oil”. That is a term used right before some liberal proposes extra taxes or regulations upon an industry. Amazingly enough, that is precisely what Governor Palin did, raising taxes on the oil companies which are the fuel of her state’s economy. Precisely like a economically-challenged liberal, she pumped the corporations for extra cash, the corporations that, if they got tired of Alaska, would find some way to take their business elsewhere and drop the state’s economy into the tank. That manner of foolishness is not conservative.
    And, if I may sound mildly mysogonistic (or however you spell the word), I can’t help but wonder what a traditional religious social conservative is doing having a kid destined for mild to profound mental retardation and then accepting the invitation to spend an entire campaign season away from her new kid, letting her husband pick up the slack. I have no problem with a mother in an executive office or a mother with a new kid in an executive office but to me, there’s just something not quite right about having a special-needs child and then throwing oneself into the morass of presidential politics.

    To me, none of these things fit well with the mantle of a traditional economic conservative that she wears. McCain has chosen a lightweight when one of his most powerful weapons against Obama was that the man is a lightweight. This is profoundly foolish and I am looking forward to McCain and the entire moderate faction of the Republican Party that rammed him down our throats getting utterly thrashed in the election. It’s the only thing that might return the Republican party to conservative principles and that goal is worth 4 years of Obama. I might have been willing to swallow hard and I still might but McCain has proven to me that he is not worthy of the high office; I just have to decide if Obama is more unworthy or not.

  17. Hey CH2 Psst!

    Check out my prior post to you under Which Candidate Displays Class and then watch the CNBC interview with Governor Sarah Polin.

    After you hear her say “Drill, Drill, Drill”, if you still think she is going to endorse Obama, please feel free to hold your breath until she does so!!

  18. Keith, I still have to disagree. The so called “hand out” is a one time payment reaped from massive profits in Alaska amounting to $1200.00, much like the tax rebates most all received, but labeled “energy relief.” The money comes from nowhere else but Alaskan oil.

    Remember, Alaska is unique in that its main industry is oil.

    Yes, the three oil companies are crying, as all do. But what she signed wasn’t a “windfall profits tax” like her detractors are trying to claim. A better explanation is at The drill down on Sarah Palin.

    See also, Palin’s energy relief: $1,200 each

    By the same token, since she took an aggressive stance with the oil companies, her actions deflate the Democrats cry of Republicans being in the pocket of Big Oil.

    You state, “she pumped the corporations for extra cash, the corporations that, if they got tired of Alaska, would find some way to take their business elsewhere and drop the state’s economy into the tank.” Oil companies go where the oil is. How do they do business where there isn’t enough oil to drill?

    She didn’t exactly “pump them for extra cash” as much as she ended a previous “sweetheart deal” from corrupt politicians and negotiators, some of whom have been indicted.

    She has clearly stated she opposed a Windfall Profits tax in the article Roger seems to be proud of.

    I fail to see what your problem with her campaigning two months is. As a Dad, I appreciate that she has a husband, as well as other family members, to help out. Would it be better for them to hide the child away as did the Kennedy’s with their mentally retarded sister Rosemary, for decades?

    I see the brilliance in McCain’s choice in that it has energized much more of the conservative base than would moderates, Romney, Huckabee or others. It has taken the Women’s Issues away from the Democrats since they dissed their female candidate. She is not a Washington Insider with years and years of exposure to Washington Politics.

    She has stood up to Special Interests and places her state above herself. She is aggressive and speaks well. The country wants bi-partisanship and she has shown that in the past, when need be. On the other hand, she doesn’t back down from powerful male counterparts.

    Do I necessarily agree 100% with all of her actions? Of course not. But, as V.P., she doesn’t make decisions or pass legislation, unless the Senate is evenly split and then, she would be expected to vote in accordance with the president’s wishes.

    Don’t forget, Bush and Cheney seem to have disagreements over Gay Rights, but that hasn’t stopped him from being very vocal in supporting Bush’s policies and views.

    In my estimation, having her on the ticket will bring some conservatism to a McCain administration, as she will have his ear. 4 years of Obama and a Democrat majority would push the country beyond recovery, I fear.

