ObamaCare Killed My Brother in Law

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ObamaCare killed my brother in law, Dr. Philip Henderson, III of Longview. Here’s a letter I wrote to the email set up to tell our ObamaCare stories: obamacare@mail.house.gov. Add yours in the comments of this website if you can.

Dear Congress,

I hope you de-fund and kill ObamaCare. 

ObamaCare killed my brother in law.  

An outrageous thing to say? Listen to this shortened version of this story and see if you don’t agree.

My brother in law, Dr. Philip Henderson, III of Longview, Washington, was a fourth generation doctor in this medium sized logging town in Cowlitz County in Southwest Washington. He was responsible for bringing 6,000 babies into this world. He started programs to help poor women receive prenatal care, helped out at a free clinic he helped start, gave thousands of hours –totaling five years–of his own, unpaid time to cover OB-GYN emergencies at the local hospital AND he volunteered for ten years at both local high schools to give teens “the talk.” He lobbied Senators and Congressional reps in Washington, D.C. in an attempt to slow the debilitating effects of ObamaCare on women’s health care in Washington State. 

He was a community treasure. Loved. Respected. See the stories about his life HERE,HERE, HERE, HEREHERE and there are many others. See the pictures attached.

In the past several months, ObamaCare “winner” and “survivor,” Kaiser, ended its contract with Dr. Henderson’s four partner OB-GYN clinic, Lower Columbia Women’s Clinic, and decided to take over the thousands of patients this local practice had built up over decades. This move was designed to consolidate care necessitated by the constraints of ObamaCare. And this meant that many patients would now have to travel 40 minutes south to

A spontaneous memorial appeared outside of the Lower Columbia Women's Clinic after word spread of Dr. Henderson's death.
A spontaneous memorial appeared outside of the Lower Columbia Women’s Clinic after word spread of Dr. Henderson’s death.

Vancouver, Washington to receive care. My brother-in-law’s practice would lose their patients. More important, their patients would not be able to keep their doctor–a promise made by the President about ObamaCare. 

Stay with me. 

During these difficult negotiations, two of the partners decided to leave to seek greener pastures. They knew it would collapse the clinic, but, undaunted, Dr. Henderson and his remaining partner turned to the local hospitals they served to get a temporary financial life line until they could hire replacements and get the clinic whole again. The hospitals said no. ObamaCare was putting the hospital in a squeeze and they couldn’t afford to help the Doctors who had given thousands of hours of free care to the hospital’s–and City’s–patients. 

Under ObamaCare, you see, only the large survive. Or the people who can exempt themselves, like Congress. Or friends of people writing the bill who give their friends waivers, such as unions and big corporations. 

When local hospitals turned down the financial life line, Dr. Henderson began searching for jobs for his co workers. He made phone calls on their behalf and helped their job hunting efforts. But the clinic his great-grandfather had started generations before would die. 

Finally, when Dr. Henderson began looking for a position for himself, he was turned down. Under his proposal to Kaiser, for instance, Henderson could still see his–and Kaiser’s patients without them having to travel to get care. When he got the call turning him down, he emerged from his office shaking his head and said in a tone of voice his nurse had never heard before, “They don’t want me. No one wants a 63 year old doctor.”

Philip pic by patients2 tdn
Some of Dr. Henderson’s patients and some of the children he’s brought into the world, pose for a memorial photo following his death. The Daily News Photo.

The man who 20 years earlier had fought back and willed himself to walk after a devastating car accident and who worked hard to get back to his practice only to pour himself into his patients and his community, was a beaten man. It’s easy to see that now. It wasn’t in June. 

His wife and daughters surrounded him and began brainstorming ideas on what he could do to finish his career doing what he loved most: medicine. While he’d funded his own retirement and was only a few short years shy of that milestone, he still needed to work. He, like many Americans on their heels by the ongoing recession, had to keep working awhile longer. 

But the irony is when Dr. Henderson was ready to stand on his own feet, build on his own success, use his talent to embark on the last chapter of a spectacular career, it seemed everywhere he turned, ObamaCare was in the way. It was a huge stop sign on the bumpy road he, his clinic and his patients found themselves on. 

And he was heartbroken.

Then on June 7th, one week before his clinic closed, Philip took the Mossberg shotgun he bought to scare off a man who had been stalking a family member, and turned it on himself. 

The hard charging, can-do, lead-from-the-front, master-of-the-universe who fought hammer and tong for his patients, no longer had patients to fight for. 

ObamaCare had defeated him. 

Someone smart once said, “The bigger the government, the smaller the citizen.” 

ObamaCare turned a great man into no man. 

His family is devastated. His patients are sad and confused. 

This horrible economy has caused millions of people to lose hope. They’ve been so dispirited in some cases, that they’ve stopped looking for work or planning for success. They’re just trying to survive. ObamaCare has put another yoke on an already plodding economy. 

Not only is ObamaCare to blame for that, it now comes with a body count. 

For shame.

I hope you kill ObamaCare. It’s bad for liberty. It’s bad for America. 

Victoria Taft  
Broadcaster of the Year 
Twitter: @VictoriaTaft 

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164 thoughts on “ObamaCare Killed My Brother in Law

  1. I am so glad that you shared your heart. I am saddened by so many blind people that do not see what Obama is doing to all of us…. I am so sorry for the loss of your family member and a man that loved and served his community for so many years.. for what? for something that will hurt most of us, and the general public that are either uncaring, unaware, or unsure of what to do? What can we do? I want to help stop it? thank you for sharing…….

    1. Obamacare and Kaiser Permanente did not kill your brother in law your brother in law killed himself he took an easy way out sure times are hard iTs hard to get jobs do you think everybody who gets turned down for a job is going to go out and kill himself deal with what he did accept what he did place the blame where it belongs on the doctor sorry to his family and friends loss but let’s get real here he did what he did he made a choice it’s nobody’s fault but his own. I too have been affected by suicide in my own life and it’s nobody’s fault but the person that takes their own life stop blaming everybody else. I’m sure Kaiser Permanente have guidelines and buDgets they have to follow maybe they did not have in the budget enough to hire another OB that doesn’t mean that you need to say that they pulled the trigger that is wrong shame on you for saying such things Kaiser Permanente has been in this community for years I’ve had Kaiser my whole lifE They have done nothing but provide good quality care to me and my family. I personally think it’s a great idea to keep all of your health care services under one roof you can have everything done it’s a wonderful thing for the Kaiser Permanente Members to have Their own OB  labs xrays mammograms allergy nephrology oncology dermatology counseling and much more you name it they can do it there and that’s good that’s what we members want . I know at first a lot of people coming over from the OB clinic were upset about it but when they moved into the transition it was fine most people do not like change but we as people learn to adjust to change it’s part of our life and we cannot blame other people for the decisions and the choices that we as people choose to make

        1. Stop bashing, you sound like a mean spirited kool aid drinker. Obamacare and Kaiser took away a man’s ability to keep his practice,provide needed services to his patients, and continue working until he could retire.

          1. The State of Washington redirected funds that supported my job for 25 years. It was a challenging life transition that I’ve seen thousands of people in this community make. Good times and hard times are a part of our journey through life.

          2. I agree!!! Obamacare does not even start until 1/14. This man took his own life! He took the cowardly way out!! Obamacare did not have anything to do with this. He probably made poor business decisions and financial decisions. Since he decided to take the easy way out you will never, ever know why he did what he did. I am sorry for your loss, but if he was a good doctor he would have wanted EVERYONE to have some type of healthcare and quality of life.

      1. Holy Horrific Grammar, Batman! How on Earth do you expect ANYONE to take you seriously when you fail to use a SINGLE PERIOD in your entire rambling, cheapshot-taking, diatribe?? Invest in a spellcheck and a 3rd grade education, and people may just take you the least bit seriously. Idiot!

        1. That post from “stop bashing” is obviously a superficial attempt by Kaiser public relations to pretend to be a patient. Sorry, individuals are not going to keep writing out “Kaiser Permanente”. Or discuss budgets & a list of KP services – spelling oncology and nephrology correctly – when they otherwise can’t be bothered to punctuate or create paragraphs. Truly a “sick” post. Karma is a bitch, loser. I’m sorry for the loss of this fine doctor.

