Netflix Customers: Not Happy

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Tech site C-Net says NETFLIX was prepared for the onslaught of crank yankers calling up to complain about the 60% increase in prices:

Starting in September, the company will no longer offer users the ability to access both streaming video and by-mail DVDs for $9.99 a month. Netflix said Tuesday that it was splitting each distribution mode into two separate subscription plans, each costing $7.99 per month. To receive both, subscribers must pay $15.98. The announcement saw the company’s blog fill up with 4,000 responses, most of them negative.

In my previous comments about this on Twitter (#5vtshow and @VictoriaTaft) and Facebook (“The Victoria Taft Show”) and in my post here yesterday at oh-dark-30, I asked tongue in cheek “where’s the investigation by the Senate for price gouging?” Let’s face it, if you can have investigations ad nauseum into “big oil’s” price “gouging” for a 5 cent a gallon increase in the price of gas ON A WORLD MARKET then why not ask about NETFLIX 60% increase for a GIGANTIC price increase in the United States? Hey lefties where are you on this? 
I feel for the call center tech support folks who have to field these angry phone calls. They’re retained partially on whether or not a customer has a good experience on the line. Can any customer have a “good experience” calling a NETFLIX customer service guy when the price was just increased by 60%? 
It doesn’t seem fair to judge employee retention based on the pile of poo the boss just gave them to explain away.

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Share with: Everybody. Sharing is caring, ya know.