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KOGO, Victoria Taft, Cliff Albert, Mary Ayala, Bob Sullivan Win First Place in Breaking News at San Diego Press Club

I know, I can’t believe it, either. The last time I was this surprised was when Rick Belcher, one of the best of the ten or so bosses I had at KPAM, made sure one of my shows was entered into a contest and I won Oregon Broadcaster of the Year.


This time around I was just filling in on KOGO’s midday talk show for LaDona Harvey–on the biggest story in San Diego in years. For more than a week. Thanks for the opportunity, KOGO!


The last time I won a news award was back in the 1990’s working with a lot of the same people. What a pleasure. What an honor.

*Secret Video* Perps ID’d in stolen minimum wage signature petitions

Signature sheets stolen from a signature gatherer in support of putting a higher minimum wage to vote are returned. SDPD knows who the perps are.

From the pro vote group’s Facebook page

When the San Diego City Council President Todd Gloria surrounded himself with the purple shirts of SEIU and other unions to stop his city minimum wage increases from going to the public vote he promised,  he took command of a formidable army. 

San DIego City Council President, Todd Gloria, surrounded by SEIU and other union members announces efforts to stop you from signing petitions to put minimum wage on the ballot. Photo: 10News
San Diego City Council President, Todd Gloria, surrounded by SEIU and other union members announces efforts to stop you from signing petitions to put minimum wage on the ballot. Photo via 10News

An army whose thug tactics are as ubiquitous as their purple shirts. And their mission? Stop people from signing the petitions to refer the minimum wage to voters, an action to which he, the unions and his allies on the council–including former mayoral candidate David Alvarez–were opposed. 

After saying he would take minimum wage to voters, Todd Gloria reversed himself. Now Gloria and the SEIU and other unions are vowing to stop people from signing referendum petitions. Gee, what could possibly go wrong?
After saying he would take minimum wage to voters, Todd Gloria reversed himself. Now Gloria and the SEIU and other unions are vowing to stop people from signing referendum petitions. Gee, what could possibly go wrong?

And, as predicted, thuggery ensued. One signature gatherer had four sheets of signatures stolen with a note left behind reading:

Sorry Bud! It’s all fair in love and war. 

  Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 8.42.31 AM

Well, actually it’s not a fairness issue as it turns out. It’s a crime. This 10News report records the theft of the four sheets–130 signatures in all–by opponents of the public vote.

      But the identity thieves and election fraud perps apparently had a change of heart–after they realized they’d been fingered. From the pro vote small business group’s chief, Jason Roe,

The two that stole the signatures were spotted at Clairemont Target last week and police were notified.  Police found them, got their info, and informed them that the case would be referred to the DA.  The next day, the signatures magically reappeared at one of our locations, propped against the door.

What happened to those signatures, by the way? I wonder if this episode would intimidate any future signers if they know their personal information will become the stolen fodder for union folks who might work for the city? Were those people’s information compromised in any way like the homeowners’ who crossed paths with the San Diego County worker recently? 

And the thuggery continues. Watch this secret video from the pro vote group of how the SEIU and other union members scream and yell to intimidate people into NOT signing the petition putting the issue to a vote. 

Can you imagine being a shopper at the store with one guy asking you to sign a petition with one person yelling and another positioning their sign by the signature gatherer calling him a liar? Me? I’d tell off whoever was in my face, but not everyone can do that. SEIU is expecting you to act meekly, even if they do not hew to the same standards. 

San Diego Minimum Wage: Unions, Gloria vow to stop public vote

San Diego man claims threats for housing illegal aliens

Logan Heights business owner heard of need to house illegal aliens through radical “Border Angels” group. 

Photo from 10News.
Photo from 10News.

“Now, we’re getting death threats. They’re going to kill me. They’re going to kill my family.”

