Planned Parenthood’s Unabashed Racism

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Planned Parenthood of Idaho officials apologized Wednesday for what they called an employee’s “serious mistake” in encouraging a donation aimed at aborting black babies.
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Here’s Family Research Council’s take on the scandal:

“Students at UCLA are so infuriated by the investigation that they are petitioning the university to cut all affiliation with Planned Parenthood. What few people realize is that the organization has a history of racism that has been ingrained since Planned parenthood’s earlier days, when found Margaret Sanger advocated negative eugenics and spoke to a woman’s branch of the KKK (Margaret Sanger, An Autobiography, 1938, p. 336-367).”

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7 thoughts on “Planned Parenthood’s Unabashed Racism

  1. Interesting. I knew that they were helping to save the planet, one person at a time. The targeting by race is something I’d missed. Their “mission” has always seemed pretty twisted.

  2. Again, and this happens ALL THE TIME here on Victoria’s slice of the web, ONE PERSON is being used to generalize an entire organization (be it a political party, etc.).

    The one unthinking, bone-headed, completely wrong employee who did this is to blame, not the company.

    Would it be fair to say that all Republicans are likely closet homosexuals and perverts, because Larry Craig seems to be one?

    No, it wouldn’t. Same thing for Planned Parenthood.

    I can understand if you don’t like what they do if you’re against abortion rights; that’s fine. But to say the entire organization is racist because of one guy?

    That’s a completely unfair generalization.

  3. The organization does have a history of Racism, but to apply that to the current people might be stretch.
    I don’t know.
    But I do know that it is a fortune 500 company that makes huge profits off of abortion, therefore has a self motivation for encouraging them.

    But the organization also plays a major roll in getting birth control distributed. And I am a strong advocate of birth control, and the free distribution of birth control in severely populated areas of the world.

  4. the one bone headed employee was probably trained to take any penny that came in and, hey, if a woman could kill her baby, who cares, right? No harm, no foul.

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