MSM Catch On: Office of President Elect is as Empty as Obama’s Suit

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21 thoughts on “MSM Catch On: Office of President Elect is as Empty as Obama’s Suit

  1. The Left is so Drunk with Socialism that there actually kinda funny (until Jan.20). Course there Ideas are as Empty & Recycled as Obama’s, Karl Marx, John Maynard Kaynes, The Liberal Media. Change, Give me a break.

    PS: Lets Keep Obama as President-Elect until Jan. 20 2013 until President Elect Elect Sara Palin takes over From President George W. Bush.

    I Can Dream!

  2. This sign on the podium is offensive. How many other Presidents-elect have had a similar sign? Very few, if any. It just proves just how utterly vain and arrogant Chairman-elect Obama really is.

    2012 cannot come soon enough. Provided, of course, he lasts that long without getting impeached.

  3. Thank you for the informative link.

    I knew he had no power, but I didn’t know about the laws that existed, that do give him the tools he needs to get ready for the office.

    The sign is a symbol, ignore it if you do not like it.
    It is meaningless.

    I actually have confidence he will do a decent job.

  4. Lofton said,

    “Yet a breath of fresh air after 8 years of incompetence, corruption and deceit.”

    Lofton, didn’t you know, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are still operating despite all of these disclosures. I am sure your Messiah with all his Clinton Crony disciples (retreads; so much for change) will recodify CRA doctrine, superficially resurrect Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, not to mention tithe ACORN for their faithful devotion!!

  5. I cited Fredric Bastiat, member of the French Assembly in the very early 19th century, in another post. Here is another from him that, I believe, illustrates what we as a country will be up against after January 20:
    “The people will be crushed under the burden of taxes, loan after loan will be floated; after having drained the present, the State will devour the future.”

    Also, Albert Camus wrote: ” The welfare of the people has always been the alibi of tyrants.”

    I believe both statements will apply to Chairman-elect Obama and his administration filled with Clinton sycophants and hangers-on.

    All hail Caesar Obama!!

  6. Scottie great quote,

    Also, Albert Camus wrote: ” The welfare of the people has always been the alibi of tyrants.”

    And this is behind the big O’s intent for his well funded Civilian Security Defense Force —our welfare and protection???? Certainly, it couldn’t be for his own!?!

    But you forgot to recite the remainder of the quote absolving those minions of the Messaniac cultists of any responsibility for their idolatry.

    “…and it provides… the servants of tyranny a good conscience.” — Albert Camus

  7. Scottie,
    Should we continue to just borrow the money, as we have been doing for the last 8 years?

    Over borrowing is partially responsible for the current economic problems.

    Democrats: tax and spend
    Republicans: borrow and spend

    Which is better?

    Does anyone have the courage to vote for some other party besides those two?
    They are both corrupt, and purchased.

    Maybe Obama will have what it takes to break away from that.
    And maybe not.

    What is worse then having left leaning values, is foregoing one’s values and just selling out.

  8. Eileen, one of the Smartest things “empty suit Obama” could do is Repeal the “CRA” and Reform Freddie and Fannie to fix the probems.

    Eileen said: Over borrowing is partially responsible for the current economic problems.

    Klatu said: Yes Eileen people who took out, (Over Borrowed) mortgages courtesy of the CRA and the Democrats over extended themselves, and bought Houses on the Backs of Real Taxpayers. They Should never have been Given Loans and Banks shouldn’t have been forced to give Loans to these CRA-ACORN) Loving **********.

    PS: ******* urban renewel
    Rent an Apartment

  9. Jack(klatu)

    The government was overspending, borrowing money they did not have.
    We had a surplus when Bush took office.
    Bush had to approve the budget each year he was in office.

    For the majority of Bush’s term, which party controlled congress?

  10. The so-called “surplus” was nothing more than another political smoke and mirrors con job.

    At best, it was a projected surplus 10 years after Clinton was to leave office.

    However, since you want to play the who controlled congress game and you think Clinton did such a good job, allow me to ask you, which party controlled congress for the majority of Clinton’s term?

    None of this excuses the drunken spending spree the GOP went on and cost them control, but that is also why we are trying to rid ourselves of those liberal Republicans that pushed for increasing the size of government.

    Any bets the Dems will do so too?

  11. Eileen(u∃∃l!∃): Spewing the Democrat Talking Points—real centrist arn’t we Eileen. NOT.
    Its called the “mortgage crisis Eileen

    REPEAL THE “CRA”, REFORM OR ELIMINATE fannie & freddie. Get the GOVERNMENT out of the Mortgage Business.

  12. Lew, you may not realize this, but you may be a Libertarian, more then a Republican.
    They are the fiscally conservative party, not the Republicans.

    Jack, I am not an advocate of having the government in the mortgage business at all.
    Nor am I an advocate of them bailing out financial institutions.

    BOTH parties are doing a bad job.

    I don’t know who controlled congress when Clinton was in office.
    But I do know that the national debt has increased significantly since he left office.

    Do I think the Democrats will clean up the problem, of course not.
    They will just shift the main beneficiaries of the mess from one end of the spectrum to the other.
    But since I am in the middle I will most likely get screwed either way.

  13. Actually, Eileen, I’m a conservative. I was raised a conservative Democrat and after Jimmuh, left them.

    There are points I can agree with Libertarians on, but not all.

    Currently, the GOP is under the control of the RINO’s, Northeast Republicans of the Rockefellor variety we refer to them. At best they are moderates and liberals and have drug the GOP down.

    Still, I am conservative first and foremost.

