Roosevelt Graduation Speech Includes Political Message from Oregon’s "Teacher of the Year"

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Roosevelt’s Spanish teacher was an honored speaker at the Portland high school’s graduation celebration. She dotted her brief remarks with no fewer than three references to Si Se Puede, Yes, We Can, a political chant used by President Obama in his 2008 election and one which is used by Latino activists.

In slavish devotion to the President, she mentioned her visit to the White House and waited until the audience started clapping.

The Roosevelt Spanish teacher was given the 2011 Teacher of the Year honor which came with a $5000 prize and visit to the White House. When she was chosen this is what State School Superintendent Susan Castillo said of her,

Teacher of Year Teachers Spanish…and “Equity”

“The Oregon Teacher of the Year is one teacher who stands for many—a teacher who exemplifies the qualities we look for in an outstanding educator, mentor, and leader,” said Superintendent Susan Castillo. “Elena Garcia-Velasco is all of these things and more. She is a passionate and dedicated educator with a deep commitment to equity, closing the academic achievement gap, and helping all of her students achieve at high levels. A leader in her school and district, Elena works tirelessly to help her students learn, grow, and achieve their dreams.”  [emphasis mine]

Thanks to Laughing at Liberals for sitting through some of the worst prose and speechmaking ever, ever. I say that because we have more of the speeches coming up in later posts.

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Share with: Everybody. Sharing is caring, ya know.