Neo-Con Check: Cheney Accidentally Shoots Fellow Hunter

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49 thoughts on “Neo-Con Check: Cheney Accidentally Shoots Fellow Hunter

  1. Veep Cheney accidently shot a fellow hunter while on a quail hunt in Texas. While it is a bad accident, the victim is OK and doing quite well, according to what I heard on the radio earlier today. But, watch out for the anti-Cheney Bush-bashers to come out from under their collective rocks and start howling that it was a deliberate act, that because Texas has lots of oil, Cheney’s huning parner had to shot, or some similar nonsense. And this will give Cindy “I love alQaida” Sheehan to set up another of her ridiculous protests of just about everything the President does, says, or thinks.

  2. TO: scottiebill
    I am a liberal, and instead of the curious stuff that you have attributed to the likes of me, some of which i have been able to understand, this is what I have to say: I hope the injured gentleman recovers quickly and fully.

  3. TO: eric
    You and I are sometimes criticized together because we take isue with Ms. Taft, but on this issue, I have to part company with you. From the accounts that I read, Mr. Cheney was involved in an unfortunate accident. Fortunately, the injured gentleman did not receive life-threatening injuries, nor were his eyes hit. As for your comment, I find it in poor taste.

  4. Letterman, Leno, Kimmel, and other late night hosts will have a ton of fun with this….at Cheney’s expense of course! I am glad that the man who was ACCIDENTLY hit is ok. I found it amusing that AOL had the title of the story on their news as “Cheney Shoots Fellow Hunter”….they must have forgot to put the ‘accidently’ in there…..but then again, you had to click on the story to find that.

  5. Keep ’em coming! I’m glad the man is not badly hurt. Can you imagine being the guy who is the subject of laughter the first time they hear this story? Still, you can’t tell me you didn’t laught OUT LOUD the first time you heard this story. What next?

  6. All of the reports from Cheney’s office I’ve heard so far are blaming the victim for not yelling out to all of the other hunters in the area and the birds as well that he was about to be shot. Now I may be wrong but I seem to remember that it is the responsibility of the person with the gun to make sure they are in control and not shooting people instead of birds. Now where have I heard this before? Blaming the victims, seems to ring a bell for me.

  7. Put your foil caps on!

    It was actually a Black Helicopter….

    No! Wait a minute!… Cheney shot him in a failed assasination atte…

    No! Wait a minute…!

    I’m sure we can get the truth on Indymedia… Cough!

  8. To threlfeld: While it is true that the shooter has a responsibility to make sure no one is in the shooting pattern, it surely must be the responsibility, too, of bystanders to keep themselves out the the shooting pattern. The news reports I have heard said that the victim walked into the shooting area about 60 feet in front of Cheney about the time he pulled the trigger. Shouldn’t he, the shootee, be somewhat responsible, too?

  9. Well, it was his first day with the new gun he got that day after opening a bank account. Or so Michael Moore says you can do, and he must be right.
    After all, if Cheney wanted that guy dead, he would have arranged a suicide of some sort, or at least dropped an Air America approved chemical weapon on him.

  10. Contrary to todays news reports …I firmly believe that Vice President Cheney gave the Press Corp all of the respect that is due to them.

  11. I wonder what would have happened if it were Clinton or Gore that shot this guy in the face. I doubt we would even hear about it, or else the body would be found in a park and called a suicide.

  12. Bill-Hillary and Howard Dean are going Quayle hunting next week
    with Dick Cheney. Please help stop this before Cheney shoots another person. He’s a loon a murderer a drunk and must be stopped. Run for your Livessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.

  13. Think about it… Mr Cheney DID tell the story…His way. The Press Corp are just scalded by the fact that they got scooped…I think its hilarious.

  14. I think Whittington shouted “Ovah heah, not thar” when he returned to the hunt, and Cheney thought it was “Allah Ackbahr!” and defended himself.

  15. Dick Cheney will be Teaching a Gun Safty course in 2 weeks. All Democrats are incourged to attend.
    Apply at 1-202-456-1414. Enrollment is limited. get your reservations in early.

  16. Cheney needs to appear at a press conference in a new flight suit with a nametag that says “Shooter”. He can report “Mission accomplished” and declare the qail have been defeated.

  17. Flash: VP Cheney has invited the whole Washington press corp. along with David Letterman, Conan Obrien,
    Jay Leno, and John Stewart on a hunting trip in Montana. Larry King was invited but has not replied back as was the NYT’S editorial board today, Monday Feb.13 2006.

