Obama Starts Losing the Media (Except Jonathan Alter)

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Obama Scandals Boston paper
A BOSTON newspaper equates the IRS scandal with Watergate. Other lefties are beginning to wonder the same thing.

The Obamedia did blew off the Black Panther voter intimidation case, Fast & Furious and other sundry missteps and outrages  from this White House.  The media were able to dismiss those dead bodies as a right wing conspiracy until the whistleblowers came forward.

They doubletaked when it was confirmed the Obama administration sicced the IRS on Tea Party groups–after their successful 2010 elections, but were still willing to be BFF’s. 

But now the man who gives them shivers up the leg and is ‘bigger than God,’  has done it. Big time.

Now he’s gone after them in this AP wiretap story. 

Even the likes of former MSNBC flamethrower David Shuster has gotten over his case of the Obama vapors and isn’t liking what he’s smelling, taking to Twitter tonight,


There are national security issues with going after the Associated Press (see post here), but it appears that the Holder Justice Department put a very wide and overly broad net indeed over the AP’s phones. Without the benefit of all the facts, this smells like a wild fishing expedition to intimidate the press. AP SHUSTER 1

Sheesh, the New York Times and Washington Post committed virtual acts of treason–disclosing rendition sites, Wikileaks, operational details which compromised national security sending the Bush White House into a case of the yips. But behold Holder! He issued a wire tap that covers dozens of AP reporters phones AND their phone at the Congress! Chutzpah! 

And there to circle the wagons was Jonathan Alter of the Daily Beast/Newsweek offering up the official White House/Holder excuse tonight with this tweet:

AP alter





Why would Holder recuse himself from this case? Oh, nevermind. Jonathan will tell us later, just as soon as he gets his talking points from Susan Rice. 

Andrea Mitchell of MSNBC also attempted a little distraction. She said NOTHING in her Twitter feed about the AP story but five hours after it broke, here’s what she tweeted,

AP mitchell

Yesterday in the New York Times, Limousine Lib Maureen Dowd actually took the President and Hillary Clinton to task onmaureen dowd Benghazi. 

In the midst of a re-election campaign, Obama aides wanted to promote the mythology that the president who killed Osama was vanquishing terror. So they deemed it problematic to mention any possible Qaeda involvement in the Benghazi attack.

For Dowd, that’s a wagging forefinger.

What’s that sound? The breaking glass of the Obamedia icon of Barack Obama. 

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2 thoughts on “Obama Starts Losing the Media (Except Jonathan Alter)

  1. Under Holder’s leadership, the Department of Justice has brought six leak-related prosections against current or former U.S. government employees, while all previous Presidential administrations combined had tried a total of three such cases. Holder was reportedly “surprised” by news reports pointing out this statistic, and was said to have told associates he did not wish leak prosecutions to be his legacy.

  2. I honestly can’t bring myself to believe that this “spat” between Obama and the media is anything more than a lover’s quarrel. The media will be back kissing his butt and getting thrills up their legs before too long, and they’ll be defending him with respect to the other scandals. The media have too much invested in that empty suit to do much else.

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