    I realize many are disappointed as they wanted another status quo good ‘ol boy male, but the fear and worry I hear from the left shows me she is the right one.

  19. Taking from the rich and giving to everyone else is a liberal trademark, no matter how you dress it up. Your first article clearly states that essentially, Palin can hand out the $1200 because of oil tax increases and the fact that oil companies got a higher amount of absolute profits due to the high price of oil. So I stand by my characterization of it as pumping the corporations for extra cash.

    You’re right… she has them over a barrel in that Alaska has oil and so, an opportunistic legislature and governor can bleed lotsa money out of them. But Alaska isn’t the only place where oil companies can do business and if an oil-producing state can offer a means to get at oil without blowing $500 billion building a platform in the midst of a howling blizzard, no company would say no, especially if a somewhat conservative governor sees them as a cash cow to milk. Previous officials and negotiators were wise enough to know that the best way to encourage oil company business is what you refer to as a “sweetheart deal” instead of Palin’s shortsighted policy.

    Lew, that was way out of line. I state that I don’t think well of her decision to campaign for vice-president instead of being home for her Down’s Syndrome child and you ask me if I think it’s better that they hide the child away? How the hell did you get that out of my statement? What words did I use that would make you ask such a despicable thing? That was a really cheap shot and you ought to know better.

    Yes, she brings some conservatism to the McCain ticket but the McCain ticket was already infused with milk-and-water conservatism instead of the real article. She therefore contributes not a dang thing to the ticket and if McCain and his strategists really think that this is some clever move that will win them points… well, let’s just watch their misconceptions get thrashed when initial enthusiasm about Palin flatlines and the constituency that McCain is trying to reach out to finds that they like a young candidate backed by an experienced VP better than a candidate called “Bush III” backed by a semi-conservative with an anemic resume.

    What people wanted was a reliable, experienced VP candidate who could revive McCain’s ticket and shore up his weaknesses. What we got was a flash-in-the-pan candidate that, as Iknowhowtospell pointed out, he barely knows, that has to have her weaknesses compensated for by McCain. McCain’s campaign was clever to steal Obama’s thunder the way they did; if only they’d been clever enough to choose a worthy candidate.

  20. Keith, just how well does a candidate need to know his running mate? Historically, presidential candidates have chosen, or had shoved off on them, VP candidates they didn’t even like, much less know.

    The left is pulling out all the stops to denigrate this lady and many are falling for it, it seems.

    From her husband and son not being registered Republicans, to the baby not being hers, to she is a gay rights supporter, their fear of her should tell you something.

    As for the Downs Syndrome comment, you may not have intened it that way, but the words came across as a woman has no business being in politics when she has a disabled child and should stay at home instead.

    Isn’t that what feminists have complained about for years?

    THe oil companies are crying, but let’s face it, they aren’t hurting. The left is trying to paint their being taxed at a more equitable rate as a “windfall profits tax” when it obviously isn’t.

    It definitely takes the wind out of their sails when they claim she coddles Big Oil.

    She looked out for her states residents without it being a prohibitive redistribution of wealth.

    Face it, as dependent as Alaska is on the Oil Industry, do you really think she would cut off her nose to spite her face?

    More on the tax: Alaska Department of Revenue: A primer on state’s new petroleum production tax system

  21. Historically in what sense? Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Burr, Calhoun, Tyler, Van Buren, Dallas, Roosevelt, Coolige, Quayle, Cheney, Gore, Bush I, Nixon, Agnew, Ford, Johnson (both of them), Mondale… a majority of presidential candidates knew their VPs quite well, even if they didn’t like them. It’s pretty much unheard of for a serious and winning presidential candidate to go into the election with virtually no personal interaction or knowledge of their VP. It’s the mark of an amateur or a weak candidate. McCain isn’t an amateur.

    Lew, I haven’t heard a single leftist criticsm of Palin. At least, I hadn’t until I read Victoria’s blog recently and I’d already decided that Palin was a poor choice beforehand. Sorry to bust your theory.