      2. I’m glad that your health care works out great for you BUT…..that kind of Supercenter Healthcare doesn’t work for all of us. Our family left that setting years ago for independent doctors. We felt that a lot of unnecessary treatment/test/meds were being prescribed for the purpose of lining each other and the clinics pockets in the Supercenter of medication (large clinic)…..at our families and our insurance expense. We found a family physician(independent) that we loved and trusted. Unfortunately he became so defeated by Obama Care, the extra regulations, the fact that someone from afar would decide his patients treatment instead of he and his patient and other things that he sighted in a letter to all of his patients, that he retired from medicine. Now we have no family doctor. For the past year or so we just don’t go to the family doctor. We get sick…we just get through it. Check ups, (which I am supposed to have since I lost my mother to a very bad form of cancer)…I don’t go for. My dad was diagnosis with a very curable cancer…he went to his doctor….because of Obama Care his treatment was delayed, until after the cancer had spread. Yes Obama Care is leaving some of us in hopeless situations but….we just have to go on. Now we have found out what it will cost us $$$$. Needless to say, we are going to have to make some huge adjustments to pay the addition 50% in premiums for a service that we have not even been using….because there are no doctors that we care to see. However, I am glad that it works for you. That is one story in about 100 that I’ve heard with a good ending. I am also sorry for the loss of the doctor’s life. I’m sure not being able to do what he’s done all of his life left him feeling that there was nothing worth living for. To his family, some of us in America still feel your pain and sorrow for the loss of your family member and what Obama Care is doing to good people. I apologize that some people no longer have the ability to show compassion at such a terrible time. God Bless and comfort your family during these difficult days.

      3. I have made 2 attempts on my own life. The second, I take full blame for. But for the first, not all blame was mine. The girls that bullied me had part in that blame, the guy that purposefully, and knowingly played mind games with me had part in that blame, my mother and sister had a part in that blame too. For you see, if we ALL just tried to be nicer to our fellow Americans, then I wouldn’t have been made to feel like I was a worthless piece of sh*t and wouldn’t have even thought of suicide. And from the sounds of it, ObamaCare, AND Kaiser had some part in that blame of this man taking his life. So, how dare YOU say that the family should just “accept” what their family member did was what he, and he himself, did alone. What a LOT of people do not understand about suicide is that there are certain events that lead up to it that are the deciding factors for someone to take their own lives. You are apparently one of the “Obama sheep” that is simply blinded by Obama and his “shiny objects” that he keeps dangling in the people’s faces so that they won’t see what is really going on. It is people like Victoria Taft, and others, that are trying to show you sheep what is really going on behind the shiny objects.

      4. Brilliant. Yes, he killed himself, and yes, he should have kept fighting. HOWEVER, the point made is quite clear, which you seem to be too dense to see. Obamacare is doing FAR more harm than good, and will continue to be instrumental in ending lives, both directly and indirectly. Amazing how the supporters of Obamacare and other “nanny state” institutions talk so much about compassion, and have NONE.

      5. You’re a freaking moron and it would be nice to see the day when it comes around to bite you and you’re looking for someone to feel your pain or have pity on you. Hopefully they will just give you the gun to shoot yourself. You are one hateful S.O.B.

      6. Sorry, but I watched first hand as my mother (now 81) was scheduled to received several shunts in her heart. While doing the first one, the doctor had to stop because she (mom) had some kind of reaction to something. So, they finished up the first one, and said they’d schedule the rest for later.

        Then, when the time came, just barely a month or so later, when she went to schedule them, they told her they no longer could because of the Obamacare CRAP, her age, and whatever else you might want to imagine. In other words, she was now to old to receive procedures to help her.

        What BS do you call that?

      7. Has anyone else noticed that supporters of Obmacare tend to be illiterate? What do you suppose is the connection?

        1. I’m sorry, it shouldn’t be so funny when there’s so much on the line but I couldn’t stop laughing when I read your post. Yes, I’ve noticed. I’ve been noticing. Nice to see someone else finally say it out loud.

      8. Obviously, you are not 60 yr. old, Stop Bashing, and trying to get a job in the field you’ve given your life to. You will find that the reasons you give don’t hold water in REAL life. I DO wish people like you would have some compassion. A person does not take this drastic step unless they are solely with out any hope. It’s so easy for you to sit back and judge. Please, have a heart.

      9. I pray you will never have the devastation of the government “destroying” a life long career of yours. I have a feeling you are in the education field or a retired public employee, you just don’t sound like someone who has had to truly “build” a business or a practice. As long as the taxes continue to roll in, you will be fine. My sympathy to you.

      10. I pray you will never have the devastation of the government “destroying” a life long career of yours. I have a feeling you are in the education field or a retired public employee, you just don’t sound like someone who has had to truly “build” a business or a practice. As long as the taxes continue to roll in, you will be fine. My sympathy to you.

      11. Dr. Hendersen delivered both my kids. The fact is he is a casualty from Obamacare which may not have kicked in, but everyone is preparing for it, including insurance companies. Obamacare is a bad plan and will only ruin and impoverish. I am sorry for your loss. Yes, he pulled the trigger, but our insensitive, impersonal government is partly responsible. We are all just numbers to our government and our president- if that’s what you want to call that liar in office.

    2. Well said. I, too, am greatly saddened by this. And it wouldn’t have had to be that way at all. My thoughts and prayers to the doctor’s family, friends and patients.

  2. I am so sorry for your loss. Dr. Henderson was a wonderful man. He had a heart for the people of Cowlitz County and wanted to give back to the County he was born and raised in. It is a same that the Country, County, and State He loved so Much, The carrier He Loved so Much. Turned their back on Him when he needed them the most. He gave and gave and gave, they took and took and took. when He asked they didn’t want to give because they are TAKERS!!!!! OBAMACARE IS FOR TAKERS…..not helping people…

  3. We can all help protect this country. I am willing to become a criminal in the eyes of this government; I AM NOT SIGNING UP FOR OBAMACARE. I have a terminal cancer, what are they going to do, put me in a FEMA re-education camp or jail. Let them try. Any law that is un-Constitutional is NOT a law! This is exactly why we were given the 2nd Amendment!

    1. Never be afraid to stop telling his story. He has given
      your family a true legecy to hold on to. We need more
      true doctors like him, not people who are just grabbing onto Obamacare and don’t care who they hurt along the way.
      The Congressman need to have term limits, lower their saleries and benefits and NOT be allowed to determine what they will be given………FOR LIFE !!

    2. I believe as you do. If it’s not in the Constitution, it does not exist, therefore I will not comply. Obama is not even a legal president, so his orders and Obamacare cannot be forced on me!

  4. thank you for sharing. I did not know the man but have many in my congregation who did. One of our families are three generations each delivered as babies by your brother in law or his father.

    So sorry for your loss.

    As for Obama care. We have had government health care in the form of the VA. They have proven that the only cost saving measure the government can employ is rationing.

  5. Victoria, I am so sorry to hear about your brother in law. As I read this, I think about my own brother-in-law, Dr. Cox. I wonder about about the struggles his clinics may be facing … I need to call him. The sad thing is that we, the patients, are going to lose the personalization of a medical doctor. We are going to become like cattle’s fighting for the front line in emergency rooms. I am scared. I have Kaiser myself and am already, through a large government agency, paying $5000 a year while the employer is paying the other $5000. Whenever I go to see a doctor, I still have to pay $20 co-pay for the visit and $15 per prescription. Its already really hard to get in to see a doctor! As I am getting older, I am thinking that I won’t be getting the care I really need. I cannot help but think that somewhere out there, the rich will establish their own “elite medical care”. My heart goes out to your family! Thanks for sharing …

  6. Dr Henderson, jr delivered me 45 yrs ago & Dr Henderson, III delivered my 3 sons and my granddaughter. The first time that I saw P3 I handed him the ID bracelet that read, “Baby Girl Beagle / Henderson jr. I think it was special for the both of us. I saw P3 a week before he passed & he strongly suggested that I see my PCP before Oct because he said that with Obamacare, “All Hell is going to break lose.” As he handed me a tissue for my tears, he just hung & shook his head. I told him that I would follow him no matter where he ended up. In my opinion as well as many others, Obamacare head the gun & Kaiser pulled the trigger.