It’s hard to know where to begin on this story. First, if it’s true Poppa’s Fresh Fish Company owner Mark Lane received death threats, that is just simply ignorant, wrong and moronic.  I mean, honestly, President Obama created this border crisis as a political issue. Fight the politics. Call your elected officials. Make signs. Protest. Block buses. Don’t threaten someone’s life!

Photo by 10News
Photo by 10News

10News reports a Facebook page calling for a boycott of his store has been removed after a moronic commenter claimed Lane needed a beating. People on the side of stopping the phalanx of border crashers are on the correct side of the rule of law and border security issues. They should act like it and not give open borders backers any ammunition.

And it is with that in mind I call attention to a few issues I see with this story.

First: Lane claims he has “no opinion” on the issue of the border crashers. Yet, he heard about this family from the radical group Border Angels. The story also notes how he is receiving phone calls from immigrant rights groups from all over the country. For a man with “no opinion” on the issue, he seems eager to talk to these groups and does so in flawless Spanish.

Second: Lane claims he has “no opinion” on this issue, yet claims he was asked by his quite bright five year old child about why the buses in Murrieta were stopped. He told his son it was because they were filled with “brown people.” That’s quite a lie to sell your kid, huh? The claim is laughable on its face. It’s interesting that the citizens of Murrieta have failed to protest brown people who are legally here. But the Border Angel folks continue pushing this libel in the media. This business owner obviously has lapped it up.

Third: How did the Border Angel group know to ask Mark Lane to take in a family? Why would they approach a stranger who just opened a business six months ago to do that? Opening a business with a precocious five year old is a total time and money suck. Seems odd he would take that on. 

Fourth: The family he took in from Guatemala is comprised of a mother, 23 year old daughter and “two teenage sons”. Yet, they’re worried about gangs back in Guatemala which they give as the reason for fleeing. Where’s Dad? Already in the US waiting for them?

Fifth: The story takes on a horrific tone when we’re told the 23 year old daughter was raped multiple times on the trip el norte. As a result, we’re told, even though “[w]e had two extra rooms…they didn’t want to be separated so they all piled into one room.” I’d want to be with my mom, too. But can’t the two teenage boys have their own room? I mean, the U.S. government is paying people up to $6,000.00/month to take in as many as five of “Barry’s Kids”.

Sixth: Not one of this collection of people is a child. Weren’t we opening our borders and deconstructing our rule of law “for the children”?

Tahmooressi ordered to remain in Mexican jail

Tahmooressi arrives to court under heavy guard.

Marine Sgt Andrew Tahmooressi is brought to court under heavy guard. Image: KFMB TV
Marine Sgt Andrew Tahmooressi is brought to court under heavy guard. Image: KFMB TV

The US Marine Sergeant who says he accidentally drove into Tijuana when he missed a turn has now been ordered to remain in jail awhile longer. Andrew Tahmooressi was imprisoned in a Tijuana jail 100 days ago when his vehicle was searched and loaded guns were found. Both Andrew and his mother contend he was moving between cities and basically living out of his car. His guns were among his many possessions, they claim. 

Maybe it’s just me, but when the entire country of Mexico allows the cartels to bring in hot and cold illegal aliens from Central America, dumping them in America, it seems to me President Obama could make a phone call and stop it while, at the same time, getting Tahmooressi freed.

San Diego, California News Station – KFMB Channel 8 –

Bitter San Diego woman conducts crazed war against couple who outbid her on house; accused of soliciting rape.

Authorities say woman sicced rapists, missionaries and embarrassing mail to owners of home.

Kathy Rowe says it was a prank that got out of hand. Embittered because she lost out on a desirable Carmel Valley home, prosecutors say she set out to get the female homeowner raped.

The Union Tribune reports Rowe fell afoul of the law when she posted a rape fantasy ad posing as the wife,

She posed as the wife in online adult entertainment ads titled “Carmel Valley Freak Show,” inviting strange men over to the couple’s home for sex and describing scenarios of a rape fantasy to those who responded. The wife’s photo and address were included in the postings.

