N Korea Launches Rocket. World Waits For Obama’s "Stern" Response

As announced, North Korea has launched the rocket they claim is sending a satellite into orbit.

Report here

Japan had indicated earlier they would shoot it down, but did not do so.

Barack Obama issued a statement earlier warning of a “Stern response” should North Korea launch the rocket, which many suspect is actually an Intercontinental Ballistic Missle capable of reaching the U.S.

Report here

Washington Post report here

I guess Kim Jung Il won’t be receiving his IPod now.

Is this the International testing Biden said would happen?

UPDATE: The O’s “stern” message to North Korea was delivered in Prague today. B HO “commited the U.S. to take the lead in reducing its nuclear-weapons stockpile…” while recognizing others right to pursue nuclear technology. Reprising the tired campaign slogan, “Yes, we can,” the O said, “his administration was committed to seek the peace and security of a world without nuclear weapons.”

So, we reduce and rid our stockpile while he *HOPES* others follow suit.

Boy, that’s a “strong message” for sure.

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22 thoughts on “N Korea Launches Rocket. World Waits For Obama’s "Stern" Response

  1. Teabagger Lew, are we to take this post that you are volunteering to go to war? I know you are mighty old and flabby, but… nevermind, we can’t depend on you.

  2. mini-me, you can take this post how you wish.

    It is your boy that promised a “stern response” should they launch.

    The Washington Post says Obama said he would, “take appropriate steps to let North Korea know that it can’t threaten the safety and security of other countries with impunity.”

    So, you super lefties tell us what it means.

    No IPod?

    No Nabisco crackers?

    Send more borrowed money?

    Hold his breath and kick his feet?

  3. No, do what Democrats/liberals love to do: talk. They love talk and more talk and after that fails, more talk. Oh, they’ll sanction North Korea and cry bitter tears and pass resolutions in the UN but Obama just doesn’t have the power or credibility to do anything. Even Biden knew this was coming.

  4. Personally, Keith, I feel the “stern” response warned was just a dog and pony show.

    Yes, they’ll demand more sanctions on North Korea, Il will threaten to pull out of the talks or actually pull back and await more American dollars sent to him.

    In the end, their action will be just pushed aside and forgotten.

  5. Me.

    Before you start personal attacking.. you need to thinking.

    North Korea is not a friendly socialist nation for you to ignore. Its time to see if Obama has the guts to make hard decisions. Will he do the proper thing?

    Lew is right.. North Korea launches a missle that can reach Alaska or Hawaii.. Or maybe it could extend its range through testing to say.. The West Coast of the United States.

    Might be of reason of concern.

    Maye you ought to read a good book.. Try One Second After by William R. Forstchen. Might be food for thought of why this could be a serious matter.

    Rather than you to personally attack a veteran of this country

  6. Lew has been to war. He never flew the white flag of surrender, but under a weak Democratic had to leave many innocent people behind.

    Years later we know a very sweet Vietnamese woman who gets emotional in speaking of what North Vietnam did to them after our soldiers left. She was only 10 at the time. Can you figure out what political party she favors?

  7. He may never have flown the white flag of surrender, but he did not get the job done and he did leave. As I recall the last US troops left during the Nixon administration and Saigon fell during the Ford Administration.

  8. The North Koreans are SCARED of NOBAMA. NOT

    PS: Nobama what a Joke

    PPS: iago: and you and your HUMAN DEBRIS of Socialist Democrat Party Friends and Relatives were spitting on “US TROOPS” during the Nixon and Ford Administrations. The Killing Fields 1978-79 is the Democrat Parties fault. You F********** A*****************.

  9. I am curious,
    What do people think we should do?

    We have (or had) a position of military superiority.
    We should do what we need to to hang onto it.
    Believing that others in the world, would take us down, if they developed the power to do so, is completely rational, based on the history of our species.

  10. I had to laugh at Leno’s remark Friday night abut Komrade Zero’s “stern warning” to Dear Leader Kim Jong Il. Leno said that the Zero told Kim that he had better take note of what happened to GM’s CEO a week ago.

    Little MiniMe: You said that because Lew has some age on him, as I do, “we can’t count on him”. Your words. But, know this, MiniMe, we damn sure cannot count on you, either.