    Hate to tell you, but the national debt increased every year Clinton was in office too. How do you claim a surplus and still increase the debt at the same time?

    Odd, you don’t seem to have as much faith in homey’s promises as you once did.

    Such is accepting Socialism.

  14. I have some faith in Obama.
    But yea, I fluctuate, often, based on the data I have.
    I think there are a lot of invalid assumptions about my views.

    I do think that Obama is very intelligent (much more so then the current President, or the Republican candidate he defeated). If he doesn’t sell out, he really could end up doing a decent job. It is too soon to tell.

    The people you call RHINOs are the ones in power, so do they not set what the Republican party now represents?

    The national debt has increased more in the last 8 years then any 8 years prior, even when adjusted for inflation.
    It did this at the hands of Republicans.
    Despite the fallacies related to the state of the debt/surplus, curing the Clinton Years, it was a far more fiscally conservative administration then the last one.

    Related to debt, here is some well summarized data:
    National Debt historic perspective

    But I agree, the surplus during the Clinton years is bogus, never existed. We were in debt when he left office. The debt has not gone down since 1961.

  15. Eileen, to what do you attribute the intelligence of Obama compared to Bush?

    We know of Bush’s College acheivements and grades. Obama’s are sealed.

    Could it be the perception our severely biased media is presenting?

    If Obama opened his records, we would know what his is.

    Then again, intellectualism doesn’t necessarily make a good leader.

  16. Additionally, I think those who belong to a party needs to have a voice in its running, not only those who grab power.

    For the GOP, whenever moderates, liberals and RINO’s seize control, Democrats win elections.

    If we cannot wrest the party from them, we may have to build a new party that really does care about America.

  17. Eileen: Obama has already sold out – to the labor unions, to the pro-amnesty for illegals crowd, to the close-Gitmo-and-turn-our-enemies-loose gang, to the anti-Israel crowd, to the pro-Palestine and Hamas bunch, to the get-out-of-Iraq-yesterday advocates, to those idiots who want the U.S. to depend wholly on foreign oil and not on our own domestic oil, to the fatheads who want no drilling for oil or natural gas anywhere on American lands or off-shore, to the open-borders gang, to the Reid-Pelosi anarchists in Congress, to the anti-military bunch, to the pro-abortion-in-any-trimester fools (and probably to the abortion-clinic bombers, as well), to those in Congress who want to raise taxes on everyone in the country (and to hell with those of us who cannot afford more taxes and who are adamantly against more taxes) just so they will have more money to spend on their never-ending pork barrel projects at the common people’s expense, to the gay-rights activists, etc., etc.

    I could go on but I think you are probably getting the picture here.

    As far as Obama doing a decent job, I really think he will do a decent job – – – – of selling this country down the river to the likes of the UN and their third-world cronies.

    As you can tell, I trust Obama about as far as I can throw a bull by the butt.

  18. Obama has not even started his term yet.
    Any sell out he did previously, will not necessarily continue.

    I don’t even watch/listen to network television, I listen to and watch a combination of center-right leaning and center-left leaning sources.
    (Although I do sometimes listen to Victoria, for entertainment purposes more then information purposes. I do sometimes get useful information from the show. Sometimes the bias just makes me really angry and I have to turn it off.)

    My belief that Obama is highly intelligent comes from my observations of watching him over the last few years, and seeing his views evolve as he gains more and more knowledge.
    Do not confuse my view that Obama is very highly intelligent with my thinking Bush is stupid.
    I do not think Bush is stupid.

    The academia that so like to put down has led to the thinking that is responsible for many of the advances. But the intelligence I see in Obama is not an academia thing anyway. It is an ability to learn and modify behavior and beliefs based on what is learned.

    Did you read the paper related to the national debt, and its history?
    Did you even start to question any of your current views on economic policy?

  19. Eileen, my views on economic policy aren’t being followed currently, so why should I question them?

    However, I did send in a tip to the National GOP, so I’ll see if they like it soon.

    As far as questioning views goes, when do the liberals question theirs and listen to us?

    Why is they are not held accountable for their missteps that contributed to the current crisis?

    Why is they receive credit when something goes good, even if their contribution was minimal, but only Republicans get blamed when things go bad, even the GOP may have had a minor role?

  20. Lew,
    It is not about some far end of a group not questioning their views.

    It is about each individual being willing to critique their own views.
    (Something I have seen in Obama as his campaign, and present elect status, progressed. If I were voting today I might actually vote for him.)

    Granted, there are some views we hold so tight, that they won’t be altered, even in the face of overwhelming evidence.

    Why do you justify anything you do or think based on what the far left does or thinks?
    You seem to resort to this argument quite frequently.

    When you make statements like
    “Why is they are not held accountable for their missteps that contributed to the current crisis?”,
    referencing liberals, it really makes me wonder about your media sources (although I have seen evidence that your sources are not really that limited).
    BOTH sides like to take credit, and blame fault on the other side.

    If I look to the more center leaning (both center leaning left and center leaning right) I don’t see that any one side is being blamed.
    There are individuals, within the Democratic party, that are clearly at fault, Barney Frank to name one. (While he personally does not take blame, others are not denying his role, and the special interest element involved.)
    I don’t think the crisis was caused by any single political party, but it did show a major flaw in an under regulated market economy (yes one bad regulation contributed, but the more I read, the more I question the degree of this compared to the role of oversight regulations which were either eliminated or not ever in place.)

    All arguments that Regan economics worked, fail to look at what was going on with the national debt, as we flourished. Did we flourish due to borrowing from our future?

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