“I love to be surprised and have a man just show up at my door and force his way in the door and on me, totally taking me while I say no,” Rowe wrote to one man who responded.

One man decided to follow up on the offer, but was thwarted once by a locked gate and a second time when the husband answered the door.

Rowe has been fighting the felony charges of solicitation of rape and sodomy since 2012. 

Rowe, a San Diego County employee, wanted the home for her family, including her severely disabled daughter. She was also chosen as one of San Diego County’s Mother’s of the Year. Read more here. 



Bill that would shut down San Diego’s Sea World whale show sent for “interim study.”

Animal rights extremists proposed bill to halt whale shows after release of anti Sea World movie “Blackfish”

In a hearing heavily attended by cheering animal rights protesters, the California Assembly’s Water, Parks black fishand Wildlife Committee has agreed to send Assembly bill 2140 for interim study after its sponsor admitted it “was a work in progress” and “wasn’t ready to move forward.” 

Richard Bloom, D, Santa Monica, arranged for a hearing of AB 2140 after angry reaction at Sea World following the release of the documentary “Blackfish.” The movie claims to reveal abuse of Orcas in Sea World’s care and unsafe working conditions for trainers. Sea World has set up a website to defend itself against what it says are the movie’s untruths here. 

Committee members and witnesses used the hearing to laud or harangue Sea World depending on their points of view.  Davis Democrat, Mariko Yamada, said she’d watched “Blackfish” twice and observed  none of the movie’s criticisms of Sea World had actually happened in San Diego under current California law.

Surfer and Huntington Beach Republican Travis Allen claimed Sea World, the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park  helped him appreciate wild life and that “helped me want to take care of animals.” 

Former union boss turned San Diego legislator, Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez, discounted Sea World’s threats to leave town if the bill passed and, channeling her inner Occupy,  gave a speech about Sea World failing to pay its employees a “living wage” and pointed out its ownership by “a Wall Street private equity firm.” 

The muffled cheers of protesters could be heard outside the hearing room when LA area Assemblyman Anthony Rendon said “if the movie is filled with inaccuracies, it doesn’t matter to me” because he didn’t agree with putting any animals in captivity. 

A witness said the bill was written broadly animal rights activists could pummel Sea World with “an unending trail of litigation.”

Questions about specific language, ocean pens for the Orcas and safety issues apparently will be addressed in the interim study. Just who’s doing the studying isn’t known at the moment. 


Democrat Bob Filner Unchained

Notorious former San Diego mayor freed from house arrest after three months fILNER grope

Bob Filner is once again unchained. On Sunday, the Democrat former mayor and congressman was allowed to remove the tracking device from his ankle and venture beyond the walls of his downtown San Diego condo. He was ‘lojacked’ for three months while under house arrest. 

Filner pleaded guilty to sexually harassing,  battering and falsely imprisoning women. His “Filner headlock” became a running national joke. Twenty women came forward to accuse him of groping, licking or headlocking them in meetings after he became mayor. One attack occurred at a “Meet the Mayor” event.  Accusers include his communications director, city hall employees and members of the public.

The former mayor will remain on probation for three years. If he stays out of trouble, his felony battery conviction for headlocking a woman at a fundraiser will be reduced to a misdemeanor.








In addition to the home confinement Filner will have to serve three years of probation. At the end of that time, if he has complied with all the probation conditions, he will be allowed to have the felony false imprisonment sentence reduced to a misdemeanor and eventually expunged under the terms of the plea bargain.


Inspection?! Flak jacketed, gun drawing San Diego Police raid strip club to “check permits”

If this is a routine vice inspection, I tremble to see a SWAT action.

Who thought this was a good idea? Last Thursday night ten officers with the San Diego Police Department vice squad burst into a San Diego area strip club, shut down the place, and then lined up Destiny, Amber and the rest of their stripping sisterhood to take their pictures and “check their permits.”

“They asked us for our licenses and then took down our Social Security and had us line up in the back of the dressing rooms and take pictures,” said stripper Katelynn Delorie.

