Right Couple, Wrong Sperm

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The wife is from the Dominican Republic but surprise surprise! Their baby is black because of a problem at the old invitro clinic!
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5 thoughts on “Right Couple, Wrong Sperm

  1. I just hope the couple remembers there is an innocent child in the middle of all this.

    The article falsely claims they are a “white” couple. The mother is of Dominican descent, she is more African than they state.

    They are a “mixed-race” couple already.

    Still, the little girl should not have to grow up feeling there is something wrong with her over this.

    Other than possible embarrassment for the “white” husband, what are they really out?

  2. Lew,
    I mostly agree with you.
    When I first read this, I was more concerned that the attitude of the parents would harm the child, than anything else.

    However, If the biological father gets involved, it could get messy.

    Suppose you were the biological father, and you learned of the child, wouldn’t it be difficult to know what to do?

  3. So far, Coboble, there seems to be no worry about the biological father appearing. How would he know who he was either?

    From what I read, the sperm came from someone unknown.

    It seems the main thrust of everything is to get money for this, which brings in a whole host of problems for the Mother. Will she be grilled as to whether she had an affair?

    I didn’t care much for where in the article, they say every time they look at the little girl, Jessica, they are reminded of a “mistake.” Then, they claim they love her like their own. HELLO!!!! She is the Mothers “own.”

    They are falsely labeled as a “white couple” as if having a Black child is a pariah of some sort. The Mother clearly is of African descent, from the Dominican Republic.

    Read some of the comments at the article and google for other articles and comments. The majority of people come down on fear the little girl is unwanted, by comments from both the Mother and her husband.

    In the end, if they love the girl as they say, she should be their main concern, not trying to get wealthy. Like I said, other than embarrassment, what are they out?

  4. Ms Taft,
    Of what possible value is this item? I think it does little more than incense racist feelings.

    As far as the “father” getting involved, one of the conditions of being a sperm donor is that the donor relinquishes any “right” to be informed of the use of his sperm to fertilize a woman.

    So what is the purpose of this item?

  5. I don’t think we are dealing with a sperm donor here.
    I think it is the type where it is the husband’s sperm gets put into his own wife’s egg. Therefore there could be a biological father with real rights here.

    If I were the biological father of the child, I would want the kid, and wouldn’t want her being raised in a home which considered her a “mistake”.

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