Racist Emails Lands Battlegrounds Deputy Mayors Son In Court

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After the swearing in of Battle Grounds City Council member, Paul Zandamela, a Black man on January 7, 2008, city council members, some members of the city’s administrative staff, and The Reflector received in email.

As you know, there is a n****r on our city council named Paul Zandamela. Our city government must be corrupt to have this p***h monkey as an elected official. According to our year 2000 census, c***s only make up .49% of our population, and I know I would never vote for one of those s****s. I don’t see how a person who is different from 99.51% of our population can properly make decisions for us.


N****r Hater

The sender identified himself as “Battleground Anonymous.”

After a second racially charged email was received, investigations by the Battle Ground P.D. and Clark County Sheriffs Department traced the emails to Christopher Reinhold, the 18 year-old son of Battle Grounds Deputy Mayor, Alex Rheinhold.

Appearing in Clark County Court yesterday, Rheinholds attorney claimed, “the language was at best, disgusting,” but said his client never made any threats.
“It’s a First Amendment issue,” Jon McMullen said.

Rheinhold is on supervised release, cannot access computers and has been ordered to not contact members of the City Council, other then his father.

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3 thoughts on “Racist Emails Lands Battlegrounds Deputy Mayors Son In Court

  1. I am glad you posted this, Lew. This whack job kid needs to be punished in some way. Clearly this reflects badly on the dad.
    I’m very sorry that poor man was sent those racist emails. There’s no excuse. Period.

  2. I don’t know the family or political affiliation of the Dad, but this could end his political career, even though the son is solely responsible for his conduct.

    The City Council member it was directed at deserved much better.

    I’m curious how the first amendment defense will play out and if it could effect hate speech laws elsewhere.

  3. The problem with punishing the kid, is that he may really be innocent of breaking any law.
    It is one’s right to have those views, and express them.

    There is more here than we know.
    If additional messages can be perceived as threats then they have a case.
    But based on what was posted, I don’t see a violation of the law.

    I do wonder where the kid picked up these views.
    Parents? I don’t know that for certain.
    But most often, those who have such views, do NOT have parents who discourage them.
    Often parents do not even realize what views they are passing onto their children.
    Sarcastic remarks made here and there, in the home, while viewing television.

    I was taught to not trust Republicans, and to think that they must be stupid to believe that way. This was based on the conversations I head my parents having, and not anything they directly told me.
    My Grandparents were certain that they raised my Dad with good values, and that Reed College ruined him.

    I sometimes wonder where our views really come from.

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