    And, Iago, Perhaps Lew did leave Nam when our troops left, or maybe he was out of there before they were ordered out by the President. I don’t know when Lew left, and neither do you. You, as well as Little MiniMe, just use Lew’s service as a hammer with which to beat him and all vets over the head with your endless diatribes against all things military. You will probably attack me for my service in the Navy beginning in 1953. I saw no combat since I was assigned to ice breakers with most of my time in the Antarctic during the International Geophysical Year operations down there. That makes me a “loser” to you two rocket scientists also, doesn’t it.

  11. “He may never have flown the white flag of surrender, but he did not get the job done and he did leave. As I recall the last US troops left during the Nixon administration and Saigon fell during the Ford Administration.”

    You Ignorant fool…

    You need to get your butt into a library.. and READ. Yes the war ended under the Nixon Administration and Saigon Fell under the Ford Adminisration..

    But the war was expanded with US Involvement into Vietnam under the Johnson Administration. So if you want to look at it.. the Republicans pulled out after expansion by a Democrat.

    But War is not a Republican or Democrat issue. Its history.. you use it as a point to insult one person.

  12. iago, for the record, I was in Viet Nam from mid-June 1969 and left on January 1, 1971. I had extended my tour voluntarily and received a drop due to the Troop cut-backs going on.

    When Saigon fell in April 1975, I was still in the Army at Ft. Bragg, NC. We were sitting on our duffel bags in the company area awaiting the orders to return that never came.

    If you will study history a bit, the Paris Peace Accords promised the South Vietnamese that we would reenter should the North break the Truce, which they did numerous times.

    Granted, Nixon and then Ford, both Republicans, were in the White House at both times, in 1973 when we last pulled out and in 1975 when Saigon fell.

    But, you obviously aren’t old enough to recall, both the House and Senate were ruled by Democrats who passed into law (with the help of spineless Republicans of that era)the Case-Church Amendment in1973, after our withdrawal, prohibiting any further Military support for South Viet Nam.

    To further assist the Communist North, aid to South Viet Nam was severely slashed in 1974, restricting any response by the President to violations of the Peace Accords and setting up the War Powers Act, restricting Presidential Powers during war.

    Of course, all this signaled the Communist North that their victory was at hand and no one would oppose their push into South Viet Nam, which they swiftly accomplished, resulting in millions of South Vietnamese, Cambodians, and Laotians being slaughtered because they had at one time sided with the West and also resulted in untold thousands perishing on the South China Sea as they tried to desperately to escape the tyranny of the Communists and find the freedom they had before we so wantonly abandoned them and turned our backs to their plight.

    It has to be one of the most shameful periods in our history, showing other countries that when the chips are down, you cannot trust America any longer.

    It also made a mockery of the over 58,000 American lives sacrificed there, making their sacrifice all for naught.

    Why the left is so prepared to repeat that elsewhere just boggles my imagination.

    The only ones who defeated the American Military in Viet Nam was the American public, who fell hook, line & sinker for the KGB planted propaganda spewed by the likes of Hanoi Jane Fonda and her cohort, John ‘F’in Kerry, and many others.

    There was no Civil War there nor widespread unrest by the South, it was pure Communist aggression, plain and simple.

  13. He may never have flown the white flag of surrender, but he did not get the job done and he did leave. As I recall the last US troops left during the Nixon administration and Saigon fell during the Ford Administration.

    Liberalism was being born and was out of control in crazy numbers and guess what. They with all their “love” wanted the war ended. It was pressure from all these “anti Vietnam” draft dodgers that wanted the war stopped. So you can not try to blame a soldier for what his Commander in Chief feels pressured to do.

    By the way, they didn’t really care about the troops coming home either. This was proven when our guys came back home.

    Side note: Charlie Rangle wants to bring the draft back.

    To Lewis I say: WELCOME HOME, and to all the rest of my brothers, WELCOME HOME.

    We give the helm to you now to make your own history. If that is, it’s in you to do it.

  14. Eileen, it matters little what any of us think *should* be done. What matters is what *will* be done by those in the seat of power.

    How do we maintain Military Superiority with a Congress and Administration hellbent on gutting the Military, watering down training to qualify others under “social experimentation” and treating our Brave Warriors like hapless victims when they do their jobs?

    Where is the encouragement to enlist when nearly every action taken by our Troops is twisted to make them the bad guys and terrorists are elevated to “freedom fighters” for murdering thousands of our citizens?

