No NYC for KSM.

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And once again George Bush was right and Obama is wrong. I’ve got an idea, what about a military tribunal at GITMO? From the Daily Mail blog comes this reaction:

The New York Daily News reported that President Obama is pulling the plug on holding the 9/11 terrorist trial in New York City.
The newspaper reported: “White House officials have told the Justice Department to consider other venues for the 9/11 terror trial that was to be held in lower Manhattan, the Daily News has learned.”
I humbly suggest Gitmo.
“The decision came after Mayor Bloomberg and other politicians across the state railed against President Obama’s plan to try Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in Manhattan Federal Court,” the newspaper reported.
Elections have consequences. Thank you, Massachusetts, but let us press on for a military trial.


Amateur hour continues at the Obama White House. Obama’s great with the playground blame game. Can he man up and give Bush credit for being right?

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