    They don’t fear her. Why should they? She poses no threat to them at all. It’s McCain who poses the threat and that’s because he’s an experienced politician.

    So… I explicitly say that I have nothing against a mother in executive office, nothing against a new mother in executive office, and go on to express my feeling that she shouldn’t be immersing herself in the demanding nature of a presidential campaign with a special-needs child just born… and your assertion is that I need to smack you over the head with a list of caveats so you don’t pick your preferred implication out of thin air. Give me a break, Lew… the snide comment about me preferring that she hide her Down’s Syndrome child from public view was totally out of line unless I explicitly said something that naturally leads to that position.

    Yes, Lew… I do. “Big Oil” is a term used for one purpose and she chose it deliberately. US oil companies are not even close to the national oil companies that are openly coddled by their governments yet it’s a great thing when Palin disrupts some mythical “cozy relationship” between government and Alaska’s virtually single source of revenue. Perhaps Palin is not quite as thick as a dedicated liberal but she’s proven a willingness to toe the line when we’ve got people in Congress like Maxine Waters proposing that oil companies be seized by the government. We don’t need two people like McCain who have expressed willingness to follow the Democrats over the cliff.

  22. Keith, get out some more. The media and blogs are filled with attacks on her today.

    Incidentally, reread what I said about Rosemary Kennedy. I asked if that was what you would prefer, based upon your own words seeming to indicate her place is at home caring for the child instead of running for public office.

    Isn’t that how the left claims we disrespect women already? Aren’t we told we believe their place is in the home?

    I wouldn’t say the relationship between the former administration and Oil Companies was “mythical” with many state employees being indicted over the improper negotiations going on before she exposed them.

  23. That’s utterly irrelevant. The opposition always lets you have it with both barrels, even if you’re the most perfect candidate on the planet.

    Lew, there’s a good reason I used the word “presidential”. As I’ve told Iknowhowtospell and tried to pound into the heads of certain other fools like Jose and David Appell, I am very deliberate in what I say and my words mean something. I specified the presidential race and the presidential race is the ONLY public office I was talking about. If I meant “political campaign”, I’d have said “political campaign” which would have indicated ALL political campaigns such as governor, mayor, commissioner, city councilwoman, etc. But I said “presidential” which indicates only two offices out of thousands of elected public positions. Now, if you have a criticism based off my comments about Palin running in a presidential race instead of remaining governor of Alaska and thus being around more for her recently-born special-needs kid, have at it. But if you have criticisms based off something I never said, I’m obliged to ridicule you for failing to read carefully. I apply this rule to everyone, even people I like such as Iknowhowtospell.

  24. Oh, and I read that primer you linked to about the tax that Palin pushed through. It reads exactly like a liberal tax policy aimed at hurting a certain party.

    I’d point out that indictments are meaningless until convinction but I’m sure you’re familiar with the phrase “a prosecutor can indict a ham sandwich”. Jumping to “they’re guilty” becaus they were indicted is precisely the stunt that liberals have pulled in such cases as Tom DeLay (where the prosecutor had to jury-shop to get an indictment) or the Haditha Marines (all but one of which have been aquitted). When you have news about these officials being convicted, I’ll give it the proper weight but as my two examples indicate, indictment doesn’t show guilt.

  25. Keith, you are getting boring and going nowhere.

    You don’t like Sarah Palin and now want to play word games.

    You will change nothing and have not yet stated who should have the position, just bellowed how Liberal she is.

    Sounds a lot like a Ron Paul rant falling on deaf ears.

  26. “Word games”. That’s the best you’ve got to throw at me. In case it totally slipped your attention, Lew, words mean quite a bit. That is, unless all the criticisms advanced about what Obama or Obama’s associations have said are universally invalid. It’s a clever retort, Lew, but you managed to advance a criticism that was incorrect and I took you to task for it. Just take your medicine and move on instead of dismissing the chiding as a “word game”.

    My entire point is that she’s not the Great White Conservative Hope that you and others are ranting about. I would have preferred a strong conservative like Mitt Romney or the like but once botched, a VP selection cannot be unbotched. As it stands, one candidate selected a VP that augments his ticket and the other selected one that diminishes it. That’s where things stand.