  18. A Washington Press corp female reporter asked today if Vice President Dick Cheney should resign
    today for the hunting accident in Texas. No Word yet if the same press woman has asked for Sen. Ted Kennedys resignation for the drowning of a woman back in 1969.

  19. I want to know where cheney was that fateful night in Fort Marcey Park, and if he was drinking and driving at the time. By the way, where was Cheney ‘the night chicago died?’, and the ‘day they drove ole dixie down?’…..wait a minute, those are song titles….never mind.

  20. “Of course, the Bush administration’s media strategy–keep it secret, deny it if it leaks, fire the diseenters–has been practiced far more than thrice. But the first two major versions of the strategy–the runup to the Iraq War and the aftermath of Katrina–occurred as tragedy. Now the gods reward us with the Dick Cheney shooting story, in which the media strategy resurfaces as farce. And, predictably, the Whte House press corps, which sat still and silent for the tragic versions, is up in arms over the farcical one.” – Harry Shearer

  21. There are many similarities between the Kennedy and Cheney episodes. Both involved women other than their wives (Cheney and Whittingington were accompanied by two women, a double date?) and both Kennedy and Cheney engaged in highly suspicious activity by delaying the report of the incidents until the next day, both delayed making a public statement. The parallels are interesting. There may be more.

  22. I’m sorry, but trying to turn this incident into a “scandal” is idiotic. I find it moronic that talk radio and media have spent more than one day on what was simply an unfortunate accident.

    It’s nothing more than the equivalent of “Cheney poops on log while hunting, fails to notify the press for two days.” *

    * I mean no disrespect in any regard to the victim, especially now that his condition has worsened.

  23. Thank God we live in a country where a beloved official can shoot an old man in the face after admittedly drinking beer and also without a valid hunting license and face no criminal charges or consequences whatsoever. Vice President Dick Cheney should be held as a national hero this President’s Day for having the courage to admit to this incident and having the authority to not suffer any consequence.

    All patriotic Americans should send cards and letters of encouragement to Dick Cheney during this difficult time. Let him know that we support him 100% in his decision to shoot and old man in the face with a shotgun after drinking beer.

  24. Question: On another subject, court filings have indicated that Scooter Libby has suggested that his superiors — unidentified — authorized the release of some classified information. What do you know about that?

    Cheney: It’s nothing I can talk about, Brit. This is an issue that’s been under investigation for a couple of years. I’ve cooperated fully, including being interviewed, as well, by a special prosecutor…

    fizziwigg, your time would be better spent focused on real concerns, rather than emphasizing distraction.

  25. Eric. Read the topic of this thread and then ask yourself what your 16:49 posting has to do with it. You have committed a major blog transgression by interrupting the thread. You shoulde know better.

  26. Um – quoted directly from the transcript of Cheney’s official statement about the topic bounds I believe…off topic would be to mention Ann Coulter’s recent third-degree felony..

    Your English spelling of “shoulde” made me smile though. 🙂

  27. So there were women with Cheney and Whittington hunting for quail and there was a woman with Teddy Kennedy while involved in an extra-marital affair. The woman with Kennedy drowned while Kennedy was running scared and drunk for Hyannisport and safety. The women with Cheney and Whittington were uninjured and NOT involved in extra-marital affairs with their hunting partners. There is quite a large difference here.

  28. Re: Cheney and Kenedy
    1. Someone with a documented history of drinking problems causes a serious accident, and then avoids the authorities for a period of time – one that happens to be long enough to get the alcohol out of his system.

    2. The first stories of the accident are confusing and self-contradictory. (In this case, since Cheney didn’t speak himself, the most glaring inconsistencies are Armstrong’s. Specifically, she – and now Cheney – describe her as an eyewitness, although she told the Associated Press she thought at first Cheney had suffered a heart attack. That would mean she never saw the shooting.)

    3. A powerful figure holds himself out as being above the law, and – at least for a time – appears to get away with it.

    4. When the powerful person finally speaks, allegedly to ‘come clean,’ there are still inconsistencies and glaring contradictions in his story.

    It’s about power, drinking, irresponsibility, and dishonesty. If there was no romance going on, the issues are still the same. As the song says: What’s love got to do with it?

