Mo Mo Trial Starts Today.

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Today jury selection begins in the trial of the Oregon man who is accused of conspiring to build and detonate a car bomb to vaporized thousands of Portlanders at the 2010 Tree Lighting Ceremony.

It’s the biggest terrorism case in Oregon history. That is saying something considering Ashland, Oregon was the site of the Al Haramain “Charity” case in which money was raised Al Qaeda. Considering the case against the Portland 7 who conspired to go to the field of battle in Afghanistan to kill American soldiers (one of them succeeded in getting himself killed). Considering the Bly, Oregon case in which radical Islamists sought to set up a terrorist training ground.

In the Christmas tree bombing case, the attorneys for Mohamed Mohamud don’t dispute the facts of the case, in fact they stipulate to them, but they do aver Mohamud was entrapped.

Mohamud Wrote for Jihad Tracts

Mohamud’s attorneys are quite skilled in the art of defending terrorist types.
Stephen R. Sady has represented Guantanamo Bay detainees.
Steven Wax has represented Pete Seda of the Al Haramain group out of Ashland, Brandon Mayfield, who was wrongly accused of being complicit in the 2004 Madrid Train Bombing and now Mohamud.

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