Rove v Kristol: American Crossroads Group Goes After Hillary Clinton on Benghazi; Bill Kristol Tells Him to Shut Up

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Bill-Kristol The group American Crossroads, co founded by former Bush Presidential Adviser Karl Rove, is out with an ad (voiced by a local talent, fyi) calling likely 2016 Presidential Democrat Hillary Clinton to account for her abject failure to help our four Americans in Benghazi and then her craven cover up. No wonder she looked and sounded drugged at the reception of the bodies at Andrews Air Force Base.

karl rove thumbing his nose










Following the release of this commercial, Weekly Standard co founder Bill Kristol took to the airwaves to denounce it because, as he put it, (H/T Breitbart),

He said, “There’s no campaign going on. Let’s pull the partisanship back. It’s genuine outrage. There should be bipartisan committees investigating both from Congress. So I wish the Republicans would just be quiet for a while, the groups that are fund-raising, would be quiet on both issues for a while, and find out what really happened.”

Wrong answer, Bill. Everything to this President is partisan and looked at through the prism of politics. So considering the fact that the Obama Administration looked at the Benghazi debacle only in terms of politics, we don’t consider this travesty and loss of American lives as a political issue?  If we don’t stay on offense that puts us on…defense, right? How’s that been working out for us? How’s that been working out for the military? How’s that been working for the country. 

Share with: Everybody. Sharing is caring, ya know.