  7. Dr. Henderson was such a great man. He delivered my little sister, my cousins, and my cousins kiddos. He also helped my mom during a very difficult time in our lives and made sure that I was able to .stay with her in her hospital room. Not once did I see him without a smile on his face. He will truly be missed by all.

  8. Victoria, I am so glad that your family has seen first hand what an amazing person he was to so many people. He performed miracles on my pregnancies. If only the world had more doctors like him. This is truly America’s loss as well as a community and family loss. God bless Dr. H and may Obamacare rot in hell.

  9. I read the health bill when it was introduced and have read many of the regulations imposed by “the health secretary” currently Catherine Sebilius. I wonder based on how wonderful your brother-in-law was if he could have even handled the immorale and unethical processes that have been structured for those who administer healthcare. I am watching and as we sit here today many of my own family’s doctors are quitting practice due to the rules put on them. Ethical loving doctors are in for a rough road if this bill is not overturned. I am so sorry to hear of your brother-in-laws dispare and will pray for your family as I pray for our nation. God help us!

    1. This law is so massive that the people who voted for it didn’t even know what was in it and left everything to Sebelius to write going forward. Well, actually not Sebelius, I should have said lobbyists.

      1. Of course they read it. They spent MONTHS working on the law, and it WAS a Bi-Partisan effort. Not to mention based on a Republican idea (from the Heritage Foundation) , and a Republican state plan (Massachusetts). The only reason Republicans don’t like it is that it came from Obama. If a Republican president had come out with it, they would have hailed it as saving the nation.

          1. Yvonne, once again you are WRONG.
            Not ONE Republican voted for this mess.
            It was not read before being voted on. It’s not the same as Romneycare and speak to the people of Mass about their garbage plan. Why are your Rights more important than mine or anyone elses? (I don’t have a job nor insurance nor money, BUT I’M NOT WILLING TO STEAL FROM MY FELLOW AMERICAN TO GET WHAT THEY WORKED FOR).

        1. DP
          Nancy Pelosi said, “we have to pass it to know what’s in it”. I read every page of the 2700 pages, did you?

  10. Victoria,

    I am very sorry to hear this. My sympathy on your loss. It is disheartening to hear about someone who contributed so much and yet whose skills were summarily dismissed by those who know so little.

    My heart and prayers are with you and your family. Hopefully, the future will be brighter.

  11. Fuckjn dumbass should have found a different job Obama care sucks but not enough to kill your self over. Live like the rest of us you don’t have to cry cuz u can’t by another Ferrari

    1. I cannot believe that someone would have the audacity rudeness to reply to this..in this manner. If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all..you jerk..

    2. I can not believe you wrote that, I font care what your opinion is on the health care is but what about basic human compassion? I hope that if you ever experience that kind of depression that you will be blessed with someone kinder than yourself.

    3. Ryan, Did you get an Education? Your post reeks of the “twitter talk”. Apparently you are not mature enough, old enough, intelligent enough to understand.

      1. I’m letting this comment through to illustrate what organized folks will do to try to intimidate people who are making perfectly valid points. In on line parlance, they are trolls. Do not be intimidated.

        1. P3 was my Doctor for many years now. He was the best ever and if I ever had an issue and not an obgyn issue, I would still go to him.
          I listed him as my primary care physician. And he was that and more. He was the best and it so sadden me when I found out the depressing news. I pray for his family. And I do understand what you are saying. I wished with all my heart, he could have found another way to deal with the pain.
          I do not judge him, I did not walk in his shoes. Thank you for your thoughts and putting up a fight for what is right.

    4. Certainly everything that has happened since Bush has many of us unemployed or underemployed but the way the medical world has mismanaged things for years has resulted in this. Doctors and hospitals with the exception of this one kind Dr and very few others have been bankrupting poor and middle class Americans forever for their own profit–leaving many to die from lack of access to care or suicide because they can’t pick up the pieces after medical bills killed any dreams of having a decent life again. Tables have turned and no longer will we be at the mercy of money hungry doctors. You may have known one good apple, but the rest of us know the other side of the story and we are grateful for our Romneycare (ya, that is what it is) not because we are “takers” but because we pay heaps for insurance but money grubbing is a bottomless pit and we still can’t pay our outrageous medical bills under current situation. Like my Dr who bills 857$ for a U/A test that costs about 2.50$. That shit is going to stop those practices and others like that. PS–there is care under the ACA for mental health issues. Suicide is sure sign he was not mentally right and should have seen a shrink. Not to be denied for pre-existing condition to boot! Love the affordable care act.

      1. I have worked in in a hosptial for 10 years. I’m not a doctor but I know many doctors. Many of them are very well-to-do. They also spend 10+ years in school and take huge responsibility. They have to pay exhorbitant amounts of money to protect themselves from malpractice suits. I work beside them everyday. Many of them are kind, compassionate, caring, DEDICATED people. The portrayal by politicians as “money grubbing thieves” is ridiculous. If you want to be “wealthy”, than you should of have gone to medical school. Mr. Obama is a wealthy, entitled, elitist, Marxist who has a vision of all people having a little bit, while the deserving (like him) have the best. Why do you think they exempted themselves from Obamacare? Why do you think his kids go to private school? Why do you think he and his wife think its okay to have a 100 million dollar vacation to Africa while many of us just want to pay our bills. Yes, Bush did some damage, no doubt, but this man has TRIPLED the debt. It is killing the economy. By the way, Romney voted for Universal Healthcare because thats what his constituents wanted. There has NEVER been a poll showing that them majority of Americans ever wanted Obamacare. It was shoved down our throats. How do you know how much a lab costs? Do you even know what goes into that test and by the way, it doesn’t cost $857. You must live in a state that has high % of Medicaid patients. If you wanted to fix healthcare, that was the place to start. Its abused. I see it everyday. Please stop drinking the coolaid and do the research. England is trying to dismantle their universal care, Greece is broke, and Canadians that can afford insurance come to my state for care. Canadiens and Europeans by catastrophic care insurance because if you are over 55, guess what? You die. We have many Canadien doctors that work in our hospital because in Canada, the government pays them a certain amount of money per year, and it covers cost until Oct. Every patient after Oct. is free. And they can’t turn them away. That’s….called slavery. Please, please, put that koolaid down before its to late. Victoria, I don’t care what the reason, who’s at fault or why. I am sorry your beloved brother in law so no other way and I am sorry for your loss.

      2. Wow Changeishard! You’re in for a surprise. If you think the system to be replaced is bad, wait til you see PPACA in all its fully glory, written by unanswerable unaccountable lobbyists and federal regulators, enforced by jack-booted thugs, the IRS, Police, the Courts of the federal government with no appeal, and no competition. If you think it’s expensive now, due to regulation,but with some government allowed competition, wait til it’s free and no competition. There are no free lunches and you don’t get to make doctors your personal slaves, to work for dog scraps off your table. If PPACA is so great, why are Congress, Labor Unions, the IRS, etc. demanding exemption from it? Every doctor I know, and I mean EVERY, is opposed to PPACA. But I suppose in your fantasy world, everyone who goes into medicine is greedy and needs to be punished for having the temerity to rack up 100’s of thousands of dollars of debt up front, spend a lifetime studying and decades working 24 hour shifts for peanuts while going through internship, and residency, only to run a practice that costs a million dollars or more, again thanks to government regulation and a lawsuit happy court system. But not to worry. You’ll get your cheap medicine and your health will be carefully managed by that board who will decide how much you are worth to society before granting you healthcare.

      3. “Money hungry doctors”, “tables have turned”. You sound like the perfect talking point bully of Obamacare. No “Care” for your fellow American. Just baiting and class warfare. Anyone that would read your spittle should be TURNED off of Obamacare. It’s it is so great, Congress and Fed Employess should be tripping over themselves to get in it. Instead of begging for subsidies.