Why? Even the Cheetah Club manager was in the dark.

“I didn’t know if it was a bank robbery or serial killer on the loose the way they had come in like that,” said manager Rich Buonantony.

The police issued this statement (via UPI),

San Diego police Lt. Kevin Mayer released the following statement about the incident:

“One of the many responsibilities of the San Diego Police Department’s Vice Unit is to conduct random inspections of strip clubs to ensure dancers are complying with the law and that they have an entertainers permit. In most cases, Vice Unit detectives do not require or request clubs to shut down. Photographs of the entertainers permit and the person in possession of it are taken for investigative purposes.” [emphasis mine]

It was an INSPECTION?! From the Washington Post 

So this was a regulatory operation. But instead of sending a few bureaucrats to do the paperwork, the city of San Diego thought it appropriate to send a team of gun-toting cops to raid the place (similar to recent masked, militarized SWAT raids on massage parlors). Remember, according to the report, there was no suspicion of criminal activity here. This was a routine inspection. 

WaPo even takes a swipe at local TV station 10News for protecting the cops’ identities (see the story below),

It’s also puzzling why the TV station felt obligated to protect the identities of the police officers. If this was truly just a regulatory inspection, the cops wouldn’t be undercover officers. So what’s the point? This seems to be to be a pretty questionable use of that sort of force. The TV station obviously believes there’s at least an argument to be made that it was, or they wouldn’t have aired the story. TV stations air the names and photos of people suspected of crimes all the time. Yet police officers are public servants, who are authorized to carry guns, forcibly detain, and in some cases kill. There’s a strong argument that journalists should make every effort to expose the identities of officers who use force in questionable ways, not go out of their way to obscure them.

 Hear, hear. 

I don’t like strip clubs. I think they’re gross and attract a bad element. If there’s a reason the cops thought it was fine to raid the strip club and had a warrant, fine. But there was nothing of the sort alluded to. The Lieutenant said it was “an inspection” and later said it was “for investgative purposes.” Which is it? Is there an investigation or not?

Do cops the county health department raid businesses and take pictures of law abiding waiters to make sure they have their food handlers cards? Is this behavior NORMAL?

Bernie Giusto and I have been commenting on KOGO Radio and on this blog about the San Diego Police Department and its wayward ways here and here. Even with a new chief in place, here we go again.



San Diego Councilman, Todd Gloria: It’s illegal even if there’s no law

It’s illegal even if there’s no law against it.

City Council President, Todd Gloria
City Council President, Todd Gloria

San Diego City Council President–and former interim mayor–Todd Gloria is giving wonderful insight into the mind of a progressive public servant.

In a recent story about the ongoing conflict between the city and food trucks, the Union Tribune reported,

“Council President Todd Gloria, taking offense at some of the public comments criticizing the regulations as discriminatory, pointed out that food trucks are in fact currently operating unlawfully because of the absence of regulations.”

While an incredibly talented politico, Todd Gloria needs to read his constitution. Even folks commenting on the newspaper site picked up on the council president’s flawed logic. Here’s one example:

Erik D. Hanson ·  Top Commenter · San Diego, California
If Todd Gloria thinks something is illegal because there is no law permitting it, then he has no business being in the lawmaking business. I hope he was misquoted.

Correctomundo, Erik. You’re right and the council president has it all wrong.

The left’s most reviled amendment to the Constitution still in use–the 10th Amendment–is instructive on this issue,

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

Simply put, if there ain’t no law, there ain’t no breaking the law. 

I will go further by saying this is a fundamental misconception about a citizen’s relationship withlollipops his government. All rights reside with the individual by virtue of natural law and constitutional law. The constitution is a document that limits the power OF THE GOVERNMENT not the people. The center of the government is the individual. This makes the United States unique among all governments world wide. It’s the reason we call America “exceptional.” 

The left would love to scoop up all individual rights, privileges and responsibilities and dole them out like candy on Halloween. 

