More Sign Ideas for April 15th Tea Party

These by 5th Listener Gene Ketcham ought to get some attention

Tell ’em where you saw it. Http://

10 thoughts on “More Sign Ideas for April 15th Tea Party

  1. Those signs are NOT what is needed to get the needed attention to the real problem.

    What is the result you want?

    This is just anti-Obama anti-Democrat crap; and not the needed
    anti-government-overspending message the government needs to be getting from the people.

    Do you want the current administration to pay attention to the protest, as being the serious view of a large percent of citizens; or do you want them to see it as the ridiculous rantings of the far right?

    Do you want your message to be taken seriously?

  2. u∃∃l!∃ Eileen: They Should be Anti-Nobama Anti-Big Government Anti-Socialist Democrat Party. Your Ideas are the Problem.

    PS: And Eileen please don’t show up at any Tea Parties (even in Corvallis) unless you want an earful.

    PPS: THESE ARE GOOD SIGN IDEAS. I just hope they get “MEANER” and really P******* Liberals OFF.


  3. I think they are great. Are any of them available as bumper stickers? If they are I want to know where to get them. If they are not, just about any good print shop will make them up.

  4. So the protest is not about being over taxed, or out of control government spending, it is an anti-Obama rally.


    Another good idea ruined by narrow mindedness.

    I should have expected this.

  5. And, Eileen, the current administration is not, repeat NOT, going to pay the slightest attention to what the people want or do or need. If the Kommissar really cared about the people of the U.S., he would have made a trip to Fargo and Grand Forks to at least look at the area. If this had happened under Bush’s watch and he had not made the trip within the first 24 hours, the mainstream press and Czarina Pelosi would have been all over him like a biting sow.

    And this is just one example of Obama’s uncaring attitude. The sooner the people realize that he just does not care about us, but just about pandering and genuflecting to the tyrants of the world, the sooner we can get about the business ofkicking his sorry butt out of the White House and getting someone in there who has the American people first and foremost in their minds. We do not need a petty, self-aggrandizing, third-rate politician trying to look good to the rest of the world, but not to his own country. (Whether his own country is the United States or Kenya is probably something we will probably never know for sure).

    One thing is certain about Obama – he is living proof of the accuracy of the Peter Principle.

  6. Eileen, beings as those Obama and Democrats hold total and complete dictatorial power today, just who should protests be directed against?

    Protests are necessarily designed to “get the attention of government,” but to get the attention of citizens who vote for those who will hold power.

    Of course, if those in government see the growing protests and decide to change according to the demands of the citizens, all the better.

    But, do you think the current Politburo gives diddly squat what you and I think?

  7. Eileen said: So the protest is not about being over taxed, or out of control government spending, it is an anti-Obama rally.

    Klatu said: Yes Eileen it is about being over Taxed, OUT OF CONTROL NOBAMA SPENDING And in My Opinion it is an ANTI-NOBAMA ANTI-SOCIALIST, HIGH TAX and REGULATE EVERYTHING to death (won’t you pay my mortgage for me) Rally.

    PS: Eileen The democrats are the anti-war, anti-car, anti-Capitolism, HIGH TAX PARTY.

    Republicans are for Defense, the car, Capitolism, Low Tax’s and alot like myself have the American flag flying at there homes and in there Cars. etc. DEMS LOVE THERE PEACE SIGN, and DEMS USUALLY DON’T FLY AN AMERICAN FLAG EVER in my Opinion. I’m sure there will be some Leftist invaders at some of these tea parties. Expect some friction A**********.

  8. If anyone doubts Obama is about controlling, look how he is refusing to take back bailout money given to banks who now see what is real goal is, controlling the banks.

    Obama Wants to Control the Banks There’s a reason he refuses to accept repayment of TARP money.

    Obama and his dictatorial Democrat led Congress aren’t about saving anything, just grabbing total control over industry, wall street, banks and you name it.

    Isn’t that the actions of a Dictator? Isn’t that what Hugo Chavez is working at in Venezuela? Isn’t that what Fidel Castro, Kim Jung Il, Mao Tse Tung and many others also did?

    If you all don’t wake up now and take a stand, you kiss your liberties goodbye under this leftist group in control.

  9. Klatu, The tea parties are popping up all over the country, not just in Oregon. Maybe, just maybe, the Kommissar will get the message that the people are trying to send him.

    But he will not. He cannot handle criticism of any kind. It would not surprise me if he sent the National Guard into some of the cities where the tea parties are being held to break them up.

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