  12. The doctor killed HIMSELF. Life circumstances change our lives constantly and we have to deal with these changes. Obamacare did not kill this man- he killed himself- unable to cope with life’s changes… Sad story of SUICIDE. Period.

    1. I’ll let this comment stand, but everyone should know this is the second negative comment he’s put under an alias. Why don’t you put your real name out there, “Facts?”

      1. Because “Facts” is a coward, hiding behind anonymity, who obviously does not understand how circumstances can drive someone to the depths of despair. Human compassion seems to be null and void in “Facts” life. I believe we are going to see more catastrophic fallout from Obamacare….or as I call it Obama-does-not-care! Wake up, America!! BTW~I was a patient of Dr. Henderson and a kinder person would be hard pressed to be found!

  13. I was devastated when I received the news about the changes in Kaiser’s relationship with the Longview Women’s Clinic. Dr. Henderson,Jr. delivered our son’s and more recently I was seeing Dr. Saraf. The Longview Women’s Clinic was my provider of women’s health care services for 40 years. My mother-in- law was a nurse for Dr. Henderson, Sr. and Jr. Clearly the closure of the clinic was a deeply emotional event for me.

    When I read about the younger Dr. Henderson’s death, so many thoughts and emotions occupied my mind. First, of course, was the intense grief I felt for the loss of a great doctor, outstanding community member, and beloved husband, father, and son. I understand how difficult a transition of this magnitude can be when someone takes such pride in their work and cares so genuinely about the community. I worked with government funded programs for over twenty-five years. The only constant was change which meant you had to continually adapt, it was emotionally challenging because it was more than just a career to me. My personal values were connected to my work.

    I had to leave my career earlier than planned. It was a difficult transition financially and emotionally. Seven years have passed and I’m still searching for a sense of purpose. But every day is a new beginning, another chance to discover new opportunities. I wish I could have been there to talk with P3 on the night his emotions hit rock bottom. I wish I could have encouraged him to just keep holding on.

    I have great love and respect for the Henderson family. What a have to say does not diminish my grief over the loss to the family. I support the Affordable Care Act (Obama Care). It is not perfect, but it is a starting point to make health care accessible. I agree that changes in the health care system is disruptive, frightening and complex, but I have never been through a process of change that wasn’t. It wasn’t Obama Care or Kaiser that killed Dr. Henderson III.

  14. Thank you so much for sharing. I have no idea what it might feel like to lose a loved family member this way. I believe I would be angry, and that words I might use in my anger would not perpetuate a solution as your words have done in this statement, which is to place the responsibility for this legislation exactly where it belongs, in Congress, and to the system that perpetuates career politicians.

  15. It also killed my children Pediatric Center…which was next door this his clinic ..they shared a building…October it will close,,,,and most of us will have to find a new peds doctor…enough is enough..Obamacare has a back door agenda..and its to file in tax money to the government in lieu of penalty fees when someone cant afford to pay..which is going to be a massive total…

  16. Your brother-in-law was a misogynist, and treated the women that he worked with as less than. The only reason he was successful as an OB was because he was the man in power and control of these women. He suffered from a severe God complex. When he could no longer help these “helpless” women he committed an extremely selfish act. Obamacare did not force him to put that gun to his head, nor did it pull the trigger. That was all Henderson. He is the ONLY one to blame here. He is far from a victim. If anyone is the victim it was Dr. Saraf. Not only did he have to find him like that, forever changing his life, he really is stuck with what to do career wise.
    Dr. Henderson was not a martyr. He does not deserve this. You do not get to vilify Obamacare because of this. Your brother-in-laws death was no one’s fault but his own.
    I’m sorry for your loss, but blaming Obamacare will help no one. Especially not anyone in that “medium-sized mill town” who relies on welfare and pops out babies to keep their healthcare. You are turning the same people who NEED this healthcare against it because they are not educated enough to know the difference. Please stop your hate speech. Let the world remember your brother-in-law how he was.

    1. No, my brother in law is not a martyr and neither was he a misongynst. If he were, he wouldn’t have encouraged both of his daughters the way he did. His daughter the medical doctor and other daughter the PhD are doing as best they can without their Dad, by the way.

    2. Kay..
      You are very insightful. Suicide is an act of selfishness. Thoughtless of those left behind. To further perpetuate the false martyrdom by politicizing the selfish act is also self serving.
      Suicide is the act of a mentally unstable and depressed individual.

    3. How appalling and heartless a response by Kay. Of course it is nobody’s choice to pull a trigger, except the one who pulls the trigger. (I lost the Father-in-Law I never met due to a shotgun suicide as well). That said, how this Doctor ended his life does not erase ANY of the circumstances leading up to the day he left this world, and in no way erases the list of selfless, phenomenal accomplishments of his career, and in no way erases his determination to climb personal mountains in service to his fellow man, or in this case, the women who desperately needed and benefited from his generosity. I didn’t know the Doctor, but the comments I read by Kay are reprehensible.

    4. What H8 speech in your post? Good Lord. Could have made some intelligent points but couldn’t help yourself and let out the HATE.

        1. Kay’s “insightful” hate talk. Anything against Obama policies is called hate speech. I thought I’d turn the tables on Kay and Ryan.

          Victoria, I’m really sorry about your Brother-in-law. Obama policies have effected me. I have no job, I’m homeless, and I have one bowl of noodles a day. No prospects of a job, no money to go to a dr. let alone pay for insurance. I understand the desperation of your Brother-in-law, I am at that point of desperation myself.

      1. How do you know that??? He had to be already depressed to take his own life. No one will ever know the real reason he took his life. He took the cowardly way out instead of seeking professional help. As a doctor he should have known better.

        1. Yvonne is an example of what’s to come. Govt. knows best, Govt. know your kids and family better than you do. How Yvonne, do you know the Dr. better than his own family? Why are your “rights”, those of 8%, more important than the other 90% whose healthcare was working for them.

          Since you seem to be short on facts and actualities, my kids college, has seen a 400% increase in the premiums for “college healthcare” (in two years). My kids fortunately were still covered (not by obamacare law, but by the company their father works for. The company had a good plan for their workers and family. Their father WORKED at this company partly for their benefits. Now, what was provided at NO COST to their father, will be dropped and what was a $300 dollars deductible and either no copay to 25 dollar copays for Dr.s, is gone. HOW IS THIS FAIR TO MY CHILDREN? The deductible under Barry Care is 1000 bucks on up? Copays of 25 dollars on up. HOW IS THIS FAIR TO MY CHILDREN?

    5. Also “Kay” could be the mother of the man stalking the family member. If this is her, her son been in and out of jail for stealing and drugging—unknown to the family member when they befriended him. His parents still cover for him and are angry Dr Henderson helped the family member battle against the son. Their mission has been to bash the Hendersons. I’ve let this comment through to demonstrate the lengths to which people will go to bash people–even in death.

    6. Kay, you are a vile and evil woman, filled with hate to the core. What a cold-hearted beast. You’re aren’t sorry for anyone’s loss and you make it clear in the beginning of your statement.

  17. This is really sad to read. Obamacare needs to be stopped. It will kill small business because they can’t afford to insure and pay their employees too..
    This would be a disaster for everyone concerned. STOP THIS MADNESS, NOW!!!!!!!!!!

  18. To start with Id like to say that I am truly sorry for the loss of your brother. Ive lost too many people I love to suicide. When you go through something like this its natural to try and blame other factors besides the person who took their own life, because you don’t want to remember them how they died; broken down, depressed, distant. You want to remember them how they lived, vibrant, full of life, happy. But one thing youll have to come to terms with is the fact that obamacare is not responsible at all for your brother-in-law’s death. Your brother may have been pushed to suicide by the byproducts of obamacare, but he was the one that decided to give up. Everything that the government does cant help every single person. There will always be someone who is affected negatively by every bill. Obamacare is helping a vast majority of the population. I hope you can look outside of your brother-in-law’s isolated and extreme situation, and see that most people in this country are benefitting from this.

