No on M 50

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It’s obviously the entree to government paid health insurance. But lookie here at the results from the Portland Business Journal’s online poll. Supposedly business smart Oregonians are in favor…or did the ‘other’ side just get all their buddies to vote? Find the poll here.
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Yes or no on Measure 50?

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One thought on “No on M 50

  1. How about asking the people you know, who are voting Yes, why?

    Number one reason (based on my own poll among my friends and co-workers)
    ANYTHING which will potentially stop even one person from having the access needed to start smoking is something some tend to be in favor of.

    So if the goal is to prevent kids from starting up smoking, why don’t they make it illegal for kids to smoke, have cigarettes or give cigarettes to their friends.
    Just making it illegal to buy them, seems pretty silly.
    Put some resources into enforcing this, and arrest kids who are seen smoking or in possession of tobacco.
    Hopefully by 18 the individual will be smart enough to have a better clue of just how bad the stuff is for them.

    I will vote No on the measure (if I bother to vote).

    When is this election?
    Shouldn’t I get a ballot in the mail?

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