Parody Bill in Oregon State Legislature Calls for Knife Registry

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H/T Laughing at Liberals for calling my attention to this one.

State Senator Brian Boquist has submitted a parody bill in the Oregon State Legislature to call attention to the absurdity of singling out guns for registry. So he has offered a bill to register knives. 

Considering there are myriad ways to hurt someone, singling out guns is an absurd and irrational response to the possibility of violence.

Here’s hoping that our friends from Buck Knives won’t be put out of business because some irrational and hysterical lawmaker thinks this is a good idea. buck-knife

Boquist, who holds an MBA from Oregon State University, is  a Bronze Star Medal recipient and a Lieutenant Colonel in Special Ops in the US Army Reserve. He runs a charter air business and is a Defense Department Contractor.  He’s also nobody’s fool. Hooah.

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Share with: Everybody. Sharing is caring, ya know.