      1. Victoria I am very, very heartbroken about Phillips death. As I’ve said before, I have great love and respect for the Henderson family. In my opinion you have to separate Phillips death from Obamacare. They are separate issues. I am a person who lost a career because of legislative changes at both the state and federal level. It was a career I loved and invested 30 years of my life helping families and individuals transition from unemployment and welfare. I worked endless hours contributing to community projects. Many of my friends and family have lost their jobs in every industry in this community. Most were jobs held for decades. I am a person who has struggled with suicidal thoughts periodically for over 40 years and tragically I have lost four family members to suicide. I understand the pain you are feeling and your family has my deepest sympathy. However, your issue with Obamacare is clouded by the faulty logic that it killed your brother-in-law. Regardless of my opinion about Obamacare, the sad fact is that like many physicians Dr. Henderson did not follow the advice I’m sure he gave to many of his patients…he didn’t reach out for help when his emotions hit rock bottom. Reaching out and managing my emotions is a skill I learned through the caring intervention of Phillip’s father. May Phillip rest in peace and may his family find comfort in knowing he was loved and respected by members of the community, friends, family, and colleagues.

    1. Matt: Remember how hundreds of men committed suicide during the great depression, and the stock market crash? It was the feeling of hopelessness and failure in all that you had worked to achieve. Obamacare is doing the same thing with physicians that have worked their whole lives to put together their practices so that they can help people. To lose everything they have worked for, and not to be able to continue in the work that they trained extremely hard for is the same type of feeling.

      Obamacare is not a good way of solving the problems of healthcare. They did not ask physicians what would work, they only asked the insurance and drug companies. They have done away with the ability to buy OTC pre-tax, or even to deduct it from you income taxes. They have taken away FSA’s, which really make more sense than buying insurance. I, myself, hardly ever use my insurance. If I had the ability to put all the money into an FSA that I have to put into insurance, and be allowed to buy a catastrophic insurance policy, I would be many dollars ahead of the game!

  19. I had the pleasure of working with P3 for four years at LCWC. He was such a wonderful man to work for and a truly amazing doctor. He always had a good story to tell and always made me laugh. Luckily, I was fortunate enough to have him deliver my second child on 10/12/11 but could not have him deliver my third due to my husband’s insurance change to Kaiser. 🙁 I actually gave birth to my daughter on 6/8/13 and as I drove by Longview on my way to Southwest Medical Center in Vancouver, I said to my husband, “maybe we should just go to St John and see if P3 is on call!” Little did I know, a wonderful man, employer and physician had taken his own life just mere hours before my water broke in the middle of the night. I found out about it while I was in labor and I was devastated. I currently work at the Pediatric Clinic which is in the same building as LCWC was and it’s just more proof that Obamacare is ruining private practices, as our office is slated to close it’s doors permanently on 10/18/13. Very sad what the healthcare industry is coming to.

  20. Victoria, I am another woman who loved Dr Henderson for his wonderful care and all that he stood for. Thank you for this article. I am willing to help get this message out and fight in any way that we can fight against what the federal government is doing to all of us.

  21. I am very sorry for your loss. However, I must tell you in this country, our medical system is poor at best. The new healthcare system offers a lot. I know that change is always difficult, however the specialist I see and my internist all feel it will be better. I feel it will be better. Having a grown son that was dying and could not get insurance, I was able to insure him because of “Obamacare” changed the eligibility rules. Also, Kaiser is not the only provider in Washington or California. While I understand your anger and frustration, there are two sides to this issue. It is important to note that our leaders in Washington passed this law, and the Supreme Court did not change it. Some people just don’t want to change, which I also understand the older I get. Instead of moving forward and blaming, work to make what we now have better. The benefit to millions of uninsured cannot be overlooked. Healthcare premiums in Both California,Washington and Oregon have dropped significantly, with the availability of an open insurance market, and many many more insured. Again, same coin, different side. Please accept my sympathy for your and your families loss.

    1. Rebecca, glad you are getting what you need. But why are your needs more important than anyone else? Why are your Rights more important than mine?

    2. It would be awesome if it was an open insurance market. Sadly you like millions are misinformed by the democrats. This is a a subsidized insurance market, not a free market system with competition, paid for by increasing taxes on everyone to benefit only a few. The real beneficiaries af this faux market are the big insurance companies. Obama is not a man of the people but a man controlled by industry. You have been hoodwinked and bamboozled but most Americans are dumb and take Obama at his word. Do your own research and don’t believe the lies.

    3. Rebecca , Obamacare was based on lies . It was passed by back room deals and shannanigans and corruption. The Supreme Court ruled it UN-Constitutional under the Commerce Clause , something Congress claimed as Constitutional. The only reason Obamacare was held up was because Justice Roberts rewrote it as a tax . All tax bills must originate in the House of Representatives , but this Obamatax which passed originated in the Senate. It is UN-Constitutional PERIOD ! It is an albatross around the necks of the American people. When people at the age of 65 are denied life saving treatment , people will wisen up , will you ?

    4. Millions of people who thought they would be covered under Obamacare, will not be. A report came out just the other day stating that fact.

    5. Put the bong down. Prior to Obmacare, medical care in the United States was so good that Canadians who could not survive a six-month wait before seeing a doctor for their brain tumors, Britons who could not get cardiac artery stents because they aren’t “cost-effective” for patients over sixty, Swedes who were disabled by vision problems, and needed special glasses, and did not care to be disabled for the eight months they would have to wait to see a doctor, Canadians who were losing their vision, and needed treatment in four weeks to avoid blindness, and did not want to wait four months before they would be allowed to see a doctor, and Britons who could not get treatment for cervical cancer, because it’s not “cost-effective” to test women under 25, and you (quite properly) can’t get treatment until tests have confirmed the problem, could, and in some cases did, come to the United States, where they could get the treatment their own governments would not allow them to have. Now, Americans, too, will experience the joy of having the government decide what medical care we will be allowed to have (and, indeed, whether we will be allowed to have any care at all).

      I can sympathize with you’re being upset that you could not insure you son when he was dying, but, if you consider that a problem, it’s because you don’t know what insurance is. After you’re sick, you’re not an insurance case, you’re a charity case. Asking other people to donate for his care would be appropriate; forcing others to support him at gunpoint is not quite there.

  22. Victoria, first I want to say I am so sorry for the loss of your brother in law…. He was the most caring, compassionate and smart doctor… His father delivered my husband and his brother, then Phillip delivered my husband and I two kids and son on their babies…so he has been in our family for generations…My daughter is pregnant right now and we shared tears of sadness just the other day over Phillips passing, wishing he were still here cause she would drive from Oregon to Washington to see him again…now that he is gone, she cannot seem to find a doctor quite like him..very depressing…Obamacare needs to just die!

  23. Sorry for your loss, but your story is not a validation of the law, but choices that the State made as well as the partners. States determine how it will be administered. The law didn’t kill anyone, the choices people made did.

    1. When care is rationed, it will kill. Right now it has impacted Americans by lowering hours/wages/ and increasing insurance/medical costs. When you can’t buy food because your job was cut from 40 to the 29 threshold, it can kill. If only the 2700+ pages of Obamacare and the pages of 20,000 new regulations were food..

      If you read, Obamacare has already outsourced the call centers either out of the country or to NON AMERICAN CITIZENS.

      Impact? I’d say so.

  24. He was not my doctor when we lived in Kelso but I knew who he was. At age 78 I am concerned about what care I will be allowed to have. Obamacare is so wrong, will pray it will not pass.

  25. I am sorry for you and your family’s loss. It’s always very tragic when someone decides to end their life. There was soo much more he could have done. I’ve worked in the medical field for many years now, (some of it in Longview),and have known for the past 10-15yrs that the small, private, medical practices have been put in a threatening position for their livelihoods each year because of HMO’s and now PPO’s wanting more of the patient money going directly to them, and not to private practitioners. It’s an unfortunate business, and something that’s been heading that way for a very long time. Obama care did not kill your brother-in-law. I know you have to blame someone. But I hope people reading this will realize the difference between grief, and reality.. Your story, although real, is full of flaws from medical establishments telling your brother-in-law, it’s because of Obamacare. Sorry, but it’s because of business and they don’t want to “appear” to be the Bad guy, when in reality, they are. They very easily could have continued to have Dr. Henderson on their payroll, but they chose not too. NOT Obamacare. It saddens me when people USE that as an excuse, and fall hook, line, and sinker for it. Again, sorry for your loss. Dr. Henderson was a much loved person.

