Oregon Democrats: Raises for State (Political) Employees

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E Board to decide on $100 million

The money would go toward pay and benefit increases

In the latest quid pro quo to union members who only reluctantly backed Kulo the Guv’s second term, the democrats controlling the “E” board voted to give Oregon’s newest employees big raises.

Apparently, there’s no financial constraints if you’re a democrat guv who owes political favors to the democrat controlled unions.

Consolidation accomplished.
R’s responded today:

“The absolute wrong time to increase the cost of Oregon government is while Oregon families are seeing the cost of food, fuel and housing spiral out of control, with jobs more difficult to find each week,” said Senator Doug Whitsett ( R-Klamath Falls ). “We should be saving and finding ways to cut expenses. If legislative leaders think an economic slowdown is the appropriate time to hand out pay increases, they should find a way to pay for it by cutting waste in existing budgets, not spending down the state’s savings account.”

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9 thoughts on “Oregon Democrats: Raises for State (Political) Employees

  1. A great way for the legislative leaders to reduce government spending would be for them to cut their own pay to zero dollars. That way they would be paid what they are worth.

  2. I think a better argument, against a pay raise, for state workers, would be a comparison of their salary and benefits to those who pay the taxes.

    I have been conducting my own job search recently (due to my employer requiring I move to Texas to keep my job).
    Jobs in the public sector, that I have come across, pay significantly lower than the private sector.

    So the next time you do not feel like public employees are of the level of competence you expect; remember, we get what we pay for.

  3. Sure, it’s fun and easy to pick on state workers, but as far as I can tell they are only getting ~3%/yr pay increases.

    Just as in the corporate world, government has to pay for quality people. (And yes, they hire the best they can, and not just anybody off the street. No, their job selection process is not perfect.)

    So many Republicans say they want to treat government like a business. (Which it isn’t, but anyway.) That entails hiring the best people possible, and that means paying them a competitive wage. Corporations are under the exact same pressure, and some of them are not even meeting it as well.

  4. That said, I do think it’s time that state workers started to pay for part of their health care expenses, as is happening all over the rest of the economy, instead of having 100% of their health expanses paid for by government-funded insurance.


  5. “That said, I do think it’s time that state workers started to pay for part of their health care expenses, as is happening all over the rest of the economy, instead of having 100% of their health expanses paid for by government-funded insurance.”

    Can you show me that beyond a doubt that the State worker gets 100% of health benefits free and clear?

    Heck David, I am a Federal worker and I pay monthly fee for my healthcare plan and a military retiree who also pays a premium monthly for that plan too.

    I just can not beleive they get a health care plan like Active Duty Military gets.. not in this day and age.

  6. kitanis — believe it!
    Most state employees in Oregon do not pay anything toward their health insurance premiums and have no deductible.
    Recently, I proposed a plan that would require state employees to begin to pay toward their health insurance premiums.

    Health Access Oregon Calls for ‘Fair Share’ Contribution from State Employees

    SALEM– Rep. Ron Maurer ( R-Grants Pass ) today announced Health Access Oregon, his plan to expand health and dental care access to uninsured Oregonians and those without adequate primary care and preventative services. Health Access Oregon will be introduced during the 2009 regular session.

    “ Oregon needs to focus its limited healthcare resources where they are going to do the most good for the most people, and this means widening portals of entry to primary care and preventive services,” Rep. Maurer said. “A major component of health reform is changing our health delivery system. School based health clinics and community health centers are a great place to start.”

    Resources to fund Health Access Oregon will come from a new “fair share” requirement that will be applied to many of the 46,000 public employees who receive health and dental benefits from the Public Employees Benefits Board (PEBB).

    State employees, who have not contributed to the cost of their health and dental insurance, would be required to contribute from 13 percent to 15 percent of their insurance premium cost by 2012. “This is about insurance parity. As a state employee, I must face the reality that the taxpayer cannot continue to pay for everything. I must begin to shoulder some of the burden of my insurance premiums,” Rep. Maurer said.

    Most public employees across the United States contribute to their health insurance premiums. Teachers in Oregon pay an average of 12 percent of their health premium, while federal employees contribute 25 percent to 45 percent of the costs of their health insurance premium.

    Only two states, Oregon and North Dakota , do not require their state employees to contribute to their insurance premiums. But, North Dakota has an annual deductible of up to $1200 while Oregon ’s state employees deductible is $0. In 2006, the average state employee across America contributed 19.2 percent to their health insurance premium.

  7. Interesting Rep Maurer

    Guess this proves you learn something new everyday. I apologize there David.. I did not know this factoid about our State employees.

    After I took a look at the on-line brochure.. I am amazaed on how that plan is setup and structured..

    Hopefully this gets changed through your bill representative Maurer.

    I had to pay $64 for a office visit for a problem yesterday beyond my co-pay under TRICARE becuase Tri-West considered my problem to be “minor”, the doctor thought the insurance agency is crazy because the procedure should have been covered under the explanation of benefits. So even if you have health benefits.. it dose not always cover what may ale you…

  8. What —- Raises for State Political Democrat Employees”
    Lets just Lower every ones tax’s
    and Fire there _ _ _ _ _ _. The Private Sector can easily do what these Misfits do, and Cheaper and Better. Help
    relocate these over payed misfits into a Private Sector Job such as working for Wal-Mart or I hear
    BILL SIZEMORE is Hiring. Bill would treat all of these over payed Bureaucratic Misfits VERYYYYY WELLLLLL.

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