More Change To Believe?

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First we have the cap and trade adding taxes to us. Then we see the want to determine executive pay, repeal bonuses and seize corporations. We also see the call for a Civilian National Defense Course and required service to the state. All move us closer and closer to a Socialist Marxist State. Now we see this report about yet another violation of American freedom & liberty.

Although the Bush Administration was castigated for “secrecy” around this, Obama has tightened the cloak of government secrecy around it claiming authority under B.J. Clinton’s Executive Order 12958 citing “classified in the interest of national security.”

No outrage from those who complained Bush was keeping it secret.

While ostensibly claimed as an “anti-counterfeiting treaty,” the imposition of government and intrusion into our privacy goes much deeper than all the claims made about others violating our rights.

You asked for change and it’s coming, if you don’t wake up soon.

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Share with: Everybody. Sharing is caring, ya know.

4 thoughts on “More Change To Believe?

  1. This is part of the “open” government lie that Barack Obama promised on the Campaign Trail

    Obama has essentially Lied..And trying to not let the details of anything he is doing out.

    George Bush also supported this kind of legislation.. but never attempted to iron out a treaty with nations over it.

    This is going to get ugly. Contact your presentatives now and tell them what you feel about this move..

  2. Kitanis, this goes well beyond merely seeing who illegally downloaded copyrighted music or movies.

    The possibilities available to a Marxist regime should this be approved is endless in stopping any opposition to their tyrannical rule.

    Telling, is that the liberals were up in arms when Bush remained silent on this and now, remain silent as Obama claims “national security” to keep the full contents even more secret.

  3. Socialism is being welcomed in as we speak. Communism is right around the corner. Smart homes monitoring fuel and electricity use, monitoring computers, smart cars doing the same sort of monitoring, control of banks, control of businesses, control of our pay.

    So then the “change” being brought in will be in the form of jobs for people willing to accept government jobs that do this sort of monitoring on their fellow citizens.

    This is going to get very ugly. The collapse of a nation is on its way.

    I blame our media who has been in bed with this Obomba campaign from the very beginning. It all started in the demonizing of a sitting Republican president. Once that was accomplished (I am sure it surprised them just how easily that was accomplished too)the “sheep” belong to the Democratic party to be slaughtered.

    This is not about being of a political persuasion. This is about an all out control of a nation of people.

    Our freedoms are almost gone. If this man succeeds, our children’s children will not know what freedom is.

    Do not mistake the “mask” of all encompassing liberals for love. It is a guise for Communism.

    Hitler loved puppies and hated smoking. Sound familiar? Everybody in Nazi Germany had a job too. Isn’t that wonderful? Anybody opposed to the Furer was incinerated.

    I am sure this all makes Mini, Unable, Commie, Wacko and Norma Jean are all very very pleased with upcoming changes.

    The Communist States of America. Sound good? We better learn to like it, right girls?

  4. Witchy-poo, You are dead on here. And now we also have Timmy the Tax Cheat wanting the authority to take over any company he thinks might be failing, whether it is or not.

    It is almost as if Hitler and Stalin have come back from the dead and are running things. If they could see what is going on here in the U.S. today, they would be so proud!

    There is one positive to all this, however. Czarina Pelosi’s approval rating went down from 53% to 46%, and Scary Reid’s went down from 46% to 38%. These numbers are from their own districts.

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