    1. Reality is, Obamacare has already impacted people. Lost hours, lost insurance benefits that THEY worked for, lost wages, increased costs, lost jobs. The effect is REAL. Obamacare is not FREE. It governs your health and places YOUR doctor as a reporter to Govt. about your habits, restrictions on immediate care by implementing “delayed care” (remember Barry said, just “take a pill”?). The Govt. will be more intrusive into your lives/body/family than just being “in the bedroom”. Central Govt. has your health records. With the track record of this Administration and the lies Barry Obama has already told to sell Obamacare to the talking-point-masses, you trust your Govt. with your Health? Your records? Your privacy? Your health decisions? The Govt. Panel deciding whether treatment is economical for your age/condition determines you and your families fate. Not you and your Dr.

  26. First of all I am so sorry for your loss. indeed everyone who this Doctor helped.
    Obama care is the worst idea ever brought forth. every time that man opens his mouth out comes another lie. I believe he is an evil person and only has his interest in mind. Thankful God is the Judge and one day he will kneel before God and give an accounting just like everyone…but no lies will be excepted.
    I would have loved this kind hearted Doctor and ask God to Bless his family and help them heal from this terrible loss of a good man. I will pray for comfort and healing for the family.

  27. I am saddened and angered by the loss of these wonderful men in our community. Especially the death of Dr. Henderson. His clinic touched the lives of so many of women. Many, many, many of the people of our town were brought into the world by the loving hands of these men. To see them forced to leave the community where they were know, loved, and respected, to be forced to leave their families and friends, is more than a shame. It is a disrespect that is unbelievable. For a women, one of her most vanurable times is pregnancy and childbirth. These men made their lives, not only about practicing their medical skills, but about bringing comfort and reassurance to the women they cared for. This is something that Obama’s “one size fits all” health care will never be able to do. There is nothing that can replace the compassion and support that that comes with being cared for by skilled, competent members of your own community. These men were more than just doctors, they were loved pillars of the community who have been taken away from us with no regards to how it will effect not only their patients, but also their families and the men themselves. My heart goes out to the family of Dr. Henderson as well as the other doctors who have been so unjustly uprooted from their homes.

  28. Dr Henderson (p3) delivered my son four months ago on may 22. He was great man u ever ask and seen. He have help me with my pregnancy and delivered my son. I am very angry with Obama care thing. I saw him week before he passed. He was depressed which all of his staff and patients never see him like that before. He was happy to see us no matter what. He always call us to make sure we are okay and stuff. I ll not sign up for the damn stupid obamacare who kill my favorite doctors in the world.

  29. We have clients at our computer shop who are doctors, and they have told me personally they had to sell their practices to the big city hospital system because of regulations imposed in Obamacare.

    The ultimate goal, as is the case with liberalism, is selecting winners based on two factors — contributions to them and being based in the largest cities. If you’re not in the large urban areas, to the ruling liberals, you have no voice, and you should never have any voice.

  30. Maryalice Wallis also sent a letter to lawmakers. She wrote me a FB message and here is the part of her letter that pertains to Philip,
    “In my hometown of Longview, a 4th generation Doctor had to close his thriving OBGYN office with five additional doctors because, no surprise, a Kaiser facility pulled all of their patients from the clinic, to cover their own behinds and be loyal to their own patients, to fix the mess that YOUR healthcare built. This trickle down did something even more devastating. That same said Doctor put a bullet through his head last weekend. Unable to find a solution to keep a once thriving clinic open, embarrassed by his inability to serve his community, whatever the reason, it has devastated our small community. This was a Doctor that delivered over 6000 babies and literally touched the lives of generations of women.
    Obamacare is bad business. It devastates the hard working, stripping them down to the bare minimum while padding the coffers of those that don’t contribute. It’s bad business. It’s hurting families and it needs to go away. In three more years who knows what this nation will look like.”

  31. There is NO ONE to blame for a suicide other than the VICTIM. He was obviously not in a sound mental state. No one who commits suicide is.

    This is coming from someone who currently lives with a spouse who attempted to commit suicide last year. I found my spouse lying unconscious on the sofa after taking two bottles of Ambien. Suicide letters were mailed to four people and a suicide letter to me was left on the coffee table.

    I went with him in the ambulance to the hospital. I was there when he was throwing up the carbon they forced him to swallow to absorb the drugs. I saw him committed by a county official into a mental facility (#5150 in the State of California). I watched him discover his real issues and do the necessary work to become a better person, to set up a support network, and to seek the help he needed.

    I am offended by your claim that anything or anyone ‘killed’ your brother-in-law. Where is your conservative stance on personal responsibility in this situation? How convenient it is to blame Obamacare for your own political reasons. This is a sad and warped revision of what truly happened: Dr. Philip Henderson, III of Longview, Washington KILLED HIMSELF.

    1. I love when people want to pass judgement on others based on their own pathetic situation. Dr. Anderson was NOT your spouse. Your spouse obviously has issues. Dr. Anderson was being attacked from every direction he turned. (Heck, he’s still being attacked here by CastrObama Lovers, like you). Sometimes a person just can’t take it anymore and there isn’t a thing wrong with them except the fact that they are just beaten down. Would you say the young 12-year-old girl who killed herself over cyber bullying just ‘killed herself’. People should be held accountable for their actions, including those who push others to the brink of suicide. But then, you wouldn’t understand because you are just so – perfect.

  32. Dr. Henderson was a wonderful man and doctor. He delivered my daughter and son and numerous nephews and nieces and friends’s kids. He was always friendly and always had a smile on his face and always helpful. My husband had told me once he reminded him of Chevy Chase because of his sense of humor. I actually have a video clip of him after he delivered our son, broke my heart when I heard about his suicide and actually cried. May God be with all of you and give you strength. Obama Care will ruin this country, God help us.

  33. Obamacare has not been implemented yet.

    Instead of making affordable care the bogeyman, I would suggest that you blame capitalism, big hospitals, big insurance, unfaithful partners and a failure to plan ahead for the clinic’s demise and the doctor’s choice.

    What I consider shameful is using a relative’s death to push a clearly political agenda without even knowing how the law works.

    1. Yes, you’re right. ObamaCare hasn’t been fully implemented and look what havoc it has already created. Save your judgement. I fought against ObamaCare AND my brother in law died. My politics change nothing about his outcome. You should be ashamed for attempting to put untrue words in my mouth. I realize this story makes it very difficult to stay with your narrative that ObamaCare is altruistic. It’s a cancer.

    2. Shorelover
      When you use the buzzwords of Obamacare, it’s easy to spot you as an Administration troll.

      To DESTROY over 90% of American’s healthcare/plans/providers/wages/full-time jobs, for rougtly 8% of the population is NOT good policy. It’s not GOOD for the 90%.

      The uninsured/chronically needed to be dealt with but not by destroying economically, and healthcare wise, their FELLOW AMERICAN CITIZENS.

      1. “Shore lover” is obviously a troll of the Marxist Obama administration. The first words he says are “blame capitalism.” Even the people who shamefully passed this “law” didn’t know what was in it. Those who have read it realize that it gives dictatorial power over care to the Secretary of Health and Human Services. It will indeed make us like the USSR was – the politburo will get the dachas, while the rest will get only what the Party members choose to give us. If they really believed Obamacare to be fabulous, they would subject everyone to it. Instead, those who provide bribes have gotten waivers and Congress will get subsidies. But the law abiding individual who is “on the books” will be persecuted by Big Brother if they don’t comply.

  34. No one has mentioned the role that community politics played in the sequence of events that resulted in closure of the Longview Women’s Clinic. St. John Hospital wouldn’t come to the table. instead of working together for the good of community there is a lot of empire building at the local level. It’s evident now that St. John has recruited the areas major industrial companies. Employees and retirees have had the rug pulled out from underneath them. I’m just saying you can’t disregard the impact of local politics.

