Rangel: "It’s None of Your *&(!!!%$#% Business!"

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I love those guys over at Hot Air:

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7 thoughts on “Rangel: "It’s None of Your *&(!!!%$#% Business!"

  1. Sounds almost like the disgraced Republican Tom Delay. I am surprised you all over here never wanted any answers out of Delay and his underhanded dealings.

  2. Rangel, confronted with his unethical behavior tells us it is none of our business.

    Delay, confronted with his unethical behavior resigns in disgrace.

    See a distinction?

  3. Abel

    Delay is old news. But then perhaps it’s a Democrat mantra — use other peoples money, not mine. If the Dems had been paying their taxes, the deficit wouldn’t be nearly the size it is today.

    Of course, Rangel, Dashcle, Geithner, Solis, Killefer, were all simply oversights or mistakes and, of course, who can forget those sweetheart Countrywide loan deals of Dodd and Conrad neither of whom “knew” that they were receiving discounted mortgage rates. I am sure both Dodd and Conrad, now heads of their respective Senate Finance Committees, realizing the tax implications of such discounted mortgage rates immediately rushed to pay the IRS all those back taxes?!!

    Obviously, none of the above cared that Obama wanted to raise taxes, since they didn’t make it a practice to pay them anyway!

    And next let’s talk about all those lobbyists that Obama made perfectly CLEAR he would never hire in his administration!!

  4. The Rangel Rule—I hear more people starting to write that on tax returns this year.

    PS: Rangel it’s none of your *************** business.

  5. Ah yes, good old Charlie Rangel. He seems to have a perculiar idea of just what a “PUBLIC SERVANT” is, especially considering how he loves to take party vacations on bail out money.

    Sory, Charlie, but what you do on our dime IS our go*****ed business.

  6. Well Lew..

    Rangel has been in the congress for what.. Almost 30 years?

    I am sure he is a GREAT role model for folks like Abel there..

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