Oregon’s Accidental Senator Merkley Urges Taxmageddon on Americans

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Do you know what I think is so galling? First that the “Bush tax cuts” (thanks, President Bush!) were ever allowed to be considered temporary, and, second, that the Democrats somehow think they’re entitled to OUR money–as if the government lay first claim to the fruits of our labor!
The latest installment comes from the Accidental Senator, Jeff Merkley, who is urging the Dems to let the Bush tax cuts lapse.
Money quote (if there is such a thing from him):

“I’m encouraging my team to realize we have lots of leverage on this,” he explained. “This is not a situation where you go to the table and you’re desperate to get a deal. Republicans are concerned about the [automatic] defense cuts. I personally feel that there’s probably a fair amount of defense cuts that are absolutely needed. 

If the Republicans don’t make hay out of this faux pas …

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Share with: Everybody. Sharing is caring, ya know.