      1. Well, you wanted to keep it to Philip and Obamacare and ignore any other aspect of the situation that didn’t fit your narrative and headline.

        1. Stacy, the numbers for the 90+% of Americans that were fine, are worse under Obamacare. When the family has a choice of food, or penalty/Obamacare that’s a disgrace. When a family making 30K/year(4000 for Obamacare) gets a raise to 32K a year and it costs them an EXTRA 6000 DOLLARS for Obamacare (10,000) that 2000 dollar raise is going to cost them 4000 DOLLARS. Do the MATH. Have some Americans become so selfish they want to hurt/steal from their fellow Americans? The uninsured could have been dealt with, WITHOUT writing a bill with hidden taxes (house sales, medical device tax) and taking away 90% of American’s healthcare/wages/jobs/hours at work/health provider. I see a HUGE problem with this and that you don’t is SAD. Karl Marx (communist) said, From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs.”

          Try looking at this with a different product, a house. I don’t have one, should you give up your house for me? Should I be allowed to move in? or force you to move to a smaller house/different neighborhood/different city because MY RIGHTS should prevail over yours?

  35. GIVE ME A BREAK!!! This a disgusting sick attempt to disvalue the system. This Dr. had more than Obama care to want to kill himself. No matter how “flowery” the story has been made out to be, true known it was “tailored” to fit this situation. No respectful physician would kill himself. There was more going on psychologically than “Obama Care!” You people are sick if you believe this crap and I intend to make it known!!!

        1. Amen. Liberals are narcissists who do not care if their policies hurt others. Their goal is to feel good about themselves, whether they should or not. That is why they vehemently resist discussing the objective facts and data concerning the results of their policies. Policies which they exempt themselves from following. They are the people who will resist school vouchers for poor inner city children – labeling them “unfair” – while sending their own children to private schools. They will say they want healthcare for “all,” but they do not want to hear what kind of healthcare it will be or whether “all” can afford the premiums. They themselves do not intend to pay for it or use it.

          However, most of them are going to find that they are not actually part of the elite – when their 80 year old parent is told they cannot have a procedure and should just go “take a pill,” for the supposed good of the collective. Atlas is Shrugging.

  36. I’ll agree with “Facts.” Suicide. Fact is there are pros and cons to the legislation. It provides access to care for many that would otherwise have none. Unfortunately, large corporations have seen it as a way to save a buck and changed practices and policies to push employees onto the plan, a use profile that was never intended. The plan was modeled after Romney’s plan, yet Obama, who undoubtedly had little hand in drafting the legislation, takes the rap. The plan was then loaded with enough pork and tripe that it hardly resembles a healthcare bill at all.

    While my condolences go to you and your family on your loss, tagging Obamacare as the killer is absurd. Try bringing a wrongful death suit against the bill. Or Kaiser. Or the hospital that opted out of assisting his practice. It is about a practical.

  37. I am sure Dr. Henderson played by the rules all his live and was a role model to untold thousands. Then along comes a unqualified empty suits who has an AGENDA to fulfill. Part of that AGENDA was exposed on the House floor on January 10, 1963. Published in the Congressional Record were the 45 communist goals. http://www.uhuh.com/nwo/communism/comgoals.htm
    Read how many of them have been accomplished.

    Then Christmas Eve 2009 comes along – ObamaCare is deemed to become the law of the land. Let’s hope that 5 members of the Supreme Court have not drunk the Kool-Aid. Alas that was not to be! Let’s con intelligent people once again. Call it a TAX, violate my First Amendment Rights and fine me for non-compliance.

    Note to trolls keep it up – you just make those of us with common sense and God on our side dig our heels in all the deeper.

  38. HATE that people are dumb enough STILL..to think that “Obamacare” is a good thing!! Have we become that stupid!!?? Do you buy into the distractions that they throw out there so we might not notice how messed up this whole crazy thing is!!?? I have been in health care for 35 years. Now own my own Clinic. SAD SAD situation this bunch of lies that naive americans bought..lock stock and barrel..cannot even believe it!!! The most expensive Tax law ever written!! have folks even read what they wholeheartedly voted for??OMG! The cost to obtain this “affordable” healthcare is prhibitive for most fols to begin with..you can’t just go etinsurance for free..and then youare taxed and then you will be provided sub standard care from a Dr. that doesn’t even lknow ypou or yur family..it used to be called “Family Practice”!!! Shame on the so called “educated” folks who bought into this thing! And when it is you or a family member that needs special care to save their lives..and it is expensive..I hope that when the panel of Docters meet to deterine your fate..I hope he decison is what you wud lke…becuse that is what this is about..they will determine if you recieve lifesaving treatments or deny it because of cost. OH YES THEY WILL!! Oh yes..Obamacare will kill many many more… Just the facts..

  39. I am sorry to hear about your brother n law. I don’t know him or was never treated by him. I know that it takes a very special person to be a obyn and also to offer medical care you just don’t get that anymore.
    I can understand how he could feel helpless when it came to losing everything that he worked so hard for to have it taken away. I wish he would of reached out to someone. However no one knows what it like to feel helpless and want to end life till they walk in the shoes of someone that has. My mother, father and sister have attempted suicide and it is the most scariest thing in the world. For people to say they are being selfish have never gotten to that point in their life. So don’t judge. I understand that you want to blame Obamacare. Because if it wasn’t for this new law then your brother would never have to give up his passion his calling. I hope that some good comes out of this. I pray that someone reads what you wrote and seeks help. I hope they don’t give up the good fight.
    As far as obomacare I am scared of what is going to do to my family. I am a single mom and I struggle to pay the amount of insurance I have to pay through my job. I have to pay over 400 a month for health insurance and that just to have it. God forbid my child gets sick or I get sick and we have to go to the dr. I wouldn’t be able to afford to go to the dr. How is this going to affect me? Will my rate go up? Because if it does then I don’t know what I will do. I guess work two jobs and never see my child. Before anyone judges me yes I have a college degree and it not just simple to go out and find a better paying job. Jobs are hard to come by.

  40. Victoria , I am so sorry for your loss . Although I am no doctor , I understand , truly understand passion . Obamacare stole your brother-in-laws ability to live out his passion and help people . It is a very sad deal to be sure. I always believed deep inside that we , as Americans were born with the rights to pursuit happiness , that we were “free” to fulfill our dreams and passions. These rights are enshrined in our Founding Documents . Sadly in modern American too many people are willing to surrender their freedoms for security , too ignorant to know Communism has failed everywhere it has been tried ! May God watch over your family and know that Heaven has a wonderful new Angel.

  41. So, what I’m seeing a lot posted on here by the trolls is that guns don’t kill people; that people kill people. Hmmmm. And here I thought that the guns, according to these liberals, were the problem. So, as it turns out, I guess, that when it suits them, these liberals actually DO believe that people, not the guns, are the actual problem. How convenient.

    Also, I’d truly be surprised if the suicide rate does NOT go up when this travesty called obamacare is put into place, God forbid.

  42. I’m so sorry for your loss. Let’s be clear here however – businesses and insurance companies that are pre-emptively laying off people, closing clinics BEFORE knowing the impact of the ACA are using this as an out for their mismanagement or greed. This good man is a victim of that, not a healthcare system will be there to help people. Can we wait until it’s implemented before we discuss the damage it hasn’t done yet?

    1. No! Having brain cells between my ears tells me it will never work. If you have never seen this behemoth legislation carted out on hand cart along with confusing mandates, one should “google” it. At last count it measures over 7 and one half feet in height. There are volumes that could be written, but I tend to believe my lying eyes.

      This is the largest TAX ever foisted upon American citizens. It may be “deemed” constitutional by a Supreme Court after rewriting it from the bench but it is not workable in a FREE society.

      Too bad the “low information voter” believes in Santa Claus. Educate yourself with this cartoon: Healthcare Explained http://youtu.be/I7pqRjHQ9BU

    2. If you are one of the laid off, cut hours, then you are already damaged by it. Their endgame is make healthcare decisions for YOU, and monitored by Govt. Hacks. Nice try at defending the indefensible.

