OrBamaCare mess makes Cover Oregon director sick; takes medical leave

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Rocky King leaves today after disastrous roll out of OrBamaCare.

OrBamaCare chief Rocky King
Rocky in the middle.

The governor’s office made the announcement about King yesterday, but the governor could not comment on camera, citing a case of the sniffles. 

The Cover Oregon Board said it would begin looking for an interim executive director during King’s leave of absence. Bruce Goldberg, M.D. will serve as director until the position can be filled, the state said.

OrBamaCare website
The website that made Rocky King sick.

King’s leave is for three months. But the state is looking for a new “interim” director. 


I’ll give credit here to the Citizen Journalists who haven’t let Rocky and his boss, Governor John Kitzhaber, skate on the tough questions. “Laughing at Liberals” and “Daylight Disinfectant” followed the governor to ask him questions about the disastrous roll out of OrBamaCare. The governor responded by siccing the police on them. It turns out they were making the boss look bad which may have precipitated today’s move. See their stories and other coverage here:










Share with: Everybody. Sharing is caring, ya know.