Obama as Jesus. Again.

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Why do these pinheads keep choosing my Messiah for their art projects? How about Mohamed? Could you do Obama as Mohamed instead? Artist says he won’t unveil it right now because of all the blowback.
Story here.

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17 thoughts on “Obama as Jesus. Again.

  1. It would be more fitting to portray him as either one of the thieves who hung on either side of Jesus.

    I’m sure he has received his 30 pieces of silver for selling out the country, too.

  2. Proves that the left is ********************.

    PS: Yea but where’s the Messiah’s Teleprompter?

    2009-2010-2012 Looking Good

  3. Let’s see. A photoshop of Obama smoking. Now another messiah portrait. It is déjà vu all over again. Seems like the lead up to McCain being massacred in the Electoral College. It didn’t work then so why would it work now?

    What’s next? Reverend Wright? Bill Ayers?

  4. Yes, mini, you are a hard learner. Obama admits to smoking and trying to quit. Several photos exist of him smoking, no photoshop needed, but nice lie, as usual.

    Be grateful, you is goin down as Americans open their eyes, comrad.

  5. Look on the bright side, mini, finally there is something I am in full agreement with B HO on.

    Funny thing about Specters returning home, now the Dems are over represented on his committee assignments. So, which Dems leaves so hopefully a real Republican can sit in?

    Yes, mini, I’m as thrilled as homey is that Specter went home. Not quite a thrill up my leg, but thrilled anyways.

  6. “a real Republican” Pray tell in April of 2009 what is that?

    I was never very good at math, but it looks like the Democrats get one more senator and the Republicans on Specter’s commitees are still in the minority. Not much of a silver lining, but appreciate your attempt at humor Lew.

    I think I can see a whole herd of RINOS and they are moving this way.

  7. Uh, mini, check RINO Specters voting, he sides with Dems all too often. Since he sides with Dems and has for a long time, ya’ll gained nothing, except another mouth to feed.

    Now, consider his committee assignments that now make the Dems over represented. Some Dem must step down and be replaced by a Republican.

    Ya’ll gained nuttin and are ecstatic about it, LOL.

    Hey, think Franken will make ya’ll laugh as he did as Stewart Smiley?

    Yes, there are a few more RINO’s ya’ll can have and don’t be too surprised at 2010, looking better all the time.

    Homey back on the golf course yet?

  8. Sen. Specter is an inevitable result born out of a Party that has put ultra-conservative, Capitalistic ideology over the expressed will and needs of the majority of the population of the country they are supposed to “serve”.

    Republicans have been operating on rejection of losing ownership of the United States via Big Business’s Capitalistic manipulation of “Absolute Power”, through wealth, deregulation and lopsided, loophole ridden of tax law, that got us where we are today! They got away with it for so long that, rather than being a political party, they’ve become nothing more than a gang of henchman, for a “privileged class” inside of Our Democracy.

    They became spokesman for the Capitalists that Karl Marx described in his projected, inevitable, failure of Democracy. The current agenda of the American people toward major change is “Democracy in action”. Republicans currently believe more in Capitalism than Democracy. We the people are proving that our founding fathers designed our Constitution and law to ensure that Democracy would dominate over Capitalistic greed.

    The Republican party has become a “faction” rather than a Party. If they insist on maintaining their current system of beliefs, they have no place in our government and little chance of survival in the political arena of the United States of the 21st Century, period!

  9. Moderates, left leaning and right leaning, are just as tired as the rest of America with the so-called Republican Corporate and Holy States of the Union.

    Republicans have shown time and time again the only things they care about are corporations and evangelicals. Unfortunately for the majority of this great nation both of these constituencies have tons of money so even though they are a small fraction of the governed they make up most of the agenda and policy decisions (at least over the past 8 years.)

    With the last election, Specter’s switch and Franken’s final undoubtable outcome the people just might have a voice again.. maybe.

  10. Just think mini, come next national crisis, maybe Specter and Franken will carry B HO’s golf clubs for him.

    I stand here laughing my butt of at how ecstatic you are over someone returning home that for years we have been telling to go.

    This will only help the GOP in the long run, bank on it.

    Oh, we have a few more you are welcome to have also. You can have your moles back.

  11. How ironic and appropriate; appearing to have been impaled on a Presidential teleprompter!

    Portending a future Democratic Party apolcalypse!!

  12. That picture of Obama standing in the crucified pose reminds me of the black Jesus in Modanna’s controversial video.

    Every time I see Obomba I expect Modanna to dance out of the crowd and ravish him. Ha ha.

    As far as Spechter crossing back over to the dark side. Better he be with you than with us. We look foward to more leaving as the Republican party returns to it conservative values.

    As we have discovered trying to work with Democrats does not work. As Obomba did today in making fun of half of America, we see he has no intentions of even trying to address our concerns. Alas though he has finally admitted that he recognizes that we exist.

  13. During the past 8 years there were countless times that I saw artistic works depicting Bush as the Devil. Not once did I believe he was actually Satan, although he could be his brother.

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