    You are right that the history of our species shows there are those who hate us enough to work with great effort to destroy us. Yet, many saw fit to elect those very ones to office and fell for the demonization of the ones who, as you so aptly stated, “should do what we need to to hang onto” our Military Superiority.

    We have shown great restraint throughout our history and Militatry excursions, seeing as we hold the power to turn the entire Middle Eaast to glass.

    Frightening is that those developing that same capability today have no history of restraint in their use of that power, should they perfect it.

  15. I think that we ought to explain to Kim Jong Il that war is a very tit-for-tat situation. Generally speaking, infantry fights infantry, tanks fight tanks, ships fight ships, planes fight planes. Thus, WMD fights WMD.

    Realistically, we cannot prevent another nation from developing nuclear weapons if it is determined to do so–and frankly, we shouldn’t try. By the time Iran gets a nuclear weapon, it will be in the mood to be the monster of our nightmares, having endured years of nuclear-armed nations nodding in approval as one or the other bombs a sovreign nation without a declaration of war to prevent that nation from acquiring the same weapon every one of the aggressors has. When you ultimately cannot prevent something from happening, it’s time to abandon that strategy and focusing on guiding behavior. The US couldn’t stop the USSR from acquiring a nuclear weapon and so, a situation where both sides guided each other’s behavior insued and there was no serious chance of us nuking one another.

    The mark of a superpower is its ability to fight any war anywhere at any time; the way to remain a superpower is to fight very few wars on a limited basis at the time and place of our choosing. Until England chose to involve itself in a land war, it was untouchable because no one could breach the Royal Navy wall of steel and so England had the luxury of only fighting the wars it wanted to when it wanted to. America should try this strategy out.

  16. Actually Keith.. Kim knows this very very well..

    For the US Forces that serve in the Korean Peninsula.. the training for war is a fact that you will probably be doing it within a chemical ground-crew ensemble and a gas mask on.

    North Korea wants a large nuclear capability, but has a known chemcial weapon capability as well.

    Defectors from the North have confirmed that within the Korean People’s Army war plans for taking over the South is to use Chemical Weapons. This was started under Kim Il-Sung and Kim Jong-Il is not likely to change it.

    But the left here in this country ignore the fact that Kim Jong-Il feeds his troops first before he feeds his people.. Its all part of the Workers Paradise there..

    If the North attempts to take the South.. you can forget your LG Televisions, Hyndaui and Kia Cars, Samsung Computers and much of the other consumer electronics that you enjoy… because the South will be busy.. and all the above named companies will be dedicated to war material.

  17. The beauty of mass industry. Only the US and the USSR have ever had the juggernaut production capabilities where you can crush a foe under the weight of a million tanks (which is pretty much how those two countries fought WW2).

  18. Well.. What did Obama do..

    Issue a press release and just declared the whole thing a violation of UN Security Council resolution….

    Yeah.. real strong terms… Not..

    Clinton did the same thing under his administration.. George Bush Also did this… Aparently Obama strongest terms are just like his predecessors.

    Meanwhile.. North Korea is conducting tests.. without consequences.. Hopefully.. some nation or the world dose not regret this.

    The launch was deemed a “failure” but every weapon system eventually gets fixed through failure..

  19. Kitanis, depending on just what the test was would determine if a failure or not.

    If they were truly trying to send something in orbit, it failed.

    If they were testing stages of the rocket for intercontinental missions, I’d say it was a success.

    Of course, they’ll say it was a failure, but we don’t know for sure until we know what was really being tested.

  20. Your right Lew.

    What scares me the most… is my post saying that the test was deemed a failure, was the White House Announcement yesterday.

    I have been looking over the defense news lately.. and the defense type blogs also. Most of them are asking.. Why has North Korea been allowed to constantly break the UN Resolutions over the years over the Tapeodong-2 Missle.

    What makes me laugh is that the British Defense sites are more critical than any other..

  21. Naturally. The Brits have a really long history with tinpot dictators and small fish getting too big for their britches and trying to take the local major power down a peg. Usually, the Brits solved this with the Royal Navy and if that failed, they used lots of blokes with lots of guns. So yeah, they’d have a really long history with people like Kim Jong Il and be critical of Obama’s tepid approach.

  22. What this boils down to is giving the bully a hug and a pat on the shoulder. Than being told , Please don’t do it agian. Ya like thats going to work . Why don’t we just show them how a real nuke works! than ask our budy Kim to catch it. Works for me!

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