If there’s no law, there’s no candy. 


It’s about more than ‘bad apples’ at San Diego PD

Ed’s note: This piece has been edited to include the announced new police chief.

Every company hires a few bad apples. What’s the big deal? It’s only a few cops at San Diego PD.

I’ve heard variations of the above comments since the latest San Diego Police officer sex scandal broke into the open in the last couple of weeks. I love the cops too, but hiring cops and hiring janitors or secretaries or managers don’t equate, not even a little bit. 

Can a janitor detain you, cuff you, arrest you, intimidate you under color of authority? Can a snide comment to a secretary get you thrown in the back of a police cruiser? Can a manager light you up and pull you over to get a phone number from you? Once you get dragged to jail, who will believe you when you say the cops roughed you up because you merely verbally protested being deprived of your liberty? When a cop shows up at your door and wants you to ‘talk’ while sporting his 9mm or .38, does it feel like there’s even a choice?

These are no small things. Cops can take your liberty from you. They can lie about why they arrested, ticketed or detained you and get away with it because the court considers them expert witnesses. And you? You’re at their mercy.

Let me repeat: Your very liberty is at stake so you’d better be sure that San Diego is running a clean outfit.

I support the cops. Always have. To a fault, even. We need law enforcement. That’s why we can’t afford bad cops. We’re dependent upon the ethical, legal and constitutional treatment by cops toward us and we should not tolerate a culture that fosters bad ones. The time has come for San Diego Police to do some house cleaning. That’s why it’s a good idea Chief Bill Lansdowne is leaving and why I called for his resignation, albeit reluctantly, last week on the radio. I’m not sure new Mayor Kevin Faulconer should be done with his purge.

I’ve heard the myth that there are alternately “only two sex scandals” or “no scandals” at the cop shop. Codswallop.

The following list of incidents is from just four recent stories about the cop shop (here, here, here and here). To wit,

2009-2011 Anthony Arevalos, in prison for sex crimes against women he pulled over on traffic stops.

2011 “At least nine officers were investigated for criminal conduct in the first half of 2011, allegations that ranged from off-duty domestic violence and DUI to on-duty rape of a prostitute.”

2011 “Police announced charging one of their own with kidnapping and raping a 34-year-old woman while on duty. The officer, Daniel Dana, 26, is no longer employed by the department and was the 10th officer accused of serious or criminal misconduct in recent months.”

2011 Posters mocking drugging women to get sex and soft core porn posters in the cubicle of a SEX CRIMES DETECTIVE.

Photo by 10News
Photo by 10News

2012, “[T]raffic Sgt. Kevin Friedman, who was [Anthony] Arevalos’ supervisor, resigned after pleading no contest to destroying the traffic citation of a prosecutor friend.

2013  Chris Hays, accused of groping women he pulled over.

Various acts of apparent nepotism occurred, including hiring a son in law, helping the son of a captain get out of a scrape, helping a fellow cop get out of a DUI.

I’m sensing a pattern here.

As I discussed on the air last week, in 2003, the then new Chief Lansdowne ended a police corruption unit that was proactive in nature. They tried to see if cops would fall for bait and turn bad. While I understand this was a real morale buster, it appears it was needed.  According to the latest stats from the UT, “Department records show internal investigations have increased, from 103 in 2011 to 169 last year.” I’ll bet they’re missing some.

I hear folks saying there are plenty of good candidates to replace Chief Lansdowne among the top brass. Citizens should demand a full personnel airing to determine they’re not part of the problem. The new mayor has circumvented a long search and named 31 year veteran, Assistant Chief Shelley Zimmerman, to the post.

The person directly responsible for that anti corruption unit was Executive Assistant Chief David Ramirez. It sounds like we could use him and the anti corruption outfit right about now. 

