Oregon Secretary of State: ‘Voter Registration Shouldn’t be Barrier to Voting.’

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 kate brownThink about these words from Oregon Secretary of State Kate Brown,

“I do not think that voter registration should be a barrier to participation in voting,”

The leftist Secretary of State is now trying to convince Oregonians that the mere act of having to REGISTER TO VOTE is an impediment to actual voting. It’s an impediment to exercising your franchise, they would have you believe. Brown is calling on the legislature to allow Oregonians to register to vote using their driver‘s licenses–you know, the same driver’s licenses her comrades on the left would like to issue to illegal aliens. 

Let’s unpack this for a moment. It sounds like a laudable goal to register all eligible Oregonians to vote, doesn’t it? WHO could possibly be against it? Well I am for one. If you don’t care enough to go online and register to vote–an act that may take all of two minutes, then you don’t deserve to vote. You shouldn’t be allowed near a ballot. 

The left so dkate brown daily kosevoutly wants ballots in the hands of all eligible voters using any means necessary because, they simultaneously claim, the right to vote is sacrosanct. If it’s so special–a near act of religiosity, then why make it easier? Why not make it harder and more special? Why not make it a literal act of faith like showing up in a voter’s booth for instance, instead of  receiving a ballot in the mail, which only cheapens the process? 

But that wouldn’t help Democrats would it? 

In his post, Oregonian reporter Jeff Mapes reports, 

Michael McDonald, a political scientist at George Mason University in Virginia, said Canada created a similar system in the 1990s that produced near-universal registration. Still, actual voter turnout in that country continued to slide, he said, demonstrating that higher registration didn’t counter a trend toward lower turnout.

But Brown’s leftist grab for power must be cast as a special-ness or preciousness. 

“it will be an interesting experiment in Oregon,” said McDonald. “In some ways, we’re in unique territory here.”

Yes, uniquely partisan and uniquely fraud inviting. 



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  1. Not only should we each show up at a polling place on one specified day, but I would be proud to have a finger dyed to indicate that I voted once.

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