Nuclear Power Guessing Game

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Who said:

Nuclear energy is the only non-greenhouse-gas-emitting power source that can effectively replace fossil fuels and satisfy global energy demand.

Answer here.

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6 thoughts on “Nuclear Power Guessing Game

  1. What do we do with the waste? We already have enough of that crap to fill Yucca mountian and it isn’t even finished yet! So what do you think Victoria, can we store some in YOUR basement! If you don’t like carbon try gulping down a teaspoon of spent fuel!

  2. Perhaps lifting the 30 year old ban on recycling nuclear waste should be pursued.

    If the technology is there, why not use it?

    Tell us, Ken, what is your proposal to meet our energy needs?

  3. Bell Bio Energy Inc.

    Turning Biomass (not food, for he who burns his food goes hungry)but all the dead crap into gasoline.

    I emailed Victoria the link to the CEO after hearing an inview on G. Gordon Libby’s radio show, but, like most other media outlets, it got buried.

  4. I’m curious… how does this Bell Bio Energy Inc’s proposal address the same issue that nuclear power does? They’re all for the conversion to hydrocarbons to address fuel-energy needs whereas nuclear power is about electrical energy needs which BBE doesn’t seem to intend to solve. I’m not criticizing them at all but merely pointing out that nuclear and biomass address totally different problems.

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