  27. Lew: Are you starting to realize now what I’ve known since the Resident Liberal-tarian Blog troll showed up on Victoria’s Blog in February 08 that (he or its ) a fraud. He or it has always been for Barack Hussein Messiah Obama and it doesn’t surprise me that he or its beside itself now over the great Pick of VP Sarah Palin. He or it try’s to talk a good game of Conservatism but is very Liberally Transparent. If he was a true Conservative the pick of VP Sarah Palin would be great, but notice she’s a threat to him just like all other Liberals and some Liberal-Tarians on this blog and in America.

    PS: VP Sarah Palin you go girl

  28. You know, Jack, if you keep talking, you might actually eventually say something intelligent. Palin is a great pick in the same way that Geraldine Ferraro was a great pick for Mondale… but, of course, you wouldn’t understand the reference, would you?

  29. I guess I don’t subscribe to your Religion or your Liberal-Tarian philosophy.

    PS: No Geraldine Ferraro was a Terrible Socialist Pick. Back in 1984 someone like Elizabeth Dole would have been much Better. The Liberal Bureaucratic Glass Ceiling in Washington D.C. is much more important to CRACK. Maybe VP Sarah Palin will start Firing some of those Un-Elected ********.

    PS: Lew, like I’ve been saying since Feb-March 08 careful with this obvious fraud of a Conservative. Of course we did expose CNSKATE for the Fraud he is.

  30. Cept CNSkate is obviously not a conservative, just as you are obviously not capable of acting your age, whatever that might be. But like I said… keep talking and you might accidentally stumble into making an intelligent statement.

  31. VP Sarah Palin has made many Political Enemy’s and kicks BUTT when she has to. I think its wonderful that she and I get under your Liberal-Tarian Blog Trolling being. She would probably figure you out in 10 seconds like I did back in Feb.08

    PS: Liberal-Tarian Blog Troll.
    You will be Protesting the
    RNC Convention this week with
    All Your Friends since you have nothing in common with Republicans.

  32. I was right, Jack! If you talked enough, you would get around to saying something intelligent. Indeed, I have little in common with Republicans In Name Only. I also have little in common with pro-choice Republicans, liberal Republicans, spineless Republicans, moderate Republicans, Republicans like you who have trouble forming an intelligent argument, pro gay marriage Republicans, big-spending Republicans, Democrat-loving Republicans, Gang of 14 Republicans… yes indeed, there’s alot of Republicans I have nothing in common with. But conservative pro-life small-government tax-cutting Constitution-supporting Republicans? Those are my people, the types I could kick back with and raise a champene to Rush Limbaugh with. I’m still not sure what sort of Republican you are, Jack… you seem to be a blind-faith Republican who can’t think for yourself and bleat the party line repeatedly as if it constitutes a persuasive argument. Your claims to have figured me out aside, you are manifestly clueless and seem to take pride in proving it.

  33. Interesting Liberal_Tarian Blog troll,cause you have nothing in common with any republicans other than Ronny Paul fake Republicans.
    Plus you definitely have nothing in common with Republican VP Sarah Palin who you obviously despise or Rush Limbaugh.
    I have reservations about John McCain but not enough to even think about Voting for the Messiah unlike yourself praising the Messiah back in March. No it didn’t surprise me the way you VICIOUSLY ACTED TOWARDS VP SARAH PALINS PICK AS VP. You acted just like any Liberal-tarin or liberal is towards her.

    PS: I listen to RUSH (24/7 SUBSCRIPTION) and Victoria when I can unlike yourself and other Liberal-Tarian liberals who Monitor
    both of them to see what the other side is up to.

  34. Or, in other words, you’re too dense to understand my assertion so you call it untrue. Typical liberal.

    You also distorted and lied about what I said. Also typical liberal.

    Oh, and you made an assumption without any evidence. Why, there’s a third liberal tendency! Are you sure you’re not a liberal fool pretending to be conservative, Jack?

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