  29. To Nimlo:
    At least Mr. Cheney stayed with Mr. Whittington while help was being brought in and later was with him in the hospital after he got out of the emergency room. That is more that Kennedy did after running his car into the water. He took off leaving Ms. Kopechne to drown in the car alone and scared. Notice, too, that Kennedy has had nothing to say about the hunting accident. Maybe he has finally figured out that silence really is golden. Or maybe not.

  30. Scottiebill
    In your simplistic world view – black -n- white, has it ever occurred to you that both Kennedy and Cheney could be wrong?

  31. “Whatever activities we pursue and regardless of how experienced, careful and dedicated we are, accidents do and will happen.” Whittington, speaking to reporters outside the hospital where he was treated, added: “My family and I are deeply sorry for all that Vice President Cheney and his family have had to go through this week.” – Harry Whittington

    Can we be done with this now?

  32. Your’re right Eric. There’s nothing new here.

    This is the outfit that turned a surplus into a deficit.

    This is the outfit that ignored the warnings about the Towers and then let the mastermind of the attack get away.

    This is the outfit that has us bogged down in Iraq.

    This is the outfit that wants more study on Global Warming.

    This is the outfit that wants to add Intelligent Design to Science classes.

    So they screwed up on a quail hunt.

    Like I said: nothing new here. Just another screwup.

  33. fizziwigg,

    I don’t know what your professional career or job is, but for illustration I’ll just pick something. Say you’re an accountant.

    After a recent company audit, there’s some considerable evidence you have embezzled a fair amount of money. Now there’s some co-workers who have worked with you for long time who will plead your innocence (who may or may not have benefited from your theft). In contrast, there are also two co-workers who dislike how you have handled some work in the past, and now have a real reason to go after you.

    The following weekend, you are driving home, when sweet old Mrs. Smith’s poodle runs in front of your car. You try to swerve in time, but kill it anyway. You feel awful, but have known Mrs. Smith for a long time, and she understands it was all an unfortunate accident.

    Imagine now when you return to work on Monday, you’re called into a meeting with your CEO and company lawyer, to review the possible charges you could face over the alleged embezzlement. Standing in the room with everyone are the two co-workers you don’t get along with.

    How stupid would they sound, if the first words out of their mouth, is how not only do you demonstrate a pattern of incompetence, but even worse, during the past weekend you unmercifully killed a poor little old woman’s dog! Further proof that he lies, he steals money, and even kills elderly ladies pets for sport! He’s sick!

    Are you getting my point? This whole Cheney shooting conspiracy is as idiotic (if not more) as “liberals hate Christmas” or “liberals hate the troops.” Who’s going to take any of your argument seriously, when you make half of it sound like something from the National Enquirer?

  34. Nimlo: Maybe my world view is simplistic. I don’t know. I’ve never thought about myself in that way. Perhaps I should. But at least I do not see a conspiracy behind every tree and under every rock, or in every story that comes from the media. Perhaps you should try being a bit more simplistic in your views of the world and try to get by the perceived conspiracies that aren’t really out there in every case.

  35. No conspiracy huh? There’s obviously something wrong here. There are too many discrepancies.

    What should they have done? Release the news right away. Be completely upright and forthcoming. But no, they wait 18-21 hours before releasing it to some small town newspaper. They didn’t call Fox, CNN, NBC, whatever.. a non government member called the LOCAL newspaper. This is obviously not the right way to do it. So why do it that way? Obviously they wanted to hide something.

    And then it doesn’t take a genius to figure out – the inconsistencies about the alcohol, etc etc. This is Bush’s — rather Cheney’s .. Lewinskey. Except this time it was a shotgun and bullets, a hell of a lot more serious. Harry’s face looks a hell of a lot worse than some dirty dress.

    Sad to say, right wingers will dismiss this along with illegal spying on Americans, the outing of a CIA agent, all the other myriad of scandals (Guckert/Gannon anyone?) because they’re guys are “untouchable”.

  36. This really will go nowhere. Nobody’s going to tie Uncle Dick with getting drunk and shooting a guy in the face, the locals did not investigate, their old Texas buds, even though this should be obvious to anyone who understands about hunting accidents and drinking and old men and 14 hour delays who can put 2 + 2 together. This excludes Eric.

  37. So nimlo thinks Cheney should have called the media before calling in the medics. I’m sure they would have been a lot of help.The next time you have an accident, be sure to call the media before calling in the medics if you need one. This is just another example of the “left” handed thinking of the Bush administration nay-sayers.

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