Obama’s Car of the Future

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What about this one, then?
h/t Andy from Beaverton

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10 thoughts on “Obama’s Car of the Future

  1. Wonder if GM “Government Motors” will start Mass Producing the BAR STOOL Mobile?

    PS: Wonder if GM Government Motors will make a Hybrid version? I’d hate to smell all that terrible Gasoline while drinking a Cold BEER on that wonderful Bar Stool.

    PPS: You Watch, every College Fraternity in America will have a bar stool mobile soon.
    Hope the guy Patented the idea.

  2. Is that a bar stool and an obsolete combustion engine? That is more appropriate for the repubicants that sit their lives in the bar crying in their cheap beers because their party is a bunch of losers.

  3. Me.

    How can it be cheap beer in this state anymore… your favorite democrats want to tax beer at 1900%.

    How about joining me for a nice MacTarnahans Amber Ale.. brewed here in Portland.. Its really good.. and not expensive until the Democrats get done with it.

  4. Those can’t be from Obama’s Government Motors. They lack airbags, crush zones, low decibel horns, Catalytic Convertors, anti-roll over devices, Tire Pressure Monitors, EGR Valves, EPA mileage estimates and Global Warming Score prominently posted.

    Seriously, once The bama id finished with us, you’ll be lucky to have one of those.

  5. The Motorized Toilet. That is so Repubican being that the whole party is in the toilet. Just give it a flush!

  6. I have a great idea on how we can save the auto industry and lower the price of their cars to us all.

    Since we must have Illegal Immigrants picking our produce to “keep the prices low,” after successful Unionization by Cesar Chavez, why not begin transplanting those Illegals still in the country to Detroit and Flint Michigan and use them to build the cars, “to keep the costs of our cars low?”

    We’ll know where they are, Obama can take taxes directly from them before it is all sent to Mexico or elsewhere and they’ll work for well under current Union Scale, happy to be improving their lives after the squalor they endure in their native land.

    I’m sure we have millions of Illegals who will only be too happy to work for minimum wage, higher than they receive in the fields and not expect or demand all those benefits.

    If it works out, we can export them to Japan and Europe to help their flegling auto industries too.

  7. After the Kommissar gets back from London kissing up to people that don’t like the U.S. (MiniMe, you probably should be there, as well), he will change the name of GM to OM, Obama Motors. And there will be a few alterations on his new version: The GPS systems will be replaced by teleprompters; the turn signals will operate only if they are indicating a left turn; the horn will not honk, but instead will say “Present”; the engine will run on a new formulation of ethanol consisting of bulls**t and supercharged hot air; any financing will not be through ordinary banks but only through OCMAC (Obama Motors Corruption Acceptance Corporation; all credit checks will be done by ACORN; and the insurance will have to be with AIG.

    One more thing, these cars will not be operating and will be in the junk yards by January 20, 2013.

  8. I almost forgot the most important thing: If you by an OM car you will not have to pay income taxes until the warranty runs out on January 20, 2013 or Obama nominates you to his Cabinet, whichever comes first.

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