Being a cop is an insular business. As my friend Steven Russelle, a retired Portland cop wrote (before the Chief resigned),

[S]urprises like these bad cops do crop up from time to time. All of  the ordinary influences are at work on cops as they are on everyone else. Additionally, cops often stick together too tight and head down risky paths (say, by drinking and partying hard after work), or they stick together too loosely off work and one lonely guy gets in the grease because behind his loneliness is a screwy personality problem ( girls and how to find them, maybe). Sticking together is the key phrase in each.

The cops are together through thick and thin at work and forgive quite a lot of  odd behavior, because each recognizes himself in the emotions he perceives by projection in the other. But cops are very very good at sensing wrong signals. The skill is life and death to them. I have seen bad signals in cops hundreds of times. Noticing something once or twice in a guy who deals with what cops do, is nothing noteworthy. Bad signs could probably be attributed of every one of us. But a pattern is different. In my experience, in the past 25 years or so, patterns of boozing are handled fairly well and co-workers intervene to help. Other patterns often come to the Department’s attention when cops are actually caught with whores or watching kids or when someone calls in the information for instance cops themselves catching cops breaking the law, and citizens (often suspects) reporting stolen dope or money and things like that.

The Chief, if he’s been around a while, should be fired because he’s part of the problem if there IS one.


Good advice.

Filner victim gets her day made in San Diego

Peggy Shannon on the day Bob Filner resigned. Photo by Victoria Taft
Peggy Shannon on the day Bob Filner resigned. Photo by Victoria Taft

Peggy Shannon didn’t want the money. She wanted a little respect, something that she hadn’t gotten from former Mayor Bob Filner. So today, the San Diego City Hall worker will receive a formal apology and proclamation that today is Peggy Shannon Day.

Shannon is one of a of women smooched, groped, licked, head-locked and harassed by the now former mayor. By the time the women extract their pounds of flesh, it will be into the millions of dollars.

The great grandmother is an anomaly. She just wanted a little dignity. The deal was worked out with the City Attorney and Shannon’s attorney, Gloria Allred, according to 10News,

“All of the parties agreed with Ms. Shannon that this was the way to resolve her claim,” said City Attorney Jan Goldsmith. “Receiving an apology is important to Peggy Shannon, and honoring her allows us to express our respect for her and her courage.”

If Peggy Shannon thinks this will give her back some dignity, so be it. She was a victim. The MAYOR was undignified. If it were me, I’d rather have a check and an apology and have the city save its party for a hero.

I’ve heard that Filner paid attention to Shannon because he felt sorry for her. He thought his unwanted sexual advances would buck up her outlook. That Filner thought his disgusting behavior could boost Shannon’s ego explains what a sick letch he is. Ick. 

Here’s part of the statement by Shannon’s attorney, Gloria Allred,

San Diego Mayor Filner and Sex Harassment Scandal

         Peggy Shannon, a senior citizen, who is a great-grandmother, who works at the Senior Citizens Service Desk in San Diego City Hall and who was the victim of sexual harassment by former San Diego Mayor Bob Filner will receive an apology today from the San Diego City Council. Today has also been proclaimed Peggy Shannon Day in San Diego.

         The great-grandmother alleged that she was the victim of continuous inappropriate sexual advances by the Mayor while trying to do her job at City Hall. For example, Ms. Shannon alleged that the Mayor hugged and kissed her on the lips without her permission. 

Home Bible Studies "Violate Land Use Laws."

San Diego County is taking the unprecedented step in shutting down a Pastor’s Home Bible Study group or force them to apply for a ‘major use permit,’ potentially costing upwards of tens of thousands of dollars.

If they continue holding Home Bible Studies in their home, they face “escalating fines.”

The “unlawful use of land” charge stems from questions asked of the Pastor and his wife by county officials of, “Do you have a regular meeting in your home,” “Do you say amen,” “Do you pray,” and “Do you say praise the Lord?” All were answered “Yes.”

Gatherings of 10 to 15 people in a private home for non-religious groups appear untouched by county officials.

Story here.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

Updates from the Western Center for Law and Policy

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