MLK speaker to American college students: “Stop being angry towards America! We live in an incredible nation!” via Laughing at Liberals

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Citizen Journalist Laughing at Liberals (see his You Tube channel here) went to the MLK Week festivities at Portland State University expecting to hear the usual America-is-bad-social-justice-good-colonialism-hangover-greed-bad-marxism-good. Oh sure, there was some of that–from the students. But, to his utter shock, the speaker invited to discuss social justice actually denounced the something-for-nothing set and spoke lovingly of his adopted country, America! 

 Dr. Dapo Sobomehin’s speech praising America, capitalism, voluntarism, and encouraging people to look past the divisiveness of race. Dr. Sobomehin came here from Nigeria when he was 19 years old, and apparently he took full advantage of the opportunities available to him. He made the case for how capitalism and voluntarism are the best ways to help those in need.

He admonished the college students to look around. “Everything is here, everything is here! How do you not see it? …We are living in an incredible nation!”

Since food stamp usage has increased by 50% under President Obama and PSU students are known (by me) to approach shoppers at the local downtown Safeway to offer their $20 food stamp card in exchange for $10, Dr Sobomehin was asked about them. His reply? Feed yourself!

And finally he told them to stop being angry towards America and appreciate what they have here.

It’s probably the last time he’ll be asked back to talk about social justice. Glad Laughing at Liberals was there to be a witness.

Share with: Everybody. Sharing is caring, ya know.