  43. Well, I see you only post what you want people to read just like the rest of your ignorant website!! Always hiding the real truth. You’re the reason America is failing because you just can’t accept change. Good news is your philosophy, idealism and ancient thinking WILL fail. Look at the ridiculous Republican party the Dems are laughing their behinds off and so are the intelligent Americans. Your VERY sick “brother-in-law” is yet another disgusting attempt on your part to prove a point. I would NEVER disrespect a family member in this way. Next time put the gun to YOUR head and do us all a favor!

    1. “David”, spoken like a true communist. Obamacare started impacting people right after it was passed. What do you think about Obama’s friends (big business, congress) getting waivers and delays while small business and American citizens don’t?

  44. Victoria – I am truly sorry for your loss. My 18 year old son committed suicide 3 years ago. It is the greatest pain that one could imagine. After his death I looked for someone to blame. And there were people and situations readily available. I don’t understand all about Obamacare & its affect on doctors, but I do know in this country the lack of health care has resulted in thousands of deaths. They are al tragic.

  45. Victoria:
    Very sorry to hear about your brother in law. My sympathies to yourself and your family. Obamacare is a huge piece of legislation to decipher and fully understand. In your conversation to KIRO Radio 97.3, you stated that he was waiting for a call from Kaiser to see if they were going to hire him. And when he got the call he was not selected—he was devastated. Surely that must have put a damper on things—and he chose the suicide road rather than try another his luck elsewhere? I have friends who are doctors–though much younger than your brother in law—-have chosen to try their luck elsewhere. Many moved to other States and one moved to Vancouver, Canada to continue doing what they love. In grief it is easy to lay the blame—but suicide is a selfish act in itself—and blaming obamacare is in its entirity is unfair. Your brother in law touched and helped alot of people. It seems to me he applied for a job and could not handle being told “no”—despite all his experience—-got depressed, unable to come to terms with an uncertain future took his own life.

    1. Yeah, I agree he could have done something else. If ObamaCare didn’t exist he wouldn’t have had to consider that, however, and his patients wouldn’t have lost their doctor.

  46. I am saddened for your family. I am an Internal Medicine MD who has been struggling through the same ordeal. I am too defeated and demoralized like the majority of physicians in America. I am too at the end of my hope.

  47. I am very sorry that your brother in law thought his life was so hopeless that he felt the need to commit suicide. It is very sad when someone feels so hopeless that he/she feels the need to kill themselves. However, when someone kills themselves it is because they are sick and that is a fact.

  48. I am so sorry for your family’s loss and even more sorry for the hateful comments that you must endure here from those ‘kind, wonderful, loving’ liberals, who are everything but what they claim. I am blown away by how arrogant and hateful these people are. God bless your family during this time.

  49. Ms. Taft, thank you for sharing your story and may I offer my sympathies for your brother-in-law’s passing. As a nurse in one of Chicago’s busiest emergency rooms, I’d like to HOPE that Obamacare is better than it sounds. Let me tell you about another type of government-mandated auto insurance…auto insurance in Illinois. Most people are unfortunately unaware that prior to Obamacare and similar to auto insurance, health insurance could always be purchased independently. This has been mandated for almost 25 years and the first thing that happened is that rates skyrocketed!! Which I’ve also seen happen with my medical insurance, btw. After soaring auto insurance rates, more and more “scofflaws” started popping up, getting into collisions with the insured party’s insurance forced to pick up the tab and then raise their rates due to a collision with an uninsured motorist. Hardly fair. Similarly, you will see all the scofflaws doing without insurance, postponing preventative medicine until they have a massive stroke or advanced cancer and THEN they will buy into the system…and with preexisting conditions being allowable, you will have cancer patients in remission who fall off the plan for years that will do the same thing. What this means is MORE advanced disease, MORE lengthy treatments and hospital stays and MORE waiting to get seen by a doctor in the ER because now many ER patients waiting to get admitted will be held for DAYS in the emergency room. As I said previously, I’d like to HOPE that Obamacare/socialized medicine will help care for more people, but the reality appears that it’s another wrench in the works. Canada has socialized medicine similar to Obamacare’s design and in Canada, someone can wait months for cancer surgery or years for a colonoscopy. So we better all get used to waiting in line, because the only beacon of hope from Obamacare is really just the glint of gold lining the already plump coffers of the insurance industry.

  50. It really sounds like your brother-in-law killed himself. Its understandable that you’re lashing out and want someone to blame, but at the very least you’re skipping over Kaiser (an extremely large and very profitable company that has been in a lot of trouble before for denying patient care and maximizing profits over providing care) in order to blame a bill that’s reigning in patient costs and expanding affordable or free care to millions. Grieving is necessary but blaming a bill several steps removed from your relative’s depression is something else entirely.

    1. Stacy, do the Math and read the bill. It’s not reigning in costs. It’s not Free. 90% of Americans had healthcare. Common Sense writes a “clean bill” for the 8%. Not 2700+ pages riddled with new taxes (on a house? how is that related? medical devices) new Govt. positions in the IRS and panels to decide by statistic or as some who support Obamacare have said, “to deny healthcare to unbelievers”. 20,000 new regulations? Again, common sense is to write a “CLEAN BILL” that leaves out the garbage taxes, pork, and deals with ONLY the 8%, without trampling the Constitution and the RIGHTS of your fellow citizens whom you appear not to care about. Your rights trump their rights. This is not America.

  51. So sorry for your loss! I, too, have seen Obamacare destroy many physicians. They work for 25% less to do 25% more work! Hospitals and insurance have put “the chains” on all of them! The public needs to be aware of this!

    1. The public needs to be aware that it is the insurance company that is reaping ALL of the profits and diminishing patient care…..not OBAMACARE!!

      1. Yvonne, each post is less informed. Go to the website and READ each and every 2700 pages of the bill. All you are doing is repeating TALKING POINTS and not a very good job at that.

  52. Thank you for sharing your story, Victoria. My condolences to you and your family for your loss. I recently lost a young friend to suicide: it is devastating for those left behind. I am sorry that your brother in law chose to end his life for whatever reason, but only he knows for sure why. The important thing is that a great man and compassionate doctor is gone and his loss has a profound effect on everyone whose life he touched. I can’t speak to the Affordable Care Act since I have not read all of it. But I’m sure there are parts of it that need to be re-written and changed and parts that are good. I just wish they had taken more time to make sure it is the best possible offering it can be for all. I still hope that it won’t be implemented in 2014.

  53. Having brain cells between my ears tells me ObamaCare will never work. If you have never seen this behemoth legislation carted out on hand cart along with confusing mandates, one should “google” it. At last count it measures over 7 and one half feet in height. There are volumes that could be written, but I tend to believe my lying eyes.

    This is the largest TAX ever foisted upon American citizens. It may be “deemed” constitutional by a Supreme Court after rewriting it from the bench but it is not workable in a FREE society.

    Too bad the “low information voter” believes in Santa Claus. Educate yourself with this cartoon: Healthcare Explained http://youtu.be/I7pqRjHQ9BU

  54. This is such a senseless tragedy. Poor Dr. Henderson. Poor USA. The outright greed of the politicians who boast how they are public servants yet live as if they are royalty is going to destroy our country.

    They have two sets of rules – harsh, unbending ones for the citizens and special exemptions and privilege for themselves.

    I suggest that this coming election that every voter show up and get ALL of the reigning politicians out! EVERYONE of them needs to be replaced and then set up term limits. 5 years and out – no repeat terms. It’s the only way we can hope to save this union.

  55. People who commit suicide have mental problems like being bipolar etc, thus are not really responsible for the hurt it causes to those around them. It’s not a sane act and to blame ObamaCare for the mental problems of this individual is very unfair, to say the least. It’s likely that this individual would have committed suicide anyway, whether ObamaCare came in or not. I didn’t vote for Obama, I don’t like ObamaCare one iota but fair is fair. And this article is not being fair at all. I have some experience with this since some members in my family have committed suicide including my own mother (who was bipolar among other issues).

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