Occupy U: Portland State University’s Occupy Classes Go Toward Degree

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grant booth: http://psuvanguard.com/news/whats-next-for-occupy-psu/
They marched through downtown shouting cries of “Schools for students, not for profits,” and “Whose school? Our school.”
“Every movement has its lulls and spikes; we’re in a lull,” said Grant Booth, a math major, writer for the Rearguard and active member of the student International Socialist Organization.
Despite the current lull in participation, Occupy PSU is turning its collective head toward the problem of rising student debt.
Both the Feb. 21 and March 1 events will focus around a core tenet of Occupy PSU: bail out students, not banks.
What continues to drive the Occupy PSU movement is the increasing pressure on students and escalating costs of getting a college degree. “People are very pissed off. Education is essential to having an even halfway-decent life, and yet they can be in debt their whole life pursing that,” said Rhett Mutchler, communication major and editor-in-chief at the Rearguard.

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