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23 thoughts on “Obamunism

  1. Obamunism
    The high-tax, big government, economic growth-killing, centrally planned economic regime favored by Barack Hussein Obama; essentially the same as Communism and Socialism.

    Barack Husseing Obama, inflicting Obamunism on the US, will raise taxes on capital gains, dividends, social security, medicare and ordinary income, which will destroy incentives to work, save and invest. This will result in less economic growth, less job growth, and as a consequence, less overall tax revenue.

  2. Sad to see the Bama travel to Europe to basically tell them how rotten a country we have been, before he came along.

    After all America has done for Europe especially, we need not apologize to them for being America.

    He says America is “changing.” The world will rue those changes as they see a world dominated by a cheap copy of the failed systems of the past.

  3. Obamaism? I like it. I will like it so much better when we get off our dependence of oil and the combustion engine. I am looking forward to Healthcare for ALL legislation to be passed. The President’s Budget is looking good. I think the PM called it the NWO. It is looking good and long over due.

  4. No, dis-abel, OBAMUNISM, not OBAMAISM.

    Good luck getting away from the internal combustion engine, unless you wish to walk or ride a bicycle everywhere.

    Hope you have to travel across country on your bike soon and see how much you miss those internal combustion engines.

    Want off foreign oil? DRILL OUR OWN!!!!!!

    Healthcare for all? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

    You have no idea how expensive it will become once it is “FREE.”

    At least an emergency room visit will get you in faster, maybe 6 weeks instead of 6 months.

    You don’t know how good you already have it, son. Once gone, your liberties will stay gone.

    I intend to fight to keep mine.

  5. Iago.

    Bush is no longer President..Your boogey man did have some problems.. but not as serious as you put it.

    Dispite promises by Obama during the campaign… The US deficit spending is now larger than anything that George Bush ever imagined. and that is LESS than a year into the Presidency.

    Obama is the President. its time for him to stand on his own. You keep saying things about Bush and IGNORE what Obama is doing.

  6. LOl, mini-whoever you are today, you’re still cute, like a little bug.

    Hey, did you catch homey in Europe? Bruni kissed Michelle, but shook his hand, NATO flipped him off, he held a Town Hall in France and didn’t take a single question from a French citizen and the far left leaning UK Guardian lambasted his Uhmming and ahhing through a simple question his teleprompter wasn’t set up to handle.

    The question that flummoxed the great orator

    Sort of makes that iPod and 25 DVD’s look good, doesn’t it?

    So, you go ahead and be a proud Obamunist and lets all see what he screws up next.

    Boy, he makes George W. Bush look better all the time.

  7. Yanno, Abel, I’m starting to get the feeling that you mainly comment here so you can poke Lew in the eye with a stick to see how he’ll react.

    That aside, though, we simply are not going to be breaking our oil dependence anytime soon. Fossil fuels are far too efficient for any amount of starry-eyed idealism to banish short totalitarian measures by the government. We exist in a world where science cannot imagine a practical alternative to fossil fuels; the time has come to accept it and find ways to improve within the system instead of wasting vast amounts of money and resources chasing green pipe dreams. You can run a lawnmower on hydrogen and a bus on vegetable oil but neither one of those even touches what fossil fuels can presently accomplish.

    As for the president’s budget, I’m sure that comment was designed to be an eye-poking comment as opposed to seriousness.

  8. I am looking forward to Healthcare for ALL legislation to be passed.

    Yeah, we will have socialist healthcare. Socialised clinics, offices and hospitals that will smell like urine, feces and filth. Not enough supplies, since it will be allotted out.

    If you think it will remain as it is you are foolishly mistaken.

    Ever walked into a trauma unit at a taxfunded hospital? Gunshot victims being raced past children waiting for an exam. Yeah, it will be like that only worse and nastier. People that enter the medical field are normally nurturing. That will change too. Get a number buddy and get in line.

    This very reason is why other countries now think we have lost our minds. They already know what Socialism is like.

  9. Iago, You have to quit living in the past or you will never be able to function in the real world. George W. is no longer in office. Isn’t it time to stop with the endless put-downs? It is true that Komrade Zero inherited a trillion dollars in debt, but there is nothing said about the Komrade nearly tripling that debt in less than three months in office.

    Somewhat of a double standard here, is there not?

    And Little MiniMe, dedicated Obamunist that you are, just keep on coming out with your utterly inane comments. By doing that, you will keep showing the rest of us that if you actually had a brain, you would have it out playing with it in the cat box like a toy truck.

  10. Yeah, but Europe loves the Obamas. Michelle is a big hit, especially in Great Britian. And the all the wives from the various heads of state are smitten by her. I bet that really steams your beans there Teabagger Lew?

    You know, for the first time in my life with the popularity of Barack and Michelle worldwide and the great job the President is doing here at home, I am finally proud of this country.

    I will be a whole lot prouder once we have Healthcare Reform Legislation passed.

    Have a great weekend! :p

  11. LOL, dis-abel, the Europeans are smitten by the O’s?

    Is that why Sarkozy’s wife wouldn’t give homey the traditional cheek kisses?

    Is that why they won’t give him as much help in Afghanistan as they did Bush?

    Seems I recall from history lessons that Europeans always did love a good traveling minstrel show.

    Does it bother me? No, I too like a good clown act.

  12. Minstrel Show? Sure Teabagger Lew, you aren’t a racist. Thats alright, once Obama bans oil consuming cars, you will be out of a job. Paybacks are hell.

  13. Of course Europe loves Obama, Abel. It always makes them mad when American presidents try to serve the interests of the American people so naturally, they adore any president who fails to do so.

    I’d be proud to see healthcare reform legislation as well, Abel. Any legislation that reforms healthcare out from under the government jackboot can only help us.

  14. iago: If I didn’t know that this was Nobama voter James “SERPENT HEAD” Carville, I would think its you iago or “ME”.

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