PDX Illegal Alien Day Labor Center: No Permits Required *Update

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Mayor Moonbeam and the Rainbow City Council today are considering exempting (UPDATE* HAVE EXEMPTED) the illegal Day Labor Center from city permits. According to a WW editorial here

The waiver is needed because plans for the center are “unable to meet zoning-related standards,” according to a memo dated April 30 from Bureau of Development Services Director Paul Scarlett.
The council will also waive a city design-review process that usually takes two or three months, and rarely favors trailers (see “Mary’s Place,” WW, Nov. 7, 2007). The waivers are “temporary,” but that’s a flexible word. They won’t expire until 2013, at the end of VOZ’s lease with the PDC.
…Commissioner Randy Leonard, who oversees the Bureau of Development Services, sponsored the April 30 ordinance.. For example, the bureau waived hundreds of dollars in permit fees for VOZ.

Contact the Rainbow City Council
Contact the Mayor here.
Contact Sam Adams here.
Contact Randy Leonard here.
Contact Dan Salztman here.

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Share with: Everybody. Sharing is caring, ya know.

3 thoughts on “PDX Illegal Alien Day Labor Center: No Permits Required *Update

  1. Permits, we dont need no stinking permit ! AFTER ALL WE ARE THE CITY OF PORTLAND KINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The people we help here don’t need papers so why should we need papers!

  2. Tommy and the Toadies passing permit waivers in order to get on with building the illegal “day labor center”. There are so many illegal things going on the Portland City Hall, that one has to wonder where the authorities are in all this; namely, Portland City Police, the people ath the offices that issue building permits, ICE, the FBI, etc.

    And if Tram Sam, he of the Span Scam, gets elected mayior, there will be a lot more of the same idiotic things coming to Portland. I would not be at all surprised if Sam, if he is elected mayor, were to have the Portlandia sculpture removed and a statue of himself put in its place.

    Of course, if that were to happen Ol’ Randy Leonard would get all petulant and pouty if he didn’t get his own statue.

  3. On Thursday, May 1, an Immigration Rights Rally will be held on the steps of the Capitol Building with an overflow of participants expected on the Capitol Mall Plaza. Please read the important information below and plan ahead for disruptions to your work day.

    Rally starts at 12:00 p.m. and ends at approximately 3:30 p.m.
    Up to 10,000 attendees are expected. Following several speakers on the Capitol steps, an organized march will be conducted on the sidewalk around the Capitol Mall and Willamette University. Security staff, wearing yellow shirts, will be onsite before street closures.

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