Pete the Banker: Obama Shoots Down Blue Angels and Other Sequestration Stories

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I am tired of Congreobama skeet shootingss being blamed in the Press for every Washington, DC transgression. I’ve heard nothing but blame cast at Congress for the alleged disaster awaiting us on the upcoming sequestration cuts, especially those directly impacting Portland’s Rose Festival like the pending elimination of the US Fleet visit and Blue Angels air show. 



Earlier even NPR had to admit that sequestration was Obama Administration’s band aid approach toward getting through the debt ceiling impasse a year and a half ago, although it was disclosed several paragraphs into the article. 

It is true that sequestration was the Obama administration’s idea. White House officials proposed it as part of the agreement that resolved the 2011 debt ceiling fight. It was meant to act as a spur to make a bipartisan supercommittee reach an agreement on a package of spending cuts and tax increases that would reduce the national debt over time.” 

God knows, Obama can’t employ a legitimate long term solution to more reasoned spending like getting a budget through Congress!

 And it isn’t only up to Congress to resolve the sequestration problem.  The Administration can propose many other alternatives to reduce spending.  I for one would propose that the Administration could easily save Billions of waste by eliminating the Department of Energy or at very least all those fantasy green energy subsidies directed at foreign companies! 

Share with: Everybody. Sharing is caring, ya know.